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The promises made to me during the sales pitch were nothing more than a sales gimmick. I was misled to believe that the timeshare package would provide me with the freedom to vacation anywhere at any time with little to no cost. However, my experience has been far from that. I was pressured into signing the package with the promises of multiple benefits, some of which are nowhere close to reality. I was told that purchasing a timeshare package would be the best investment for my family. However, it has turned out to be a significant financial burden. The amount of money we have poured into it outweighs all the advantages they originally sold to us. I have never seen the condo that I was sold in person, despite being promised so. The elusive and vague details provided by the salesperson regarding the location and conditions of this condo create an impression that it might not even exist. I am beyond frustrated with the dishonesty and lack of transparency displayed by this company. To add insult to injury, the member service department has been of no help in resolving my issues. Every time I reached out to them with my concerns, they showed no care or interest in my grievances. The feedback they gave me was dismissive, telling me to figure things out for myself. It seems that once the money is paid, the client is no longer a priority. I want to make it very clear that I am vehemently disappointed with the experience I've had with Sapphire Resorts. The timeshare package I purchased has been nothing short of a scam, and I am demanding an immediate cancellation. It is unacceptable to treat clients this way.

Desired outcome: I would like for the timeshare to contact me with a way out of this contract.

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