SCSla-z-boy corner sofa ordered in october for pre - christmas delivery and still not arrived.

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I ordered a La-Z-boy corner unit sofa in October with a guaranteed delivery for Christmas. I was willing to pay more to have it for Christmas than wait for the January Sales.
Unfortunately the sofa I had delivered was faulty and wouldn't connect together.
I had to cancel my family celebration over Christmas because the sofa was not functioning properly and didn't look right . I was very disappointed.
La-Z-boy sent a technician who informed us the sofa was definitely faulty and couldn't be assembled and it wasn't as easy as having new connectors on the sofa, it had to be all reconstructed.
SCS said we could keep the faulty sofa, which is in several different pieces, until we get the replacement sofa. We can't use the sofa, especially the recliners because they are not attached to anything else and are too unstable. I have been back to the Warrington branch a few times complaining about the sofa and I keep being treated in a dismissive manner being informed La-Z-boy will sort it out.
I have found the sofa very uncomfortable, suffering with a stiff neck due to it and my partner has developed a frozen shoulder for which he is requiring an operation this week. I have feel that despite being very unhappy about how uncomfortable the sofa is I have been constantly dismissed by the staff in-store, being informed that it will be just be more comfortable when it is assembled correctly.
My patience has been abused as I feel have waited far too long for this issue to be rectified.
I am not prepared to wait anymore. I just want my money back and the faulty sofa unit removed. SCS have not fulfilled their side of the contract as I was promised my sofa before Christmas and I have not yet received a functional corner unit after 7 months of waiting.


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    Fowles May 13, 2017

    I totally agree with SCS attitude and incorrectly ordered lazyboy corner unit ordered and sold to me by SCS which would not bolt together, as advised, and posed a safety hazard.Also Warrington.After deliveriy I contacted SCS who said it was Lazyboy's fault and not until many weeks later did they admit this was not the case - that was Sunderland who admitted that. Following my complaint Warrington did provide another leather settee although this was inferior until the new corner unit would be delivered. We have now been given a date of the end of June 2017 after my purchase in October 2016.Totally unacceptable and between 8 and 9 months to hopefully have a safe corner unit, as ordered. Item was fully paid for before delivery - over £4000.00 for 9 months of aggravation and dissatisfaction.

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    David14082017 Aug 19, 2017

    Ordered Sofa 4 months ago with deliver date of 14th August, got rid of old Sofa day before, since been informed that delivery will be delayed at least another 4 weeks taking it into September, checked online reviews and many others seem to have had similar experiences and now concerned with some customers stating that they have had issues with leather peeling on the same Sofa that I have ordered so now feeling very stressed been on Facebook SCS SOFA & FURNITURE COMPLAINTS Group and feeling quite gutted.

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    Fowles Jun 20, 2018

    I'm sure people will find this almost impossible to believe but there are further problems than those originally highlighted. I can only say now that I am my total wits end with them. A leather unit which I was sold as the best, with an expensive price tag, seems to be nothing like the best at all. Since the eventual delivery a technical problem became apparent with the recliner unit for which a replacement part had to be fitted. More recently a manufacturing defect was noticed with the wedge table unit and we are currently awaiting another replacement part. Now within the past few weeks another area on a different part has revealed a section which appears to be identical to that on the wedge table. After raising this they have now refused to even visit site to check. They are even asking me to fabricate a claim under my warranty by saying that I have said that I had said that there is a sticky area. I have not and will not do so.
    It would have been wiser to have either ordered cheaper suite or the same unit combination from a trader who is trustworthy.

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