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Complaints & Reviews

service is not available

I have purchased one samsung sgh x-700 mobile phone in chennai. The mobile phone is still under warranty. The mobile was taken to the company authorized service centre, at ayanavaram, chennai. I find the service engineers were not properly trained. They were unable to solve the problem. I was given back my mobile saying that the board got crack, and no spares with them and phone cannot be repaired. I wonder how samsung can sell a mobile in a show room, if they cannot offer after sales service. Samsung mobile buyers may kindly take a note of this and give a second thought if at all to buy a samsung mobile phone. This is posted fairly in view of good faith to warn the consumers.

samsung split ac sucks!

I have purchased a 1.5 ton split ac from a franchise named vasanth & co at my native pudukkottai (Tamil nadu). It was purchased around these time last year. It worked for a very less time for the last one year. Since we got the ac it is not too hot or we were not there at home most of the time to utilize. I can briefly say it is under utilized in the past 1 year. Now the summer has started and if we switch on the ac, it runs for 15 minutes and the trip switch turns off. We suspected the power supply and the hot climate. One intelligent underaged ac mechanic (Courtesy franchise vasanth & co) came and he checked all and he said all are fine with ac and only we need to increase the main fuse with 32 amps instead of existing 16amps. We changed and the result is same. Now nobody turns up to check and rectify the issue. The ac does not run continuously for more that 15 minutes. We spent 22,000 rs for nothing but a piece a ### the does not work. The samsung co. Is also not concerned about these franchise rascals...

  • Gh
    ghassanov Mar 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    samsung ac split model ast 30c4be
    indoor unit not responding to remote control commands while the lights blinking with alarm noise
    someone told me needs reprograming but no codes avilable.could u please who be able to provide me with the codes for reprog.thanks alot.

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  • Ar
    Armand Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Check the capacitor in the outdoorunit

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  • Di
    Dilip Goswami Apr 27, 2011


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no cooling, faulty compressor

I bought the air conditioner in summer 2005, since then it just worked properly for about 1 month. On complaining, nothing worked out. Service men come every time and say that the a. C. Is working fine and there is no problem despite repeated complaints that once the compressor drips it takes a lot of time to pick up. And now even after 2-3 hrs the compressor doesn't pick up.

I feel either the quality standards of the company are to low or the customer executives are all useless.

Local a. C. S work 100% much better than the samsung a. C. Split. And they are cost effective also.

  • Si
    Sivakumar Jayabalan May 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    The above complaint is completely true and I agree to that. We have purchased a 1.5 ton split AC and it did work in winter and autumn season. Once when the summer starts these piece of ### does not work and their service also sucks. The AC mechanic arrive he says no problem with AC and I firmly believe he has no idea of whats wrong? His finding are obvious that the AC is fine and power supply is not correct. Even if we change the power amps supply the AC does not work. we are very poor Indians getting cheated...

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  • Bi
    Binoy Sundaran May 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience with the 1.5T Samsung split AC.They have the worst customer care and the worst engineers.
    I had purchased it in April and it has never worked properly. They had somebody come in to fix this after about 2 weeks we reported to the customer care and the very same day its back to square one. Now we have asked for a recall of the product and the engineer says he has to check what the problem is and then report to his boss. He also says that the company has certain processes and it will take time to fix any problems. I really wonder if Samsung is going to last.

    "Please Never Buy any Samsung Product".

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  • Tk
    T.krishna mohan May 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience with the 1.5T Samsung split AC. They have the worst customer care and the worst engineers. I had purchased it in may-2006 and it has never worked properly. They had somebody come in to fix this after about 2 weeks we reported to the customer care and the very same day its back to square one. Now we have asked for a recall of the product and the engineer says he has to check what the problem is and then report to his boss. He also says that the company has certain processes and it will take time to fix any problems. I really wonder if Samsung is going to last.

    "Please Never Buy any Samsung Product".

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  • Sa
    Sanjay Goyal Jun 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Guys, its time to start a mail chain on the piece of ### that is Samsung ### AC, which is worst. Even 7 years old LG AC works better and it was worst product decision of my life to have bought this sucker for my bedroom from a ### company called Samsung. I have vowed to never buy a product from this ### company.

    The ###s from the company do not realize that the AC trips because of poor quality of Compressor, which just gives up during high heat and does not work for many hours.


