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I have shopped at several Sally Beauty Supply Stores in several states and I feel that it must be company policy to profile and follow Black patrons. It never fails. Whenever I am entering the store and there are other patrons, I am seemingly the only one who is repeatedly and by several associates if I need help. If I am looking for products that are generally located towards the back wall of the store, that is not my fault. It is likewise not my fault if someone profiles me because of prejudice. I hate that they put the Black haircare products and even sale items in their sales pamphlet in the back of the store and back of the flyers, segregated. I am smart enough to be able to read through it to find which products interest me, whether they are lumped together or not. What enrages me the most is the following around in the store. If I cannot be trusted, according to someone else's perceived notions about me simply based upon color and their own internal racism, then I would like the courtesy to be told this at the front door, "No, you cannot be trusted and we do not want to service you." Following me around, asking me a barrage of questions, trying to steer me to products I do not want and standing there watching me from 2 feet away is outrageous behavior. But it seems to be sanctioned by Sally Beauty Supply. Funny, online shopping services the same purposes but guess what, I'm not profiled nor followed around on my computer.


  • Ka
    Karen Oct 30, 2008

    You're lucky you are being helped.
    How would you like to be IGNORED because you're not latino.
    I've been ignored several times at the store in Takoma Park MD by the latino sales clerks.
    These are BLACK latinos too!
    The nerve!
    As far as I'm concerned, they can take their nappy-headed black @$$es back to the Dominican Republic!

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  • Ka
    Katy Nov 06, 2008

    It is the workers at the store to be attentative and ask all customers if they need help. All the time. It might seem like they are bugging you. But sorry for them doing their job.

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  • Ac
    Ache88 Mar 05, 2017

    @Katy No they pick out black people to follow around. I wasn't in my local Sallys 2 Minutes and I was racially profiled; So somt get on here and talk nonsense

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  • Ny
    Nyla Dec 03, 2008

    Yes, I agree!!! I used to work there, and thank god it's over! The store is owned by a bunch of Authoritarian Right Winged Honky Corperate Mindless...Puppets. My then manager Joyce, hates Blacks and Mexicans, When ever thier backs were turned she's say racist things to her so called white employees. She had no idea I was mixed race, so I'd hear it all! The District manager did not care. I called Sallys employee concern line and mad an anynomus complaint too. Any way that B****H manager retired last spring.

    If it's any consolation, they treat thier employees bad too! They care about thier bottom$ line ONLY. It's unfortunatle too that out here in the Southwest US Black haircare products are hard to come by, so most are STUCK going to sallys to buy there and Sallys knows this, so they know-think you'll have to return there anyway.
    It would take a couple of thousand Blacks with a petition listing your complaints. FYI...
    By the way some of our Black customers shared the same complaint as you have and numerus times, and I felt so mad at Sallys management for acting so bad towards Blacks, unfortunately the only tip I could offer them was the same one I just gave you, and hope you all have better luck :)

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  • No
    Non-Sally Supporter Mar 06, 2009

    Profiling is real by this company.

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  • Xy
    XYZ Apr 25, 2009

    We could copy and paste this whole section and send to Sally Corporate! I can't stand them. How dare they carry the products I most need, and at a cheap price! I'd prefer going elsewhere. But alas, where else to go? They just profiled me yesterday. The cashier was looking around, leaning up against the glass window as I was perusing the sale nail polish collection. Someone asked me a question and I turned to answer her...then saw the other worker leaning hard. Funny, two white girls came in and they were not coming around every second, asking "are you finding everything alright?" Sometimes, I just wanna be hornery and reply, "no, but I sure am stealing EVERYTHING alright!" This is what they expect. Hmmm, Enron, Madoff, big corporate, GM anybody?

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  • Ev
    evieloveskyle Jun 19, 2009

    hello to all, i currently work at sallys and i must say i am hispanic and i am not a RACIST and i DO NOT!!! PROFILE. i DO NOT like it being done to me so i dont do it to people UNLESS, they give me reason to believe that they are stealing. Also, i am not brainwashed to profile people of other races.

