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M Nov 20, 2018
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purchased a carpet in your Giltbrook Nottingham store on 30/10/18. I was served by Tom, the carpets manager (Staff ID 59475 or S9475?). I gave my room measurements at 13ft x 19ft (approx. 22-24sq/m). The total price on the invoice shows £409.34 at a unit price of £15.99 - this works out at carpet size of 25.59sq/m which is sufficient for my lounge.

My wife booked a full day's holiday from work to be at home for the delivery.

The carpet was delivered by the fitter today (20/11/18) but he immediately identified that it was not long enough for our lounge. What had been delivered was 4.6m x 4m (18.4sq/m). The fitter has left the carpet with us as this is clearly not there issue.

I have contacted the Giltbrook store and had lengthy conversation with Tom, your carpets manager, who failed to show compassion to our situation that SCS has left us in. Initially I was fobbed off with next week as a potential date for rectifying the problem. I have made clear that this is completely unacceptable as, per your instructions, I have removed my old carpet and moved all of my furniture into my young children's play room where it is stacked to the ceiling. What I have left in my lounge is no furniture, no carpet and dangerously exposed grippers around all sides of the room and underlay that causes a significant trip hazard. My wife, who has significant health issues, and my two children have no where to sit or eat.

You have tried to get me a replacement carpet, which Tom made clear he was "doing us a favour", and the best date that you have proposed is Friday 23rd November. This is unacceptable to me for the reasons highlighted above.
I would like to make clear that I do not want any further delivery from SCS and I am demanding a full refund for the carpet purchased that you have failed to supply with a cost to me of- £363.20.

I am truly disgusted by the treatment we have experienced from SCS Giltbrook today. I wish I had looked on the store's Facebook page before I gave you my money - the customer reviews are truly terrible. When I expressed to Tom, your carpets manager, that the level of customer service was not good enough, he replied by saying "well what level of customer service are you wanting?". Hmmm, let me think, well I would like you to give me the product that I have given you my money for. Is that a fair thing for me to want? Or am I being unreasonable? Tom also asked why we were taking our anger out on him when it is the manufacturers fault. Quite frankly, it is irrelevant to me who's fault this is - my contract is with SCS, not your third party suppliers. No matter what issues you have with your suppliers, you have a contract with me and today you failed to honour that contract, is there not checks in place to prevent this from happening? when ordered? shipped? delivered to store? or leaving the store?.

In closing, I want to repeat that I do not want any further delivery or replacement of product from SCS due to your failure to fulfil your contract with me. I have taken my business elsewhere who have committed to next day delivery and fitting to rectify your error and we will not entertain the idea of any SCS products in the future. I await your reply with regards to refunding the £363.20 of my money that you have, I think it is more than reasonable to expect the balance in my account by no later than 7days from the date of this email.


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    Tra8eym Nov 28, 2018
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    When i visited the store, in Giltbrook near Ikea, prior to placing my order they were falling over themselves to be helpful. once I placed my order it was a different story of non contact and calls not returned. Eventually I phoned up and agreed a fitting date which they later changed and never informed me.
    The carpets were subsequently fitted and have faults all over them. I do not want to deal with this company as again they promise to call me and fail to do so. I have asked for a full refund and they want to come and lift their carpets. I'm fine with that but feel if a contract is being rescinded that they should put me back in to the position I was in before the contract started. They need to lay my old carpets back which were of superior quality to the one they laid !
    They are so unprofessional and even their manager cant seem to phone when he has made arrangements to.
    I would go with a local independent company in future as these big chains don't give a damn.

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