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235 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89119, US
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3:11 pm EDT

Sapphire Resorts - Timeshare membership

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the services provided by your timeshare company. My family and I were approached by your representatives and persuaded to invest in your product by promising lower rates on vacation packages and the freedom to travel anywhere at any time. It was made clear to us that this investment would be beneficial for years to come. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

After supplying you with all of our essential information, we found that your representatives had not been forthright about how your product operates and the real cost it would incur. We were utterly dismayed to discover that we had unintentionally bought into a timeshare, something that we would have never willingly agreed to should it have been made clear to us from the start.

When we contacted your company to cancel our contract, we were met with resistance and refusal. Despite our complaints and requests, we were rapidly dismissed and left with no other choice but to continue with the agreement that was deceitfully sold to us.

Your sales representatives provided us with misleading information and failed to disclose the full details of what we were purchasing. As a result, we feel that we have been taken advantage of and are now left with an expensive and unhelpful product locked into long-term contract.

It is unacceptable for a business to operate in such a manner. We are one of many who have experienced this same frustration and dishonesty from your company. It is disheartening to have fallen into your deception, and we no longer want to have any affiliation with your timeshare company.

We demand that our contract with your resort be terminated immediately. We expect to hear from you promptly and with a resolution to this problem. We will not rest until your company makes this right for my family and for all others who have been subjected to this deceitful treatment.

Desired outcome: Timeshare termination

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7:41 pm EDT
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Sapphire Resorts - Timeshare

We are writing to express our deep dissatisfaction with our timeshare program. We have invested a significant amount of money into this program, but the value we have received in return has been far less than what we were led to believe we would receive. In fact, we feel that we have been misled about the benefits of this program, and we are now convinced that this investment is not worth it.

We previously requested a cancellation of our timeshare program, but we have yet to receive any help from your team. The lack of consideration and help has left us feeling frustrated and confused about the future of our investment. We understand that vacation properties may be subject to seasonal demand, but we expect that the timeshare program should be designed with some level of flexibility to accommodate changes in demand. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, and we feel that there is a level of dishonesty in the way the program was presented to us.

We have invested a substantial amount of money in this program, money that could have been used for other vacations or experiences. The fact that we have received such a low value in return is disappointing, to say the least. We believe that there should be more transparency in the way the program is advertised, including clear information about the potential risks and limitations.

We would like for the resort and their representatives to take responsibility for the position you have put us in and allow us to exit this contract as soon as possible. Your business practices are extremely unfair.

Desired outcome: Have the resort terminate our contract and end any further billing

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