Scotts Lawn Servicedon't sign up for these crooks

Scott's products for sale at places like Home Depot are fine, but avoid the fertilizing lawn service unless you want to get trapped into it like a bad cell phone company! We signed up for the service for the summer, and I was very clear with the sales person that I only wanted to try it for the summer. I was told it was X number of fertilizations, and that it would cost me X dollars over the summer.

I was very optimistic about the whole service.

My lawn was actually worse than when I used to apply the fertilizer myself. More weeds, yellow grass, voles, and I'm pretty sure they missed some large areas of my lawn that I was very clear to point out to the sales rep when quoting my yard. Regardless, I learned my lesson so I had my wife contact the company and cancel the service in the fall.

In the spring of this year they came out and fertilized our lawn, even though we didn't ask them to. We called them back and told them that we only signed up for service for last year. They refused to take the charges off the bill, and claimed that they never received a cancellation. When my wife called to complain they badgered her to the point of tears. When I called they again said they had no record of the cancellation, and claimed that it was "clearly" explained that the service would continue. Nothing was even remotely clearly explained about that. They never called and confirmed that we wanted service to continue!

I had called twice to ask to speak to a manager, and got a call from her (Kim) a MONTH later! She made the same claims, we never cancelled, it was clearly explained, etc.


Don't sign up for these crooks, go with TrueGreen or something or even better just buy a spreader and do it yourself.

My lawn is full of dandelions and voles.

Thanks Scott's!


  • Ba
    B-afraid of Scotts Jul 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I agree!!! Scotts raved about their ability to produce a great looking lawn with their superior products and service. WRONG!!! I had to fight with these people again and again to come and just look at the way my lawn looks. The technicians are supposed to be well trained. WRONG AGAIN!! He didn't even know the difference between crabgrass and nutsedge, let alone the other weeds that have popped up in my lawn. He also claimed Scotts did not have a grass seed that would germinate and grow in shade. COME ON!!! I have paid Scotts a lot of money to service my lawn and the change has been nominal. I still have weeds, bare spots, and disease… all of the things I needed them to treat. I hired a local guy and he could not believe the trouble my lawn was in. Well needless to say my lawn is back on track and the cost is less expensive. To all that are thinking of Scotts Lawn service… be afraid… be very afraid!!! Hire a local guy that cares about his service and needs his reputation, not a company that scams people and never follows through on their “customer service”.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jul 25, 2008
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    I just submitted a compliant to the BBB because we had exactly the same problem. I cancelled in March of 2008 by phone and they keep coming doing nothing and charging us. I cancelled again today and got names and confirm numbers. We actually went out on a Saturday overseeded and fertilized and got great results within a week. We got no results in a year of service.
    Niles, IL

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  • Sa
    Sandra Alberti Oct 04, 2008
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    Letter to Scotts headquarters:
    August 8, 2007


    To Whom It May Concern.

    Hiring Scotts Lawn service of Southborough, MA has become our personal nightmare.

    We feel it’s imperative you know and understand our problems and issues with this company.

    Located in Holden, MA our 4 acre park-like property is without doubt the prettiest in our neighborhood.
    We had a green, thick, beautiful lawn and we were very proud of it.

    Believing Scotts professional lawn service would keep our lawn in perfect shape, and as the Scotts TV commercial stated weed free, we decided to hire Scotts late summer of 2006.

    In spring 2007 our lawn looked dark green and almost perfect.

    We noticed the first change in the quality of our lawn after the second application at the end of May.
    Scotts assured us their experienced, well trained people will be taking care of it—we shouldn’t be worrying about it, we were in good hands.

    We did as instructed and trusted to them the lawn maintenance believing we will receive first class service.

    Instead, our lawn became damaged as a result of about 8 weeks of carelessness, and sloppiness.

    A lawn of this size needs more then 18-20 minutes attention.

    If treated immediately after the first weed occurrence, with proper care, this damage would not have occurred. We didn’t have a lawn problem before. It should have been easy to maintain our lawn green and healthy.

    I am using your own words posted on your website: “Let's face it. Crabgrass is downright ugly, and we don't want it growing in our lawns. But getting rid of it after it has established is more difficult than preventing it from germinating in the first place.”

    “Preventing”, is the perfect word.

