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Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]fraudulent sms

I would like to report these mobile numbers that sending SMS that my ATM Debit card has been temporarily suspended, to get it updated, please call this number [protected], [protected] / [protected]

Senders of the SMS are: [protected] and [protected]

I know that these SMS are fraudulent so I did not reply on them.

This SMS is not happening to me but to my wife and friends. So please do the needful to avoid scammed and regret for the future occurence.

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]illegal bills on my iqama

This is my iqama number : [protected]
I was not purchased STC sim, under my iqama but there is a bills on my iqama number.
How come that bills with out using,
Some one stolen my id and used it, please raise a complaint and solve this issue immediately.
I went to STC office and I called to STC Customer care but they are not taking my complaint, please help me

  • Ji
    Jizzar Cabatuan Jan 11, 2020

    What happen to this network. I received message from STC that I have bills about 8, 700 saudi riyals. OMG. I immediately went to STC offices and they give me credit information number and I called it and they told me go to the nearest STC office but the STC offices cannot solve this issue. How come I have bills on post paid even without usage? I did not purchase any postpaid plan on STC. I have used prepaid for almost 10 years already. I brought ordinary load from STC all the way. But why STC why you charge me thousand of Riyal??? Are you muslim?why are you making this to your mankind???This is an inside job..Surely you STC knows about this issue. Please help me on it..This is not acceptable.

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Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]fake sms on whatsapp about blocking atm card

Dear Coustmores, your ATM card has been blocked. Because you did not have an update yet. If you want your ATM card to work properly, then contact this number immediately to

، تم حظر بطاقة الصراف الآلي الخاصة بك. لأنك لم يكن لديك حتى الآن التحديث. إذا كنت تريد عمل بطاقة الصراف الآلي الخاصة بك بشكل صحيح ، فاتصل بهذا الرقم على الفور. ٠٥٤٤٥٣٦٩٢٣


Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]sawa card


I bought this card from a retailer in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I have since moved away from the area

There are two top-ups for 105 sar each purchased

the ink has faded since I bought it on 24-January 2019 and I cannot read the
number on one of them

Can you provide a new number for a 105 sar top up free of charge to make up for this

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Paul Brady

sawa card

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — cancellation of sim card

On my way to work, with total disregard I did not notice that I lost my sim card registered under my Iqama (Iqama number: [protected]) mobile number: +[protected] and I would like...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — Post Paid STC Sims (Extortion) (Fraud)

STC company refuse to close either of the two SIMS station that subscriber (My wife) who has since left the country Saudi Arabia (Final Exit) must come and sign the form in person...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — stc modem

Our stc modum and Landline not working since 3 days one of the signal in the modum is blinking red we are calling 900 nobody answeying we went to Jubail stc they told it's working...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]unending bill

Had a bill came again: 126sr due date on Oct.01, 2018 My account has been closed. Application to close was Aug.13, 2018 - paid all the necessary bills as what is showing in my account/ double checked w/ the customer service of STC since I went in there personally. Total amount paid was 288.58sr (only used less than a month actually but still paid just 2 settle.)
Now I have another bill came again. As per STC customer service (900) that's the last 1.
Until when??

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — lottery scam

I received a call on imo from this no +[protected] A person told me that I won 100000 riyal in lucky draw. He told me to hurriedly reach any bank enjaz branch and call him from...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]unable to open a ticket

Hi. I just shifted to new place and now want to transfer my Broadband Internet to new place. I pay Monthly Bill of SAR 208. Now if I call 900 my requested is not getting accepted and call gets disconnected. I also visited STC office in Jubail but there also people were not helpful. The Customer service representative said he sells sims and he has no idea about this.

Now I am not sure how can I get my line transferred or at least get a ticket opened for this matter to resolve. My Line number is [protected]. Please respond to my request and at least open a ticket for my case. My contact is [protected].

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — stc router

Good evening.. I am Hafiz Mohammad Sultan. I am costumer of your stc wifi internet service.. There is some technical network problem in my stc wifi router. And also its disconnect...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — landline dsl connection for new internet

I applied for internet on 15th April 2018 and recieved message on 17th april for handling connection and was told i will be recieving technician message on phone but nothing...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — haraam act of sr 80,000 denial long 15y esb for a sincere employee

618642 Dear Sirs, Assalamu Alaikum / Good morning. Legally I resigned my job after rendered service for long 15 years of remarkless dedicated sincere service with proper notice period...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] — non migration of sim and and loss of airtime I did not use

618642 I went into stc service provider to migrate from my zain service provider to stc 3weeks ago. They did the migration and I went off the next day I put in the stc sim and load 210...

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]landline and dsl disconnection

I have been visiting Stc offices and requesting to cancel/ disconnect my landline number [protected] and dsl for the past 1 month but STC officials are taking requests and sending reference numbers to my mobile but they are not disconnecting the landline and dsl. I have visited 3-4 times STC office on king fahad Road but these officials are playing with the customers. Even after three weeks they are not disconnecting and they are billing every month 200 sar to my account.

