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The plastic in the power base that turns the extractor blades BROKE! Is there a way that can be replaced?

Is there a service Centre in Malaysia?

Also, the extractor blades ooze out a brown liquid sometimes even after we soak and wash with hot soapy water.

NutribulletNutribullet blender

My daughter and I were making a curry sauce in the blender and when we tried to take the top off, the lid exploded off and she was burnt all over her face.

We were admitted into A and E in Weymouth and she was treated for burns over her face- she has a large burn to her head and check and several smaller burns around her hair line and scalp.

We can't believe that this has happened and that our daughter has been burnt in this way! We're hoping she isn't permanently scared from this incident

Nutribullet blender
Nutribullet blender

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 27, 2020

    Never remove the top off these types of blenders while running. These blenders are not designed for the blades to lock into place. The top of the blender is to remain fastened to hold the blades down. I'm sure if you read the manual you would have seen the warning to not remove the top while blending

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Nutribulletnutribullet e rx

I was making soup yesterday evening and found that the nutribullet worked then stopped. I left it a while, checked everything was in place. Checked with the tool that the base was secure. 10 minutes later it started to work. I pressed the buttons and red light came on for heating he soup and it started chopping. I left the room to do something else. After a while I thought it seemed to be going for a long time and as I got up to check from the front room, I heard a loud bang and was met by carnage in the kitchen . It had propelled the base upward making a hole in the ceiling and the soup when everywhere. Ceiling, walls, tiles and blinds at the back door.
This has resulted in serious damage as we have to obtain new blinds and have the whole kitchen re-decorated, plus the hole in the ceiling will have to be repaired. It took us 2 hours to clean up and the place is still a mess. I have attached photos for you to see

nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx
nutribullet e rx

Nutribulletnutribullet - magic bullet juicer

Good morning

I hope you can help please?

I purchased my NUTRI BULLET from John Lewis in Milton Keynes England about 10 months ago. I have noticed that there is a lot of brown liquid sitting in the base of the machine when I take the plastic container off the base. I initially thought it looked like hot chocolate !! This has been going on for the last few months and I thought maybe it was normal - but today that brown liquid that sits in the base unit has now got into my fruit juice though the blade. The brown liquid smells like metal. So obviously my Nutri Bullet is no longer fit for use as I certainly don't want to let my family drink juice which is contaminated with this brown liquid smelling of metal. Unfortunately I do not have the receipt as I have recently moved house but I can give you the serial number on the bottom : this is 02N611061505315.
I have a few photographs I can send you to show you exactly where the brown is coming from and how bad it is.
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards
Deborah Craig
34 Upper Wood Close
Shenley Brook End
Milton Keynes

nutribullet - magic bullet juicer
nutribullet - magic bullet juicer
nutribullet - magic bullet juicer
nutribullet - magic bullet juicer

Nutribulletmagic bullet 1000 series

I have had this for about two years and it has been good. However, recently it started leaking a brown liquid from the bottom when in use. I would be happy to get a replacement blade, but can't find the right part anywhere.

My complaint is that Nutri Bullet do not seem to have an office in the UK and the head office in the US only accepts complaints from the US and Canada. Given the volume of business the company must do in the UK, this is a disgrace. I am surprised, in the circumstance, that a reputable major retail outlet such as John Lewis bothers to stock their products in the UK stores. Perhaps it is time John Lewis reconsidered and I shall certainly be taking the matter up with them.