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  • St
    stephen Reid Jul 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a Samsung split AC for 5 summers and it has never made it through a summer without failing. I have had burned out compressors and circuit boards and other problems, I can't even recall.

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  • Ch
    chandra sekahar Jan 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am 100% agree that the samsung Split AC is the worst AC in this universe. The Managers, Technicians and even customer care people are also worst. I appeal all the pople that even any one or company gives free of cost also not to accept. 100% gurantee that the Split AC never work.

    Moreover it will be a burden to whoever owns.

    I purchased in March 2007 since then till now 4 times replaced indoor unit, one time outdoor unit. Nothing is solved. I approached Shoban Kumar- In-charge of AP about this issue, he also not helped and disconnected the phone also.

    Later Mr. Jaiprakash came to the picture who is the responsbile for sort out the matterand agreed to refund within 12 working days from 30th Jan,2008.

    Letus see how his promise will be turn.

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  • To
    tony seet Mar 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Living in Melbourne with my new Samsung airconditioner have caused my family nightmares. Leaking and cooling problems are a normal thing after nealry a year of use. The warranty expired rendering us 3rd party repair bills. It is probably the worst problematic air conditioner we ever had.
    The other terrible air conditioner is a Panasonic Super Ionizer. Fan motor need replacing twice in a year. PCB had to be replaced. Fan unit slowed down and was replaced.
    We have 4 air conditioners in our house. The most reliable are Toshiba Daiseikai and LG Artcool. Very good cooling and no repair bills at all so far!

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  • Ed
    edgar leonard May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ihave a window unit and this will be the second exterior fan blade go bad ( just breaks were the blade connects to the center hub )which sucks theres no place in my town to get the part .

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  • Gs
    gsmarun Jun 23, 2009


    i agree with a similar problem with Samsunsung Spilt A/c bought in chennai. This company pays their dealers well and they cheat customers by even selling stock old than 10 months and unit failed twice within 6 months of warranty period.

    Over the above the ASP fellows are totally unreliable and have no committment . Best part the is the regional office guys ( Samsung direct employees ) are the coolest ... but A/c remains like heater, guys are absolutely cold and deflecting

    Pls dont buy samsung a/c looking at their ADs or based on dealers push. This korean make is the cheapest dump in India.

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  • Ja
    Jairath Jul 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    it is quite common in India to pass on bugs to another. Samasung staff, either has the habit or has been guided to do so.
    Usually they pass on problem to the power supply.
    If they feel that power supply has the proble, it can be in one or the other case, not in all. Most important parts is, why dont they prove it that power supply is bad by replacing their own labortary tested power supply at the consumer end, may be for three or four days. to prove .

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very poor after sale service!

I have samsung sghe730. I am using this phone for 2 years.In dec'06 because of my mistake the lcd screen was broken. I got it repaired from samsung company's service center in vile parle, near nanavati hospital. Also paid rs 4000 / - for it. The phone was working ok for 3 months and now it started giving problems regarding display. When I reported the matter to samsung, service center started giving erratic reply. They say that problem is due to some internal display connector which is broken. It is due to handling problems as per them.

I do not understand the connector which is internal; how can I mishandle that. I am sure that either manufacturing defect or wrong handling by repair person. They are now telling me to pay for the same thing which I got repaired in dec'06.

I am really annoyed due to their erratic and illogical answers. I want to take up the matter with top people of samsung. I am sure they will understand the gravity and will help me.

  • Ro
    RONIE KIRAN May 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is to inform you that we have ordered a samsung-250 refrigerator from panjagutta (company out let in Hyderabad) last Saturday in 4th may 07. We still didn't receive the product even after a week. When contacted I was informed that the fridge is out of stock and you will have to wait for one more week. I was surprised to see the same fridge is readily available outside. They were not even concerned to contact us and inform the delay in delivery.

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  • Am
    Amit Khanna Sep 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having a Samsung Micro-Wave Oven. There has been a damage to the flexible PCB inside along with the wiring by a Rat. Since last more than 2 years I am struggling to get it repaired even in City like Pune. The response is very clear "please contact our head Service Station as these spares are not easily available". I have bought the Top Brand of Micro-wave from Samsung and I do not want to throw it simply because the Spares are not available.