    Our many calls and complaints fell on deaf ears. All we have received was just “lip-service” and empty promises. The fact is, our lawn is damaged and needs immediate repair because Scotts of Southborough failed to service our lawn correctly.

    We made Scotts aware of the uniqueness of our property and of its size. We requested that the same service personnel would service our lawn each time. It was imperative it be done in this manner to get familiar with the large areas. Most of the time, different people came to the property. Unfortunately, after all the treatments, not only the weeds were eliminated but also our lawn. About 25% of the lawn is damaged. This would not have happened if our lawn had been properly treated at the beginning.

    Since the 07/28/07 application, no one has shown up, and we have not received any follow-up calls. We see no other alternative than ceasing to use Scotts service anymore.

    There is no sense treating bare spots with no grass and paying for it. We still have some healthy lawn areas,

    Before going any further with this grievance, we would like to resolve this issue in an amicable spirit. For your review, we are including a report and pictures showing our property before and after Scotts service. Please review our report and let us know who will be responsible for the damages and how Scotts will compensate us/help us to bring our lawn to life and beauty again. I know you’ll agree it’s not considered good business to pay for a “service” like the one we have received. We could have done this damage to our lawn without Scotts help and cost free. I’m sure you’ll agree with us, your guarantee of customer satisfaction has not been met. It’s imperative you reply immediately with your proposed solution.

    Awaiting your prompt response,



    Report :

    Start of the 2007 season:

    05/03/07 This year we started Scotts Lawn service in May. Our lawn looked beautiful, green and healthy.

    05/07/2007) $214.80 paid.

    05/25/07 Second lawn service, lawn looks healthy and green. $214.80 paid.

    06/13/07 Fertilizing. $214.80 paid. Although a comment was posted on the Scotts invoice:
    “Lawn has no major problems at this time overall it seems to be pretty healthy”.
    Our lawn didn’t look as healthy anymore.
    The situation worsened rapidly.

    06/26/07 Free service after a service call.
    Our lawn start to shows some problems—the weeds especially nutsedge is spreading rapidly.
    The service man is assuring us there is no problem, he can handle the rapidly spreading weeds (Nutsedge, crabgrass, and others).

    07/10/07 Free lawn treatment after a service call.
    The nutsedge/crabgrass problem is getting much worse. The service man promised “he will take care of the problem immediately”.

    07/11/07 Service call (spoke with manager — previous crabgrass/weed treatment was ineffective.
    At this time we are very concerned.

    07/12/07 The Manager visits our property to evaluate the damage. He sprays the lawn and promises taking interest and care of our increasing lawn problem. He is suggesting we should keep the lawn service and at the same time he will personally check and supervise the lawn each week until the lawn recovers. These “cure-applications” would be cost free to us.

    07/16/07 Free weed control application.

    07/17/07 Called Scotts—concerned with using fertilization on a damaged/burned grass.
    We are increasingly concerned and displeased with the service.

    07/18/07 Fertilizer application (performed in a heavy rain). $214.80 paid.
    (Invoice note: The manager will be out next week to treat the weeds”.)

    07/27/07 Service call -- a no-show this week.

    07/28/07 Free weed control application by another service man. The manager didn’t come as promised.
    We didn’t hear anything from Scotts or their Manager since this day.

    08/01/07 Weeds are taking over.

    08/02/07 Destroyed lawn

    08/05/07 To protect our lawn from further damage and reseeding we started to remove weeds manually

    08/08/07 Writing this letter, awaiting your response
    Oct., 2008-Note: It was difficult to cancel Scotts Lawn service. The people responsible for the damages did very little to help. Our effort rescuing/overseeding the damaged lawn didn't work. The lawn did NOT recovered after this season and we will need to invest a large amount of money to repair the extensive damage.
    Too bad I can't show the shocking photos.
    Yes, I agree, be afraid… be very afraid!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary Russo Mar 20, 2009

    I can't believe this company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta. I too just filed a complaint with the BBB. I sold my house in January 2009 and they applied a application in February 2009. I called and told them I did not authorize this application and the rep said she would adjust the charges and cancel the service. I received a bill in March 2009 and called and advised that this was to be adjusted. They said their manager, Bryan Powers, disallowed the adjustment. I talked with him and he said that I have to cancel the service or they will continue to come out each year and the invoice states that. There should be something that can be done about this. I'm sure this happens to people all the time and they get another payment. (last one I will ever get from them I might add). In addition, the lawn looks terrible and they harrass you all year long with other services as lime apps, aireatting, etc. This company is not worth doing business. What a mess!