M. Waller Norwich NR11 7AG UK

Nutribulletnutribullet pro 900 series

I have had my nutribullet Pro 900 for less than a year, a few months back it started leaking a nasty brownish liquid from the bit where the blades are. This goes into the smoothy and I am concerned about drinking it so cannot use it. i have been trying to find a UK number to complain to but it seem impossible. The item was bought from Amazon. I have the receipt

Sally Poynter
167 Highlever Road
London W10 6PH


nutribullet pro 900 series

Nutribulletnutribullet 900 series

I purchased my NutriBullet 900 series at Khols on January 29, 2019 for 79.99. I have used it from day one and it makes a very loud noise that sounds like a plane overhead. Recently the pass three weeks After 30 seconds of use the machine Has become louder and smokes, smells like burning rubber or fire. I am not comfortable to use this item for fear it will blow up into flames. I have read up on consumer reports about this item blowing up and causing very bad injuries. I would like to request compensation for this product ASAP.

nutribullet 900 series
nutribullet 900 series

Nutribullet — nutribullet

445142 Buenas tardes es el segundo nutribullet que compro, crei que el primero estaba defectuoso pero me pasa lo mismo con el segundo que compre el que es color rojo queda como aire...

Nutribulletblender did not last more than six months

This company did not honor my warranty because I did not have my receipt even though my name, address, email and purchase date immediately came up in their system as having registered the item. I still had six months left on the warranty. What they did offer me was a new base and blade for a complimentary 20% off. This is bulls#it! Stay away from this company. Blender did not last more than six months and I did not use it daily. If I had used it daily it would have lasted one month.

Nutribullet7919 nutribullet

My mother bought a Nutribullet and after three weeks of using it the liquid leaked into the engine. My mother is 80 years old and put the Nutribullet in the garbage. I found the receipt for the Nutribullet and she purchased it January 19, 2013. I realize that the warranty is past but is there anything that can be done for my mother. I am writing this concern on my mother's behalf because she is 85 years old now. I look forward to hearing from you. She only told me about her experience with the Nutribullet today. When I googled the problem with leakage in the Nutribullet on the web, I noticed that many, many purchasers had the same problem. Please send another Nutribullet or reimburse her money. My email address is [protected] Thank you, Frances McDonald

Nutribullet — complaint

I would like to make a complaint I have all versions of Nutibullet because I have had to take it back so many times either there's smoke coming out of it or it just stop...

Nutribulletmagic bullet

Good afternoon

I would like to log a complaint about our nutribullet. We use this regular and have never had any problems in the past. However, this specific time the appliance broke and shattered into many pieces. You can see in the pictures which part I mean. It wasn't overfilled and we used it the same as we do every other time. I feel this was highly dangerous as the incident was without warning and throwing small sharp pieces around our kitchen where our son was awaiting his smoothie. What can be done about this?

Many thanks,
Lisa Simmons

magic bullet
magic bullet
magic bullet
magic bullet
magic bullet

Nutribulletnutribullet pro

I bought a nutribullet 900 a couple of years or so ago. I had problems with it from the start, with it leaking and also with a strong smell of burning when I used it. I have not used it very often as it is such a hassle with the leaking. I did contact you before but decided not to pursue it as I assumed it was just me not having strong enough fingers to screw it up properly. It then ran out of warranty and I have continued to use it only very occasionally. Recently I stayed with my daughter who has a Ninja and was amazed at how easy it was to use, no leaking, no burning smell...not needing really strong hands to do up the lid or undo the lid. I know I am way out of the guarantee period so you have no statutory rights. However, I certainly know which one I am going to recommend to everyone unless you feel like proving me wrong!! I imagine I simply have a faulty model otherwise you would not still be in business!! So I am asking for above-and-beyond customer care to restore my faith in your company.
Also, I have come on this site as your customer service department doesn't appear to recognise anyone outside of the US or Canada!
Yours hopefully, Fiona


Dear sir/madam

As a loyal nutribullet consumer i am extremely disappointed at the product. My first nutribullet just stopped working after a short period of time. Giving it the benefit of doudt i purchased another one which is also giving me problems now. The area around the rim has the white connecting buttons which press down when the cup is pushed down. This takes s long time to happen now and they freeze. The other problem is the motor keeps running even after i remove the cup i have to switch it on and off from the mains. I am extremely disappointed that i have now twice been a loyal customer and purchased your very expensive item and it has not performed aswell as other bullets on the market which have been purchased by friends.
Many Thanks
Asma Deen

Nutribulletmy nutri bullet just stopped working

I am extremely disappointed that soon after the guarantee had expired it stopped working without any warning. I no longer have my receipt so will have to bin it and throw all that money down the drain my colleague has had the same experience and what really bugs me is that it cost so much money and is I feel that I have been ripped off because the cheaper one that I have had to replace it with does not leak in the same way the Bullet use to and the result is the same.