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  • De
    Deepak Luthra Apr 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had bought a Saumsung Star with WiFi Model No. GT-S5233W on February 7, 2010 from Hotspot. ( A Unit Of Spice Retail Limited ) WZ-152-A/3, main Najafgarh Road, Near metro Pillar No. 678, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi – 110059, vide bill no. ( Book No. 614/07 & Serial No. 331 ) dated February 7, 2010 for Rs. 8075/- all inclusive.

    Serial No. Of The Mobile : RP1S977806L
    IMEI No. : 355471030799773

    From the day one this mobile was giving me problem, as it used to get re-booted while talking ( or even lying on the table ) and the frequency of re-booting increased to 4-5 time a day.

    Finally I took my mobile to Bharat Communication, Phahar Gunj ( Samsung Authorised Service Centre )on March 27, 2010. Initially without checking anything, they told me that it has to be formatted and all data will be lost. I compromised on the data and gave them go ahead so that whatever problem is there can be rectified. Even after that the mobile re-booted and they told me to leave the mobile with them, which I did.

    Work Order No. is 10C270017 Dated 27-03-2010

    Since then I was following up with the Service Centre and for the last 4-5 days I am being told the the PCB has been changed and hence IMEI no. has been changed, which is to be updated, but Samsung site is having some problem because of which they are not able to fix my mobile.

    Finally on April 5th 2010 evening they have given me the mobile no. of Mr. Sumit Seth, telling me that Mr. Seth is the Area Manager, and if I am having any service related issue I may please talk to Mr. Seth on 9717766365. Since then I am trying Mr. Seth’s no. but he does not pick up the phone neither calls back, even after leaving SMS. Then I wrote an e-mail to Samsung through the e-mail link on Samsung’s website to which I was responded back on April 6th 2010 by a computer generated e-mail, wherein I was given a transaction no. 2004236206 assuring that someone from the concerned department will contact me, but nothing of that sort has happened. On April 5th 2010 only I call Samsung Helpline no. also ( 011-30308282 ) and talked to Mr. Jitender, who gave me the transaction no. 8414225255 and also promised to take this up with the concerned authority and ensure that some senior person calls me, but again nothing of that sort happened.

    On April 6th 2010 I again called up Samsung Service Provider, Bharat Communication and the lady at the front desk told me that the Service Franchise owner Mr. Bharat himself has gone to main Service Centre of Samsung at Nehru Place to get the fault checked and he will be back in the evening and I will be updated on the status of my mobile, again no one updated me. I was actually surprised on this feedback that my mobile is being taken to main Service Centre of Samsung for fault diagnosis as they had already told me that they have replaced the PCB and IMEI no. updation is pending, which is not happening due to some problem in Samsung’s site.

    Again on April 7th 2010 after waiting for the inputs, I called up Bharat Communication in the second half to know the status of my mobile and after being put on hold for long I was told to call up by 6.00 P.M., when I confronted the lady at the front desk, she made me talk to Mr. Ravi, who told me that I can come by 6.00 P.M. and collect my mobile. I reached the Service Centre, Bharat Communication sharp at 6.00 P.M. to collect my mobile. Mr. Ravi attended me and handed over my mobile to me, telling me that PCB has been replaced and INEI no. updation has also been done after the mobile was taken to the main Service Centre of Samsung in Nehru Place. I said fine, let me use this mobile for few days and check whether the re-booting problem has actually been rectified or not and ask for a call report. On this I was told that they will not give me any call report ( wherein details of the action taken and the current status of the mobile was supposed to be mentioned ). Instead I was told to give the receiving of the mobile on the Job card and take the mobile back. When I insisted on getting the call report, the owner of Bharat Communication Mr. Bharat told me that they will not give me any call report and if I have any issue in that I can talk to the people at Samsung. He also offered to write the new IMEI no. ( which actually changed as they replaced main PCB of the mobile phone ) on my bill itself, to which I didn’t agree and insisted on getting the call report, properly mentioning action taken on my mobile to make it up and running and if the IMEI no. has changed, that also is to be documented in the customer call report, to which he didn’t agree.

    Then I started trying mobile no. of Mr. Sumit Seth ( 9717766365 ) and left SMS also, but as usual he didn’t pickup my call, neither did he called back. I called up Samsung Helpline ( 011-30308282 ) and talked to Sakshi, Manoj & Sneha. Very unfortunately I have to put this on records that these people seem to be trained to disconnect the phone while customer is sharing his/her problem and just put the phone down saying we are not able to hear your voice.

