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I have never had an NSF and it declined when she ran my drivers license I have worked in banking and still do for over 25 years so I know I have never had any NSF's DL # [protected]


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    Dee McMillan Feb 14, 2008

    Sally's Beauty Supply needs to hire someone with knowledge of beauty products, besides hiring young kids who do not know what they are talking about. I was in there yesterday to buy a hair piece and after trying it on the back of my head I could not see it. I asked for a mirror and the mirror she gave me wasn't much bigger than the size of a cell phone. I couldn't tell what it looked like, (I didn't have on my glasses) but I listen to the girl and she said it matched perfectly. When I got home and put it on for my husband he all but laughed. He couldn't believe the girl lied to me about it matching. Apparently she wanted to make a sale. I went back to the store less than an hour later to return it and she told me they don't take back hairpieces. She failed to tell me that when I was in earlier. Had she told me I would've brought my husband with me to make sure it matched.

    Not only will I never buy at a Sally's again I will tell everyone I know and everyone I see entering one they had better watch out least they be screwed like I was!

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    C.ADAM Mar 30, 2008

    I went into a Sally's Beauty supply looking for a hair rinse, ask a sales clerk for assistant and informed the person that I was allergic to hair dye and the person told me that Biogen was perfect because there was no chemicals because you mix with water.

    Believing this person was informed of the product she was selling, did the test and two days later put the product on my hair and my face had swollen that I looked like the monster from hell. I had to go to the emergency room first for the swelling second time because I thought I was losing my sight.

    I have written this company for months to pay my hospital bill and I have been totallt ignored with no responses what so ever.
    It's really sad that a corporation like this do not have the respect to at lease respond. I have heard nothing and the one person I did speak with from the insurance department stated he has nothing to do with the situation. Then why call me as if you he was going to handle the matter.

    Why is it that this company would rather go to court and pay high legal fee's and court cost than to settle for paying a hospital bill of only a thousand dollars talk about your educated ###.

    If this company think that I'm going to stop writting I'm not until I reach the top executive that finally have the respect to respond.

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    shamika Apr 09, 2008

    My name is shamika and I worked for sally #2057 I have never in my life been through so much stress working there. The manager was very very rude to me she would cus me out in front of customers. And told us we need to show customer service the ### never taught us anything and I was the only person in the store who knew anything about hair and complained and said she needed to hire somebody who knew about hair product. Well look you only hired but one person with hair knowledge. And The girl that has now took my place is trailor trash. Man sometimes I wish the home office and coorporate would realize who they are hiring these days to manage one of their stores. For further information I suggest not going to That Sally's

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    lisa May 01, 2008

    In reply to the lady with the you realize the reason you can't return hairpieces is because it's like a brush ...if you had LICE or another CONDITION that was transfered threw those items and they took them back to resell them ...then the next person would contract these !
    We never return them in a professional salon for this reason ...think about it before you buy next time . Or better yet go to a salon so they can match your hair ...there not hairdresser's to begin with Thats why salon's dont like them's like a store you destroy your hair with a 5.00 color and we have to fix that hair for 3 hrs -4 hrs for 250.oo that worth it ??

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    Nelson May 06, 2008

    I wen't to Sally's hair salon to buy a clip for a T-Raiser hair machine. The young lady behind the counter asked me for what machine and I pointed one out that was right behind her, I told her it's exactly like the one behind you and made it clear to which machine it was was. She then handed me a clip for the machine and I paid for it and left. A few days later I was gong to insatll it, but realized it was to small. I never opened the package. I wen't back to Sally's and explane to the person behind the couter what happend, she ask me for the reciet but I missed placed it. She said that I couldn't return it without a reicet, and I said to her that I'm not returning it I just need the right clip for my machine, after all it wasn't my falt that that i was sold the wrong clip. I went by what the clerk handed me and figured she new what she was doing. Neatless to say the gave me a very hard time about a simple clip that i wanted to exchange for the right size for my machine, i didn't want my money back just the right clip. They had VERY poor customer service and need to take courses how to talk to customer's in a propper manner. I won't recomend Sally's to anyone just because there customer service was horrible.

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  • JustSayNo Aug 01, 2009

    I doubt that Sally's CAN ignore a court subpoena.