Nutribulletnutribullet pro 900

I purchased a new NutriBullet Pro 900 from NutriBullet via Amazon on February 20th 2018. This was to replace a 600 series one that had simply 'worn out'.
Around the rim the silver is coming off and is showing the black plastic underneath. I have inclujded a photograph to show this.
As this product is under 3 months from new I would like to return and replace the product. However I am finding it extremely difficult to contact the company regarding this process.
Please advice.

nutribullet pro 900

Nutribulletnutribullet 900

I bought the nutribullet from target. I have had it just a little over the warrantly period, but It has not been used a lot. I am very disappointed because it no longer works. I did not pay my money to get very little use out of it . This is like throwing hard earned money down the toilet. I am noticing a lot of complaints about the nutribullet products. They have much too many complaints to be taken seriously as a good quality product. They take your money and you the consumer are stuck with nothing. I expected more from the nutribullet company. They should be a shame.


I bought two Nutribullets in January 2016 - one for myself & one as a gift. Both stopped working without any warning in March 2018. I'm from Ireland so I went to the store where I purchased the Nutribullets to complain; they told me I needed to contact the company directly but I can't as their Contact Us page only accepts addresses from the US or Canada. This is a shoddy product but even worse is the customer service, or lack thereof.

Nutribulletnutribullet rx


I got a NutriBullet RX Juicer as a gift and I really feel sorry for my uncle who spent Rs.16000 on it thinking it would be a great gift form my family.

This is such an expensive juicer with horrible quality and after sale service.
It not only leaks but also makes your juice warm within 30 seconds.
And when you ask for a replacement they take 1 month to replace the motor.

When I got the replacement motor, I tested it in front of the person and still it was heating the ingredients and he says due to the high power this will always happen. Did I buy such an expensive juicer to have hot smoothies ?

And why do they even give that hot soup option when anyways in a minute your ingredients become warm.

Do Not buy this expensive piece of [censor] which does nothing but warming your juice and killing all the nutrients in it. As per the name its a bullet to kill all the nutrients. I have a Wonder Chef Nutriblender juicer worth Rs.2500 which works much better than NutiBullet RX.

Dhruvita Patel


Dear Mr/Mrs,

I was making my usual cake with the same measurements as every time and the cup was full to the max line knowing that I have made the same cake at least 20 times and confident it was safe as usual, on this occasion it wasn't the case. As soon as I took the Cup out to rest within 45 sec to 60 sec I was still about in my small kitchen and suddenly a Big Bang in the kitchen, all the cake ingredients all over my face, my shirt and all over the kitchen, it was a very scary and a very loud bang. The lucky part i was not hurt physically but it was a very scary experience. My cup was fully locked and after the Big Bang it was fully open also i am enclosing a picture for you to investigate and possibly advise why this has happened? And is it really safe to use my Nutribullet again as I am not sure if I can trust using my Nutribullet after this bad experience.

I look forward to hear from you.


Elie Andraos


Nutribulletdefective product

Hi, my NutriBullet has always been quite loud, then it started making a really loud noise, as well as a smell and dark green/brown gunk from the motor, despite me keeping it exceptionally clean immediately after every use. The ball bearings (5 of them) have then come out of the motor. It still functions (badly) and I need it for my business and when it stops or smells I immediately stop and leave it for a while. I must say I have been extremely disappointed with the NutriBullet as it was a gift from my Mum and I felt bad she had spent so much. I moved soon after getting it a year ago so I don't have any documentation but it came in an official box with the booklet. Please can you advise me if it can be repaired or replaced please.

