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Bought a fridge had it for six months and then things happened. The frame holding up the bottom crisper shelves shelf cracked. You can only guess what happened after that the shelf that was sitting on cracked along with the crispers. The bottom drawer hinge broke. Called Samsung they told me that this was wear and tear. I have never abused a fridge infact I have a Kenmore that is more than 25 years old and still in great working condition no cracks. I checked with different dealers and suppliers (4 in total and still inquiring) and the replies were that the orders for Samsung parts were 70% daily. I was also told that the plastic were cheap and brittle(which it is) and all the companies said they had many complaints from many customers. Spoke to individuals and they said that the plastics and the fridge brackets were not aligned properly. It would cost $992.25 to replace all the cracked pieces which I am not prepared to do. I have gathered many pictures and complaints from many customers and will forward this to the dealer that I bought the appliance from. I believe that the dealer and Samsung are aware of the problems with the fridge. Samsung does NOT honor their 1 year warranty. If anyone has any information please contact me at [protected] Thank you.

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Appreciated reading your complaint.

That's a nice 30 inch fridge. In fact, it's one of the most popular within its category.

Physical damage within an appliance is rarely covered under the manufacturer's warranty but many retailers offer extended service coverage that may cover the issue. You haven't listed the retailer you purchased the item through but, if you'll check with them, you may find the problem covered.

Let us know if there are further problems.

I have make a few more phone calls one to Consumer Affairs and I will be filling out a complaint. There is also a website where I can file a class action suit. I called a couple of suppliers and one of them said they would not deal with you because of the poor quality of plastic in your shelving. I am checking out the temperature control out now as it seems there could be a problem I have checked out the fridge closely and will be emptying the freezer today. The lower shelf on the fridge doors are popping out I have already put them back in three times on right side and one on the left side... they are not broke or chipped yet but I am expecting that to happen any day now.( I will be taking pictures when it pops out again. A closer look at one of the shelves the plastic is wearing. I looked in the freezer compartment and the drawers and the seams are not lining up I image that will break soon. Poor quality. One of the dealers advised me to get another brand because they were aware of the problem. I have called several provinces on this plastic breakage, Also I will take more pictures of the freezing compartment the ice maker which is not hooked up is not making anymore noise so I suspect there may be a problem. Also there are reports of the french doors failing over time. The Samsung fridge... the outside is a very nice looking but the inside looks like crap. I will not accept this quality and the comment you sent me is not going to solve the problem what I want is my money back or a better quality fridge. The company I bought this from was Brandsource/Audio Video in Estevan [protected] they have a great staff and I have been very helpful but they are going on what you are saying. I have not abused my fridge the plastic is cheap as the other suppliers confirmed and Samsung needs to return my money. I also understand from the internet that people are awaiting refunds on your appliance and have been waiting a long time. Samsung has to act immediately on this problem. There was no physical abuse concerning this breakage not by me or my husband. I am so disappointed that you are not willing to resolve this problem which I believe you are aware of.


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