    Further adding to my agony, owner of the Service Centre, Mr. Bharat told me that he has just updated my IMEI no., while I was trying to talk to various people in Samsung and told me that my IMEI no. has not been changed and showed me my original IMEI no. on the mobile screen by executing some command. This was so shocking for me that after telling me the story of IMEI no. being changed and problem being faced in updating the new IMEI no. I am being told that IMEI no. of my mobiles now remains same as earlier.

    I again requested Mr. Bharat to give me the customer call report and he simply refused. I therefore have not collected my mobile and have left it with the Service centre, as being a customer I have all the rights to know what Samsung / Samsung Service Providers have done with my mobile, what action have they taken, what part have they replaced. By not giving me a customer call report Samsung and Samsung Service providers are depriving a customer of his rights.

    One more problem I face with this mobile, which I discussed with Mr. Bharat, is that I am not able to send or receive business card on this mobile and Mr. Bharat confirmed that there is a problem to which there is no solution as of now.

    If we summarize all the facts, Samsung is fleecing it customers by selling inferior quality products, which fail in one month, which have problem in the technology being used and also on account of deficiency of Services to its customers.

    Such services are not at all acceptable and are not expected from a company of repute like Samsung.

    I have made up my mind that I no longer intend to use Samsung products anymore and want Samsung to refund Rs, 8075/- of my hard earned money I spent on buying Samsung Mobile.

    I therefore request you to instruct Samsung management to return my money and penalise Samsung & Samsung Service Provide Bharat Communication for being completely insensitive towards customers, non cooperative and deficiency of services to its customer

    Thanks & Regards

    Deepak Luthra

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rebate never received!

Purchased on 07/20/06

Contacted samsung electronics rebate center on 09/03/06 - was told check was issued will void and re-issue

Contacted samsung electronics on 10-06-06 - was told have no record of rebate form-sent in duplicate form as requested

Received card from samsung on 12/8/06 informing me that they could not process rebate because of duplicate rebate form

Contacted samsung electronics rebate center on 12/8/06 was told that a check would be processed and should receive by 01/10/07

Contacted samsung electronics rebate center on 02/06/07 was told that check had been issued and mailed in january-will cancel check and issue another check on 02/27/07

Contacted samsung electronics rebate center on 04/05/07 - was told that a check will be issued and should receive by end of april '07

(Good luck)

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gas leakage, no cooling

I purchased an AC -7 months back and to my utter shock i realized that there is no cooling. I was told that due to Gas leakage it has stopped cooling and hence i wish to advice all not to go for any Samsung product.

  • Pm
    P. Mukhopadhyay Apr 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The complaint is absolutely correct.

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  • Va
    VALUE CONSULTING Jun 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is to bring to your notice, a very bad experience in terms of the product as well as the customer service at Samsung.

    The company has purchased 5 (1.5 ton) A/c from reputed dealer "SONY MONY" in Month of January 2007in Andheri (W) (W). Since the month of April we have been experiencing a lot of problems with the A/C and the after sales service

    1) Inspite of being in warranty period, the A/C was practically not functional with no cooling at all

    2) Repeated attempts to contact the Samsung - Customer Service (which is of no use) to Mr . Mathew- the head of SONY MONY (andheri) (W) that have been unsuccessful with they not responding to the complaints, disconnecting the calls on repeated attempts to contact them and sending their service personnel across.

    3) The persons send by service centre were not able to give any concrete reasons as to why the A/c's are not functioning , thus seems that an inefficient staff is employed , ultimately our company has to waste its time and energy at office hours. Seems it was our wrong decision to purchase SAMSUNG a/c.

    4) Even after putting the A/c for repairing to SAMSUNG service centre, its of no use.

    Never buy Samsung products!

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  • Ra
    Rahil Shaikh Aug 11, 2009

    I totally agree with you

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defective mobile phone

I bought a samsung mobile phone from eastern plazza, dhaka, bangladesh. The model no is samsung sgh e-700. It's a folding mobile. After using only 6 month (+) the display had got a problem. The camera is also giving problem.. What to do now. I will never ever buy the product of samsung and also tell my relatives and friends not to buy any product of samsung.. It's doesn't produce good products as i've suffered by using 1 of this product..