STC — cancelled landline and internet service

i need help to activate again my internet and landline service but when i tried to call 900 and enter the landline number it i saying wrong. It was cancelled because i did not pay...

STC — fibre optic modem

I canceled my modem (landline fibro optic)on September iqama number is [protected] soumyajose still I am still receiving bill for my modem .I went to stc najran alfaisalya...

STC — internet connection disconnected but I receive bill.

In October 2017 I cancel my home quick net service [protected] but in November 28th I received again monthly statement fatora 205 SR on that time I make complaint that I cancel my...

STCissuance of new data sim

I am using data sim (Quicknet) since 1 year and is satisfied with the service but after finishing my package I visited STC sales office in Malaz (king abdullah park) and told the officer for renew of my package but he replied that we will issue you a new SIM for new package and cancelled the old SIM. After cancellation of old SIM, there was a system error that new SIM can not be issued as already SIM exceeded at your name. I checked it from CITC and confirmed to sales officer that I have only 1 SIM registered on my name. But they told m that we cant help you, visit to our main office. I visited the main office of STC but they also unable to issue a new SIM. Kindly resolve the issue I want to get Quicknet of STC. Thx

STCcomplaints about my cancel home quick net service

In June 2017 I cancel my home quick net service [protected] but in July I received again monthly statement fatora 199SR on that time I make complaint that I cancel my service permanently but from stc side my problem was not fixed from June to till November every month I receiving 199 SR but there is no net service in my home every mont i make complaint I visit stc office but they do nothing now I don't know what to do????

  • Az
    Azar Taj Dec 26, 2017

    Assalamu Alaikum. Are you still paying a your monthly amount?... same problem still i am facing octomber to till to date... there is no net service in my home. i have one doubt friend. If i dont pay a monthly amount, any problem?

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STC — phone & net

Few days ago I go to your jeddah office which is situated in azizia, I submit form for new landline or dsl connection to our office in al tahliah, he said that today or next day u...

STC — disgusting treatment by stc staff at riyadh airport

25445 I wish to make a complaint about and STC staff member at Riyadh Airport. He was very unhelpful, rude, arrogant, ignorant and refused to serve me because I could not speak Arabic...

STC — internet faulty.. not working

Dear Sir, Aslam -o- alikum my telephone number [protected] is not working today so i dont have any stc sim card for complaint registration for your kind information net is not...

STCtelephone number complaining bill which not used...

Dear Sir,

Assalam - o Alaikum

With due respect, in 2007 I disconnect the STC telephone and submit application in STC Mura'ba - Riyadh but unfortunately they didn't disconnect it.
After that I went again and 3 times I submitted the application but nothing happen. Stc customer service officer said it will take time don't worry we will remove.
Now after 10 years past the invoice still in my name and they didn't cancel.
You can see the details with my phone number [protected].

I need your help kindly cancel this invoice as I never use it. Appreciate for your help in this matter.

Best Regards
Jahanzeb Siddique

STCbalance deduction

Dear sir,
I am abdul raheem gehloth.
My mobile no. is:- [protected]
My iqama no. is:- [protected]
Today I have recharged my no. 75 sar for activate internet pack data.
But my balance has deducted more than 40 sar from my number.
Now I am unable to activate this service.
Why cut my balance?
Please explain it.
And I request you to kindly refund my balance now.
Thank you.
Abdul raheem


We are very disappointed with the service of stc. We’ve been using stc for more than 3 years but last May my colleague was to go for final exit and we decided to trasfer the account under my iqama. It was successfully transfered under my iqama. But unfortunately the staff of stc exit 13 branch didn’t inform us that we have a new account number. And we pay for the bill in the same account last May. And when we check for our bill for the month of June, it appears zero when we pay it thru Sadad. So we thought we have to wait for the month of july. At the end of june we check again our balance thru Sadad and we find it zero again. And on the first week of August they cut our internet. We went to stc office to check what was the problem but they were saying that the system was down and have to come back next week. And because we have a hectic schedule in our duty we could not find time to go back to the office of stc. Until the hajj holiday came, no office, so we have to go back after the holiday. We came back to the office after the holiday and they said they couldn’t find our bill but they didnt even inform us that we are using the old account. Last week of September we went back there again to check what was the problem until they tell us that we have a new account number and our bill was 574Sr. We are shock of what they tell us and we ask why it became 574sr and they said its for 4 months bill. How could be 4 months when in fact we last pay our bill on the month of May and they cut our internet on the first week of August. We ask about it and they said that even if our internet is cut it’s still charging because we didn’t pay our last bill. !this is unfair! How could we pay for what we didn’t use?!!! Please help us with this.

STC — fake calls using company name

I have been using STC loyally for a long time but recently i have received few calls claiming I have won cash prize from STC and asking for my account number. Although it'...