Nutribullet — rubber around the blade

445142 Hello there. I bought this item from macys about 1 and 1/2 months ago. The rubber around the blade already tore. It was leaking brown stuff when I was using it even before the...


My nutribullet leaks a horrible brown liquid when washed it will then appear again after time it’s disgusting and coming from inside
I have followed the cleaning advice strictly
The pictures show before use and once cleaned then it will leak again
It’s a definite health and safety issue and I’m so unhappy it was only purchased in February from Argos


Nutribulletnutribullet 600

I purchased a Nutribullet 600 from a Tesco store in Leeds UK on 11th August 2017. I've tried numerous times to register for Warranty but the system states the serial number displayed on the base of the product is an incorrect number for the chosen item. Consequently, I have been unable to register for Warranty. I have purchased an extended Warranty from a third party which will be a waste of money if I cannot register the product in the first place.

Nutribullet — nutribullet magic bullet 900

445142 I bought on of your items from kohls dept. Store roughly 2 months ago. I have been enjoying using it. But the other day it quit spinning. At first I thought the rubber teeth on...

Nutribullet — nutribullet contacts

445142 The nutribullet has three contacts. (I guess that's what they are called). Two of them, when you push down, they pop back up. That third contact goes down put will not pop back...

Nutribullet — they made a careless mistake and sent my order to the wrong address.

My order# [protected] and item#522898 nutribullet rx with recipe book was shipped on 12/22/16. On jan3/17 I tracked it for delivery on jan4/17. When I did not received it I contact...

Nutribullet — magic bullet

At the present time I can't use my unit, because get a loud noise, to the point I have get to the patio to use it. If I use in the kitchen every one will get out. I consult with...

Homeland Housewares — Magic Bullet NutriBullet package

On the green box that contains the Magic Bullet NUTRiBULLET you have a grammatical error. Look for your "then" vs the appropriate "than". When I see such blatant...

Nutribullet — not working properly

I received the nutribullet for christmas and don't have the receipt so am unable to return to the company for repairs. However, I want others to know that I am very disappointed...

Nutribulletcustomer service refund line

I ordered the nutribullet along with extra attachments, needless to say I didn't need the extra attachments. The invoice states to call [protected] for refund. I've been calling this number for 2 wks now and no-one answers. It just has a standard recording of maintenance update. I called the number where you place orders inquiring about the problem with the refund customer svc dept and she stated it's only a couple of people that work from their home that answers that line. She also stated they (ordering dept) receives millions of complaint calls regarding this same issue on a regular basis. I have just sent an email received an auto reply with an "anna repalla, customer service rep" name at the bottom stating within 5-7 days I should hear back. This is the saddest and worst customer svc I have ever experienced. I'm like the rest of you all... Stay away from nutribullet once they get your money the heck with ya!

  • Randolph Rogers Feb 23, 2013

    At the present time there are 1, 990, 104 complaint against Nutribullet from consumer fraud, , unauthorized transactions, defective equipment ect .We could launch a group law suit and put these thieves out of business 817 542 5478 Randolph Rogers 817 542 5478

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  • Ra
    raybutt Feb 23, 2013

    Why? I love my nutribullet.

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  • Sk
    SKIPPERSTER2013 Aug 27, 2013


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  • Ra
    Rave1024 Apr 02, 2015

    Same situation charged my credit card for other items I did not order or receive

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  • Ra
    Rave1024 Apr 02, 2015

    Do yourself a favor and get a new debt. Card or credit card from your bank so they can not keep charging your card for things you did not order..they even sent me an order form as if I didn't remeber what I ordered
    I ordered 2 nutribullet and two month later they started charging my card for superfood supplements that I never received and never ordered when I emailed them ..they replied as if I am obligated to buy the product.. They are not taking no I do not want it for an answer!! So I got a new debt. Card.. And they still trying to bill the old one.