  • Je
    Jennifer Lee Feb 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I believe the phone is under 1 year warranty to cover any defectiveness. Contact your local Samsung or you phone carrier to resolve the issue. I have Samsung T809 which turns on and off whenever it feels like... I called my service carrier and they replaced me with new phone. If the phone was not damaged by accident on your behalf... They will replace the phone.

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  • Kh
    Khairul Anam Jun 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You don't know in our mobile seller behave. They sell their bad product in customer to their good behave. If I not mistake I am sure that the phone have no any grantee or warrantee. Our some of shop owner buying the set in black market and sell the set in open market.

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phone automatically hangs and restarts

I had purchased Samsung x670 within 3 months of purchase is started getting problem that while talking that phone automatically hangs and restarts again. I had been to the service centre as it is in warranty. The kept the phone for many days and tried but they said that they are not getting that problem. And after going to them again and again the changed the motherboard but still the problem is the same. They said now they are helpless and they cannot do anything. I am fed up. As the phone costs 9000 bucks and it is not a small amount.

non replacement of a defective washing machine

I bought a silver nano 6kg washing on 31oct2006 which was delivered on 01nov2006. The machine kept making a lot of noise and would not take a full load. I called up the service centre and explained the problem and fixed an appointment fours days in advance. Instead of a technician a demonstrator arrived and that too 5 hours after the appointed time. The machine gear box is defective according to two different samsung technicians including mr bakshi. The technicians tried on two different occasions to open the machine but because the screws brackets were also defective they could not do so. After a lot of argument one mr basitkar agreed to replace the machine. I also received a call from one mr tariq 3weeks ago saying the machine would replaced. Today at 1115 when I called up mr basitkar he couldn't even recall who I was despite reminding him that I earlier had even offered to buy another machine and wait for a refund on the defective one. He promised to get back to me but as usual there is no reply. When I asked his office for the delhi head office number she declined. I also spoke last evening to mr bakshi and his reply was totally unprofessional... That since I had been patient for so long I should still wait for another three weeks or so.

As an earlier complainant has put on record... Never ever buy a samsung product !

not attending my complaints

My refrigerator is fault and I have been contacting [protected] and customer care No [protected] and daily...

air conditioner conked off in less than 18 months!

I have a 450l fridge of samsung, & subsequently bought 1.5 t ac in june 04 looking at the decent performance of the fridge.In less than 1 year (May05) bought another 1.5t ac from samsung. There starts my tyranny. The 1st ac touch panel conked & I was informed an estimate of 3k. Immediately after that there was a gas leakage in the same ac & was spending about 2.5k to repair it. But worst part is the 2nd ac. Within less than 18m of buying the 2nd ac, the gas leakage problem was detected & the service engineer quoted again around 1400 (Under some campaign). On approval the ac was taken to the workshop & after 2 days I receive a call from the workshop that the total estimate of repairs was 6.7k less discount totalling to about 5k. Reasons for increase in quote was that the cooling grill conked off. I dont understand that how does one expect to spend 5k in repairs for a product costing 16k in less than 18months time. Is this a quality of international standards. I have my doubts on the product & more to my surprise, the workshop guys have stopped calling me since past 7days on what will be the fate if my ac. This is the kind of product support offered by samsung (International company). I am genuinely disgusted & will never buy any product from samsung & also will never ever recommend any of my known people to go for samsung products. I am also planning to escalate this issue to media & press so that general public who is unaware of this response from samsung should boycott samsung. I need support. I need an explanation from samsung.

  • As
    Ashok Koparday Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Do we have something in common?

    I purchased two Videocon ACs at the dawn of this year.
    They are malfunctioning since the time they were installed till today November 21, 2008, when the year end is approaching.

    Our grievance is not resolved.
    We have lost valuable Time, Energy, Money and suffered discomfort and inconvenience after paying money.
    Will someone help me pack and send the two Videocon ACs to the CEO's office? I can use the AC space to replace with other AC.

    Videocon has given contract for post sales consumer care to independent private company (person). The infrastructure and expertise the contractor has is state of the art shameful inadequacy.

    What I regret, besides my woes, is Videocon International does not get feedback directly from the end user. This is an expensive blunder for a growing company.