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  • Ka
    Katie May 14, 2009

    This is absolutely ridiculous. We just encountered a similar problem with Scott's Lawn Service of Marlboro, NJ. Last year in the spring of 2008, we signed a seasonal contract with Scott's Lawn Service to fertilize the lawn for the 2008 season and paid in full. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, we repeatedly called with complaints of dissatification. By November, we decided this was not the service for us and cancelled. March of 2009, with no contract or authorization, the first application was applied. I ran out to tell the man that I did not sign up for the service for 2009, so he stopped. We got a bill for the full amount a week later. We called, complained and we were still forced to pay 100%. The BBB is now informed. However, Scott's Lawn Service of Marlboro, NJ is not acknowledging any fault. They are claiming we did not cancel the service.

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  • Fr
    freedy Jun 23, 2009

    We signed up for Scotts Service Chicago South starting with an introductory offer and their service was terrible.
    When we mentioned that we did not expect them to get rid of ALL the dandelions, just most of them. First they said that
    the introductory offer did not cover dandelions, but looking at their invoice, it says they spread for dandelions.
    A response to a follow-up call was that it was only an introductory offer, insinuating that the quality of work was lower since
    it was cheaper. So the introductory offer is nothing but a SCAM!!!

    Fred, Aurora, IL.

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  • Ec
    ecline Jun 28, 2009

    I agree, these guys are crooks. They tried to apply on frozen ground, then continued applying after we canceled service. I wish I'd seen this website BEFORE I signed up for the 'trial offer'! This is the Scotts Lawn Service Puyallup. Avoid them at all costs!

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  • Th
    The worst service Oct 30, 2009

    We had the same problem!!! I just got off the phone with a Scott's Lawn Service representative. After months of treatment last summer, we contacted them two times to have the service disconnected. They told us that they would send a "manager" to allocate the problem and proceed with further assistance. I got hopeful that our grass would turn green for once. But it didn’t! Again, I called and told them they we were not satisfied with the service and we wanted to disconnect it. The still sent another guy who did nothing and left another bill at the door. I called them again and I told them that I wanted my service to be discontinued for once. I asked them for the final bill and they said it’s $97.50. I said for what? Three months of service plus $7.50 late fee. I told them that I did not want the last application and that I was going to pay and settle for the last two lousy services, even if I believe the service was not worth it. She said that they could not wave the fees and I had to pay it in full. I go so upset, but I still asked them to send me a final bill of $97.50 so I could proceed with final payment and save the statement for my records. The final bill was never received, and two weeks later I proceeded with payment anyhow. After that, I got a collection notice that we need to pay $105 for the service. I called in today again and I told the customer service representative that I had pay for this bill already. She told me that between the day I finally got to cancel my service and the day that I made the payment, there was one more late fee of $7.50 applied to my account. I said: l requested the final bill, but I did not receive it; so I proceed with payment because I wanted to get rid of this service for once! Even though she said I still have to pay for the $7.50!!! So, bottle line is: I still owe $7.50 that I will have to pay for!!!

    Bottom line is: Horrible service, worst customer service!
    I really hope people read this before signing with the nice sales rep that shows up at our house promising a beautiful and green lawn! I did not research them, and I paid the price!!!

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  • Jo
    Jones781 Jan 11, 2010

    I actually disagree. I have had wonderful service with my Scotts company. If I had any issues I just had to call and they would send my lawn guy back out with no problem. Everyone that answers the phone is friendly and always willing to help. The sales person that I spoke to knew what he was speaking about and the tech was very informative on what problems he noticed with my lawn. I have to say that since I signed up with Scotts my lawn has improved 100%. I just followed what was suggested. All in all I think Scotts is a wonderful company and would recommend them to my neighbors.

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  • Be
    Bennyboy Aug 03, 2010

    I had a perfectly beautiful, healthy lawn, but I wanted to save a buck, so I sign up with Scott Lawn Care. Big Mistake! In one season, my lawn went from one of the best lawn in the complex to the worse. I was warned by a friend, but I did not listen...I learn the hard way!