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Nutibulletbroken item

I ordered an item from nutibullet and they sent me broken item. I can’t get money back and they don’t want to pay for the repair. I told them hundred times that the product I received was already broken but they told that I broke it myself. What should I do?

  • Re
    Reviewer67043 Jan 20, 2016

    I had bought my Nuribullet from Boscovs and had it for a year with no problems. Tried to use it over the weekend and it stopped working. Very disappointed

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Nutribulletsuckered to get healthy

I order the nutribullet [protected] off a tv commercial. I received the package and additional superboost weight lost supplement that can be returned with no hassle within a thirty day trail period. I am pleased with the supplement and wanted to return it, but you have to have an authorized number to include in the return in order to get credited from my credit card. I’ve attempted to get this number but to no avail the customer service number is a hoax [protected], when calling the number rings once and immediately goes to a busy signal 24/7. So i’m left to believe it is a scam to keep charging the customers credit card.

  • Ri
    Ripped Off 023 Apr 09, 2013

    Ordered my Nutribullet and used it three times before it stopped working. I have been calling the 1-855-346-8874 and all I receive is a constant busy signal. I know this has to be the right number because if I call at midnight, for example, an answering machine provides me with a message informing me of the hours of operation for Nutribullet. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

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  • Pr
    Priswalt Sep 19, 2018

    I have had the nutribullet for less than a year and now it's not working it's not switching on. I feel let down after paying so much for it . Yet it says 4 years warranty and it stops working in less than a year. Can i have a replacement.

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  • Ja
    Jack L. Jan 22, 2019

    bearing(s) rusty toxic discharge is not only unappealing and unhealthy as well as disturbing. The inferior inner workings of the blade bearing(s) will eventually rust and leakage into your smoothie will result. Invest in something with stainless steel bearings and avoid all together.

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Homeland HousewaresUnauthorized billing

I am writing to warn people not to buy the Magic Bullet. I bought 4 of them for Christmas presents the year before (2004). Just this past Christmas (2005)the cheap plastic wheel broke. The blades inside my mixer would not spin.

I called the company and asked for a replacement of the wheel and was told this was not available, BUT I could buy a replacement bottom for $39.99. This is the biggest ripoff of all times. The set only cost me $59.99. Why aren't these spindles made with good USA steel? Which would make more sense to use because it would be sturdy. But if this were done, the CEO's wouldn't become millionaires. Most companies today make cheap products with cheap labor. What do they care that the product won't last. They'll be making their millions.

I'm not saying the product wasn't good. I loved it, when it worked. Was great for me. I could make single meals fast. It just angers me that they won't produce a $5.00 replacement piece as opposed to paying $39.99.
My daughter has informed me that her's too broke. Until they make the product more durable, I wouldn't buy another set. Don't waste your money.

  • St
    SteppedFawn4 Feb 08, 2011

    I bought the Magic Bullet in 2010. Worked okay for only some things. I first used it to make an omelet. It leaked. Cheese; kept getting stuck. Onion; It did not chop it. It pretty much juiced it. Either I'm doing something wrong or this product does not work like it did in the commercial. The only good that has come out of this product was making chocolate mousse and mixed drinks. It still takes up space with all those extra pieces that come with it. I would say the Magic Bullet is not so magic like the company says.

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  • Wm
    Wmowan Apr 11, 2011

    Ordered magic bullet from their website. While ordering you are offered a free 30 day energy boost supplement all I had to pay was separate shipping & handling. Three weeks later I begin to receive threatening emails stating that I owe an additional $29.99. Homeland Housewares automatically ships the free 30 day trial and an additional subscription 30 day supply of this energy boost. You have 30 days to return the additional supply back so that you are not charged, however you must pay for shipping the unwanted product back to them. Nothing is Free! This is a horrible scam.

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