    It can tarnish the brand image so badly that the company's other consumer goods also take the beating and the sell and profits of the company plummets down.

    When sells go down probably the Company decides to pour huge money in advertising. This further causes loss in profit.

    The bottom line is customer satisfaction. The word of the mouth is powerful advertising tool.

    No matter how good a product the engineers design, how rigorous be the quality control and how well the Marketing Team sells the product unless the company gets feed back from the actual user it cannot improve its sells and profit.

    I have posted complaints to, which is a customer grievance redress forum where the consumer and the corporate representative directly interact and resolve issues amicably. The Corporate also gets unbiased valuable feed back. has helped resolve my Airtel related problems and helped other Airtel customers too.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday

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do not cool properly!

A copy of email to samsung:

I bought a samsung made air conditioner model awt 18qbhdc from goodwill enterprises, naya bazar, sunam on april 13, 2006 vide invoice no. 1992. The a. C. Did not give out proper cooling from the very first day and I reported it to the dealer. He sent his local mechanic and, also company mechanic from patiala, both of whom assured me that the cooling emitted by the a. C. Was enough and that did not feel it because of the little quantity of moisture in the air. A third company mechanic from sangrur, however agreed with me and said that the pipes giving out cooling were closed. The next day, the said mechanic come to my house in my absence and broke open the concerned pipes, did the needful and sealed them again. But still the problem is unsolved and rs 16,000 + rs.2,000 (Stabilizer) seem to have been thrown in a waste basket. May I hope that your goodself would look in the matter and order the dealer for an immediate replacement of the a. C. ?

Information is already sent to the company by fax on 15/08/2006 and by registered post on above given address on 28.08.2006 but no response received as yet.

Samsung india electronics ltd.
7th & 8th floor, ifci tower
61, nehru place, new delhi-110019
Tel: [protected]
Fax : [protected]/19

  • Vi
    Vinod Kumar Narula Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased Silver Nano A/C 1.5 TR in April, 07. In March 08 when switched on, it was not cooling and the AC was taken by Samsung Service Division. There was a call at that time from your service Deparment that its cooling coil has be changed and the charges will be Rs. 4, 000./- for new coil. When I informedl that that unit was purchased in April 08 and was under guarantee/warranty, the coil was repaired not changed/replaced, gas charged and returned in working.

    In end June, gas leakage problem again emerged, complained was lodged and the unit was again taken by Samsung Service Division and returned and installed on 2.7.08 after charging me Rs.1400/- approx + Engineering visit charge, again by repairing the coil.

    Only after 21 days i.e. on 23.7.08, again cooling problem has emerged and on 24.7.08 a complaint to this effect has been lodged, again may be your people will repair the coil and return after gas charging.

    Please let me know the reasons for not changing the coil in March, 2008 itself when I was informe that it has to be replaced against Rs. 4, 000/-. Since it was later noticed by your Service Deptt. that the uniit is under guarntee, it was only repaired.

    Please look into the matter and ensure that the system is set right in such a way that it does not give any problem. It is being taken by your Service staff 3rd time in just 4 months' period.

    V.K. NARULA, Adv
    132-B, Pocket-6, MIG Flats,
    Mayur Vihar Phase-III,
    DELHI 110096
    Mobile 9818682717

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unacceptable warranty service

I purchased a samsung 52 inch plasma tv model # hpr5052 x/xap on november 24, 2005 in caracas, venezuela.

In the first days of august 2006 I called your customer service call center located in panama. My claim was filed under customer # 30ssss, order # 40005sssss. The tv was retireved by samsung from my home on august 16, 2006. After that, I have called samsung customer service multiple times, and always been told my case is under review for a replacement. I have repeatedly e-mailed 'e. [protected]', who appears to be the service center supervisor, without having yet received a response to my claims.

More than two (2) months have gone by since I filed my claim, and I have yet to receive my repaired tv or a replacement for said tv set.

This is certainly not the way to build loyal and satisfied clientele.


Bbo financial services inc.

Fontabelle, st. Michael, barbados

blue tooth complain, unsatisfaction of service in warranty period

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refrigerator - I am totally unsatisfied with samsung!

My husband and I bought a samsung refrigerator model # rs257barb in november of 2005 for our new house. On...