Salvation Army of San Bernardino, Californiapick-up date/and taking me out of the system for pick-up

Y Aug 10, 2018

Last week Salvation Army of San Bernardino scheduled 2 pickup locations for me for 8/11/2018. I called them today (8/10/2018) to confirm pick up times. I was told by Renee that I was only in the system for one pickup and that was the pickup location of 981 w. Mill St., San Bernardino, CA. I told him I scheduled two pickups at two different locations. I explained to him that I had to take the train to the Inland Empire, and rent a car to be present for both pick-ups. I also told him that movers move me by weight, and if Salvation Army didn't follow through on their pickups I would be out of more money. Renee put me back in for both pick-ups tomorrow at both locations; confirming several times that both pickups were on the 11th. I received an e-mail from Salvation Army indicating pickup date: 8/13/2018. As soon as I read the email I called Renee back and was told he was unavailable. Antonio didn't initially want to identify himself. When I persisted on his name he gave it to me but refused to give me any information on my pickup dates.

If Salvation Army doesn't pick up at both locations tomorrow as they confirmed several times that they would I'm asking Salvation Army to teimburse me for all the financial debt I incurred to be here tomorrow for both pickups. My expenses thus far:

1). Train from Northrodge to San Bernardino.
2). Car rental to meet drivers at both pickup locations
3). Difference in cost of moving expenses. My
Costs to move will be higher if Salvation Army refuses to pickup at both locations as
4). Any miscellaneous expenses incurred.

  • Updated by Yvonne McGinnis · Aug 10, 2018

    My train ride to get here for both pickups were from Northridge, California to San Bernardino (misspelled Northridge in initial complaint).

    Another error, i’m asking Salvation Army to reimburse me the total out-of-pocket expenses I incurred to get to the inland empire for both pick-up locations.

    If I go by the email pickup date, I won’t be in town on the 13th. Movers are moving me after Salvation Army does their pickups at both locations (supposed to be on the 11th). Movers are moving me on the 12th. If I stay till the 13th, I have to keep the car rental (adding to the expense). I also have to pay the storage unit $150.00 on the 13th for leaving furniture in there past the 12th. When Salvation Army told me last week that they would pick me up on the 11th at both locations, I relied upon that information.

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