    Ben in Connecticut

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  • Bj
    bj2004 Aug 03, 2010

    My grandfather always told me that the truth always lays somewhere in the middle. Some of these complaints are valid and some of them not so valid. I'm an ex employee of the company. I worked not only the front office but also as a tech as well. I have a BS in Turf Management with 11 years of experience. Many folks fail to realize that lawn care is a science. Some lawns will take well to certain fertilizers and weed control and some don't. You'd be a fool to expect results over night and I used to cringe when customers would insist on only getting a few treatments instead of doing the full program. The sales staff is a big offender for stating that results could happen after one treatment. That is not true. So if you have any lawn company telling you that kindly tell them "no thanks" and hang up. There are too many variables involved and it is an outright lie if you are told that. Another thing is that people insist on over watering their lawns thinking that it would help. It will help you kill the lawn by giving you brown spots. I could go on with a list of things that homeowners do to kill their lawns and then turn around and blame their lawn company. On the flip side of that I decided to leave the company after 7 years of service with them because it has turned into a numbers game with them. Instead of quality their focus has been on quantity. I could no longer take part in just pulling numbers and working like a slave in the field. A few years ago I decided to open my own lawn care business where I preach less product the better. And I actually sit down and educate my customers on proper lawn care...right down to how they cut their lawns. Not all SLS branches are dirty...there are some good one's out there and its a shame that a few bad seeds have clouded the name. The bottom line is that the consumer needs to educate themselves fully before taking on any service instead of taking what comes out of someone's mouth as truth.

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  • La
    Lawnlover Sep 10, 2010

    Well, here it is 2010 and I have the same complaint but with a little twist.
    WE HAD a SURVEILLANCE CAMERA!!! Don't trust Scotts!

    Scott Lawn Service treated our lawn alright. They sent us a bill for $350.00! Said half the bill was for turf builder and the other half was for grub prevention! A double treatment!!! No warning. I called twice prior to this and asked them to come out and treat the weeds! No, they do things their way.

    After complaining that I still had weeks, The return technician took seven minutes to walk around two acres (actually he walked once from front to back and that was all) without treating anything, not even carring equipment(!) and left a receipt stating "Sprayed all weeds on property..." Like ... he did. The camera says different.

    I asked for a week control treatment from the start! They do what they want to do and not what you ask for.

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  • Sa
    sailorjon46 Nov 12, 2010

    Don't believe the line about a free service service for a referrel...they just claim that they made a cold call and got the contract. Plus, when I canceled the service, they did another application anyway and now are driving me crazy with collection calls. Never sign up with this company..!!! Your better off with the weeds.

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  • Mo
    mother 141 Mar 31, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Scotts burned my grass! When a manager called as to what they could do, I told them they could help me buy some sod, because all my grass is gone. He told me he would talk to his manager & call me back. It's been two months & "surprise" he hasn't called. Yes it's about money---theirs! My lawn isn't the only one they have ruined here in The Villages in central Fl. The man that came out (from another co.) couldn't believe the condition of my yard. Now I have to buy sod & pay someone else to put down the grass---Thanks to Scotts. Maybe they're not ll crooks, but this one sure is----Linda

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  • Ca
    Cant_Believe_I_got_scammed May 23, 2011

    How can this happen in 2011?!!! I too called for a "free lawn analysis" and during the phone call I told the ### "don't do anything to my lawn, just send me pricing information and recommendation". 3 TIMES I told him during that conversation...DON'T DO ANYTHING! Well he supposedly came back the next week and supposedly put an application down, left a bill for $79.53. I called the company (Scotts Lawn Service Norton Ohio) and told them I never authorized anyone to do anything to my yard and to delete this bogus account. He told me "lightning had struck and took down their computers and he would call me back". Obviously he never did. The bills keep coming. I have left messages, wrote letters back and ### keep sending me the same bill. I am calling again today. How in the world, in today's age, can a scam with large scale company logo like SCOTTS get away with this? HOW? Where's Ohio Attorney General's office? They are doing this is in broad daylight! This is unbelievable.

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  • Mo
    mother 141 May 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I must agree with you, they don't listen when it's to their advantage and if you don't do something about it, they keep bugging you. They told me that I would have to submit a letter telling them to stop.----- Linda from The Villages in Fl.