STClandline internet package

I am highly upset!
I took out a promotion package which your technicians came to advertise at our building.
It was 250sr for unlimited data and tv and landline...a few of the tenants from my building took out this package...
From the second month I was being billed 400riyals per month!!!I contacted the technician who installed my line, he said I should contact 900 which I did but I am still being billed 430riyals!I cannot accept this ...everyone took out the same package but I am being charged almost double!!!I have already paid some money ...and now they are saying there is outstanding amount on my account, please fix this and please refund me any money owing to iqama is [protected] ..I am trying to call 900 from the landline but my internet and landline does not work!!!please contact me urgently [protected]

STCpostpaid sim card 3in

Im using STC internet wifi unlimited monthly 160sr every month I pay through atm machine but I was trouble since every month I pay 160sr last moth it was double 320sr instead of 160sr only since every month I pay.

My postpaid sim card number [protected] and my iqama [protected] kindly check to you're system record my email add: [protected]

Hoping for kind consideration.

Respectfully Yours,

STCm. amir

Sir I was complain my landline and DSL is completely out of working.yesterday technician was came but he is saying I can't fix it.i shell submit report head office.
عميلنا العزيز : يطيب لنا خدمتكم ونفيدكم بأنه سيتم إصلاح هاتفكم رقم([protected])بتاريخ [protected] )وسيقوم بزيارتكم الفني, امست ريز وجواله: [protected] ولضمان جودة الخدمة ورضاكم عنها, فإن رقم تأكيد الخدمة هو :353 . ولمزيد من الخدمات تفضلوا

STCinternet fiber optic

Installing my Fiber optic at my home should have been today as per the sms I received from STC. I called the technician many times with no response until 4 p.m when he answered me that he cannot come today because he has maintenance to do. His name is Amir Inyat Inyat.

I called 900 and they said the technician cannot change the date by him self. I answered that I didnt receive any sms about the date change by STC. His answer was that I can do nothing but to wait until I receive another sms.

I am very unsatisfied with this service

STC — postpaid net sim

25445 Respected sir, I ms .kiruba, typing this message to inform you regarding the deactivation of my post paid net sim connection, which was already cancelled by me on 3/4/2017 at...

STC — I am kumari sreeja... my equma no.[protected]

25445 from long dayas one man harazing me his name is iliyas mugal .he is working in stc office.his mob no [protected] and one more number he is using now [protected].he collecting my...

STCinternet services

نحن نطالب الشركة بكشف حساب منذ سنة وكل ما نتجه الى المكتب يقال لنا ان نفتح حساب... نحاول الدخول الى حسابنا ولا نستطيع وقد شرحنا لهم ذاك ولاكن لا جواب حتى الان نريد التاكد من سبب قدوم فواتيرنا اعلي من المتفق عليه ولسبب التاكد هل المشكلت منا ام منكم نطالب بكشف حساب كل ما نتصل بخدمة العملاء الكل له كلام غير اسبوع نتصل علي 909 لمعرفة سبب عدم قدرتنا علي دخول الموقع يرد المجيب الالى اما بي لا نستطيع المساعدة اتصل لاحقا او اتصل على 900 و جربنا كل الطريق بلا فائده وكما لا نستطيع فتح حساب جديد يقول لنا يوجد خلل او عطل تعطل عملنا بسبب قلة الاهتمام نرجو المتابعة
للتواصل: [protected]
رقم هاتف الشركة: [protected]

STC — a person harassing complaint

25445 Salam alaikom My name is marlene And im complaining one person shes filipina her name jumaima junaid she use 2 numbers to harrasing me by his words she said im calling her even...

STC — [protected]

Dear, I am using the above sim. I purchased 3 months internet package for 330 GB and renewed it on 23rd june 2017 for one month with 20 GB by paying woo rayal. I got below...

STCinternet service request

I have requested for unlimited internet service since 2nd of May, Stc man came and checked the box, there was many wires unorganized and connected to my planned free port and not as per your data in your system, he told me that he will raise it to technical support, but until now no reply or any response from your side until today.

Can you please clarify what happened to solve this issue ?

Thanks for your cooperation,

Name :Abdullah Al Ramahi
My number : [protected]
Iqama number : [protected]
Riyadh -Saudi Arabia

STC — stc sales executive cheating

Dear Sir, my name is shamsudheen. i am from dammam ( behind telemoney bank). Before 3 month your stc sales representative came to my shop. He provide a monthly 45 riyal package...

STC — harassment calls coming from the number [protected]

Dear Sir, the mobile number 00966 [protected] is continuously giving calls to my family member in India (0091 [protected]) and on telling him not to do so, he starts giving bad...

STC — land phone internet disconnected ([protected])

-landphone internet stc disconnected on 23/05/2017. -[protected] my landphone number & id ([protected]) & port id (murr 124 025) -23/05/2017 disconnected stc internet & we are paid...