    If they are given a subpoena and does not appear, some courts have the discretion to find the person in contempt of court and either order the person’s arrest or issue fines accordingly.

    Go for it!

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    IHATEFUGLYS Sep 10, 2009

    I''ve just been reading your comments above, I'm from England and I have to say they are no better over here!

    The staff!! Talk about being up theirselves! Quite honestly they're not all that an a bag of chips!!! Snotty little Munters that think their somethin cos they work in Sallys?! They need to get a life, a full facial transplant, and a lying boyfriend that'll tell them their beautiful!!!

    I thank God I'm not that shallow, stupid, or FUGLY to work there!!

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    Rita Kinchlow May 27, 2010

    Hi I live in Marion IA.which is about 1% African American. My complaint is that there is not a time I go to Sallys in Cedar Rapids IA. which is about 15% African American and also has another location about 5-7 miles from the store on the other side of town. than the store that is closer to me .
    Every time I go there they have a ethnic isle about which is about 3ft. wide and the store its self is about i'd say 300 sq ft thats just a guesstament.
    But my complaint is that why they have one product and not the other that works together for African American hair or will lie and say the company of the product has stopped making the product.
    I have called several companies to let them know that they are telling customers that the products have been discontinued . Which They make the big corporations look bad because if they don't make money that will cause the unemployment rate to be worse than is. I have also, been in the beauty business myself and I know to make money you have to spend some and why should I have to drive 7 miles to the Sallys that is on the other side of town because there are more African Americans on that side of town so they cater more to us ? Even if they don't get but 1- 2 bottles of each thing I am sure they will sell because as much as I change my hair from short to long from color to color I am sure I would be their best customer. And I am sure that what is ordered for other races they don't sell out of so it too is sitting on the shelf . Just letting you know if anyone from the top is reading this. My money is green olso.

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    somechick1996 Mar 17, 2011

    the way the employees need to word things is whats wrong sometimes an item will be discontinued from the store but not the company so they should suggest as i do to visit the manufacturers website to find a place where the item is now being sold and i agree the ethnic section in my store in nj is only about 12 ft and the customer base is predominately hispanic and african american sallys does not cater enough to us

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    Jen AtlGa Apr 18, 2011

    Hello my name is Jen. I worked at a Sally's clos to Atlanta, GA. I have to agree with the staffing issues, but to my suprise they made fast changes. They need to make sure they train the staff or they at least have some type of training as far as cosmotology in the past. Tell the staff if they are not sure about a product which is understable, infor the customer so that way it will give them time to find it, weather it be with a team member or call customer service on the package. I went to school for cosomotolgy in high school and did not remember everything about hair care, waxing, coloring, ext, but you have to treat people the way you want to be treated. You would not want to go and tell someone you want blond hair and it comes out purple, or some type of bad rash because someone was sensitive to something in the product. I have worked at Home Depot also and I knew little to nothing about hardwere, however, when in dought I found the answer. "If you would give me just a few moments to find that answer out for you that would be great." & don't forget to smile and check on the customer in a timely fashion. Come on people get it toghter, a little goes a long ways.

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    Foryou707 Jun 05, 2012

    It's really sad to hear about everyone's experiences at Sally's, but it sounds like most of you put it on yourselfs, for one hair pieces yes sounds like the girls fault but in the hair color isle no matter what Sally's you go to the have a mirror I'm sure you could have walked to it at some point, and yes hair is non refundable I'm sure you found out someone wore the hair piece before you you wouldn't have purchased it at all, idk why you were even trying it on in the first place, second for the guy with the blade it's the same issue, specially when you point it out, as is they are non refundable sometimes they make an exception with a receipt but that was totally on you so it's not bad customer service it policy stores have to follow, so next time instead of blaming employees go to a salon or know exactly what your looking for if you want to be happy

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    lucy252 May 30, 2016

    I live in Beaumont CA and have shopped at Sally"s in AZ and CA, have shopped at Sally's for over 26 years. Your Banning store staff are very non professional and show very poor customer service
    I purchased a Green Sally's card while living in AZ and because it is paper and not the updated plastic card the employees say they can not give my my due discount they only try to sell me a new card.. no discount my last three purchases.. Good Bye to Sally"s..

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