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  • Jo
    Jones_Howell Aug 17, 2011

    I have to keep calling trying to get to talk to someone about their unsatisfactory treatment. In the end, they repeat the same ineffective treatment and apparently think that should satisfy me.

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  • Jo
    Jones_Howell Aug 17, 2011

    Rotten service and quality!

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  • Na
    Nasim 55 Nov 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I singed up I told them specifically that I do not want to get any repeated services unless I call them and they assured me that this would be the case. we had crabgrass and they told us that their weed control program will take care of it and in addition will fertilize too, we did not wanted to do the fertilizing at first as it was easy to do by our-self and our concern was the crabgrass. after the service the crabgrass was as healthy as they were before, when we complained they said the main thing was that we did the fertilizing and the crabgrass will die when it gets cold. really? they did the seeding on a rainy day with big machine that smooshed our good grass and we still can see the tire prints. in addition the new seeds are very far apart and look so weak, there are a lot of spots with no grass. as this was not bad enough new weeds that we never had before started to come out instead of the grass.I have called several times for complaint. the first call I made they sent someone and I was able to show the damages, they agreed with what I was saying and they said they will come back and fix the problem. I waited and never heard anything back, I called again several times and asked to at least give the money that I payed for weed control back to me. every time they have told me that they will have their manger to call me back. while I am waiting for the phone call they have fertilized my lawn again, leaving me a note that we never told you that the seeding would be perfect and if 15% of the lawn is not cover that is normal. first of all I had problem with 15% of my lawn to begin with. 2ndly now is cover with weeds. I still thought at least they made the effort and did another fertilizing even though I never cared for that, that was until I received the additional charge for it in my new bill. I called them today and they told me that they did it because I never cancel my service. I specifically requested one time service and why would you come and do another service when I have been calling you and wanted my money back. by the way I have been waiting for their manager to call me back for 2 months and today they told me again that I have to wait for that call.

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  • Tj
    T J KYLE Dec 22, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will not be using SCOTTS for anything again. I cancelled my service for two reasons.

    1. Crabgrass is taking over my backyard. My lawn looks NO BETTER than my neighbor who just waters and mows.

    2. I was getting dogs that were very sensitive to chemicals and fertilizers.

    They came again after I told them to cancel, which I refuse to pay. I called them once and was promised it was taken care of, and the bill was canceled. I got another past due bill

    I called again and got someone named PAT who was rude, belligerent and condescending.

    I called the corporate and they tried to refer me BACK to PAT who I was complaining about. They then promised to have the district manager call me. NO PHONE CALL!


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  • Ko
    Koyotekyle Dec 28, 2012

    Still NO answer on my problem. I go an email that I thought would end the problem. NOTHING SINCE.

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  • Ch
    chau77 Aug 27, 2013

    This is exactly what I am going through now. They charge freaking $50 per application and even after cancellation they applied and now harassing me to pay up.

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  • Ch
    chau77 Aug 27, 2013

    And I don't know what they applied, I have tons of MOSS growing where there is shadow, its completely dead grass where there is little bit of sun.

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  • Pa
    Patty T Apr 21, 2014

    Scotts Lawn Service is the worst lawn company that I'eve ever had. They seeded, fertilized, and aerated my lawn and none of the grass came up. My lawn is full of weeds.They promised to come back and seed again and have not come back months later., They did however send someone to fertilize the other day. I told the guy to leave my property until they completed the work as promised. Thinking about using small claims. I wish I'd seen these posts when I hired them instead of the false advertising that they spew.

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  • Th
    Theresa alphonse May 28, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Scott services 5 weeks ago Been fighting with them to get service. Everybody you talk to don't know what the other guy is doing Called mangers and they all don't know what they are doing This has been the worse service I every had. I cancelled my service Thank god it's over.

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  • Se
    Sergio Barahona Aug 12, 2014

    The service is not even a service and they dont know what they are doing as I had to re sod my yard twice and then swapped to a mom and pop small business guy and he has saved my yard from a 3rd soding in 3 years. Thank you for taking my money Scotts...I will never pay you ever again!!!

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  • Ho
    Holt Jim Oct 16, 2015

    Scotts actually put fake invoices in my door and when I didn't pay them they sent me to collections.

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