[Resolved] Saudi Postmy package was delivered in a different name and address


I have a package which I bought from Ebay last December 8, 2017. My tracking number is RR479247415DE. Upon tracking, it is already delivered December 27, 2017. I contacted Saudi Post and they are telling me the tracking number is not under my Name and address. Attached here is a copy of Paypal invoice which indicates that the above tracking number was shipped under my name.

  • Resolution Statement

    I finally got my package. I went to their office in Mursalat to check the actual status of my parcel and they confirmed it that it was already delivered. It was delivered and received by another person. I will not mention the name for the sake of confidentiality. I brought there an invoice and some proofs that I am the legitimate owner of the package. I also asked the person in the front desk to call the person who received the item. He managed to contact the person and he confirmed from the person that it was not his parcel. The person who received the package was kind enough to return it in parcel station. The following day, the receptionist notified me the my package is already in their station and ready for pick up. I immediately went to their office, upon checking the package, it was all complete. The only problem is they had put a wrong barcode sticker in the box that is why it was delivered to a wrong person. In the box, the shipper clearly wrote my name and my address. I am happy that I already got my parcel but the inconvenience it took me just to get it.

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