    I do know about alot of the product unfrotunately you ladies have been to store where apperantly the customer service wasnt so great . BUT, it is part of our job to ask every single person that walks through the doors of sallys if the need help or if they are finding what they are looking for.

    i have actually asked several customers if they needed help and i turn the corner of the isle and another associate just happens to ask the same people is just asked if they were doin ok. it isnt to see if your taking something but to actually see if your doin good. Im sorry that you feel that you are being profiled but i will not stand and be put into that bracket that because i work at sallys i am a racist and a profiling horrible person because i am definately not.

    i am sorry about you enounters but not everyone at sallys is that way.

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  • Jean73 Jul 01, 2009

    I work at Sally. My co-worker is black she always want me to follow customer who is black because she thinks they are stealing. So I look up the Sally policy. Sally policy is not to follow customer around the store. So my advice is ask for cutomer service number.

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  • Sa
    sallys_employee Dec 01, 2009

    Sounds like you are being paranoid. Are you going around hair or something? Because hair is a hot zone and ALL PEOPLE in the hair have to be watched because too many stupid people try to steal the hair. Sorry you feel out singled out, but you aren't. Looks like the sales associates are doing their job. Maybe you are stealing or acting suspicious. If you're watching enough to notice the employees are watching you, then you probably do look suspicous to them...

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  • Sa
    sallys_employee Dec 01, 2009

    Nails are also high theft. That's why you were watched there. We ask everyone if they need help finding anything, because most people do but don't want to ask. I hate it when people try to blame stuff on race. If it was my store, I would've watched you too, because you were in a high theft section. I know better than to think only a certain race steals and you should too.

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  • Jean73 Dec 01, 2009

    I agree with sallys employee not a certain race steals. It can be any race of people who steal.

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  • Jm
    JMluv2332 Feb 04, 2010

    Nails and hair are highest theft at the store I work at as well. I don't profile anyone. But if you are noticing enough that they are watching you, then they probably think you are stealing. Sometimes you will get asked by many workers if you are doing okay, because we are taught to ask every person if they want to see a sales flyer, how they are going and if they have any questions, and often times one person gets asked by many. And I am so sick of hearing it's a racial thing, it's not. If I think someone is acting suspicious I watch them. Next time you get asked twice in a row, ask a question about something you are looking at and then ask if you can put whatever you have in your hands up at the counter until you are done in the store, if they still repeatidly ask you then it's profiling. Other wise they should back off a little and not ask so often.

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  • Fr
    From XYZ Feb 24, 2010

    Sally Employee said:

    "Maybe you are stealing or acting suspicious. If you're watching enough to notice the employees are watching you, then you probably do look suspicous to them..."

    Excuse me? Um, if I'm a thief, then I can't rightly complain now can I because it would apply justly, right? No honey, I'm nobody's thief. Suspicious behavior? How so? I walk into the store and shop like anybody else. How on earth would you say such without having even met me? Having shopped at Sally's is the only thing you know about me. Pharmaceutical people do not need to steal Sally Beauty Supply products sweetheart. I wouldn't know what a thief looks like, if I owned a store. Passing judgement like this is exactly what I'm talking about...profiling. Carry on.

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  • Kd
    kds26 Feb 25, 2010

    To the comment above you are responding so defensively, you do not have to be someone who is "broke" to steal. I have come across many different kinds of people that have attempted to steal and have been caught. Some of those people are people that would not necessarily act suspicious or assume they would steal, because of their appearance.
    And yes, i agree with the other employee. If you are not attempting to steal it really would not be an issue if we were watching. Because if you were NOT stealing you would not even notice an employee watching you, unless your intentions are other wise than it would be an issue. I guess i can see your point if I went into a store and I shop around, then i put it in my mind that all employees are watching me i guess i would be complaining as well that i am being profiled. And if you have ever worked in retail we do have to watch for suspicious behavior its not only a sally beauty thing its a RETAIL thing.
    It does not matter if you are in the Pharmaceutical business or a cashier, truck driver, or a dog walker regardless of the fact if you have intent to steal you will be watched. But if not really whats the big deal. Do not allow this to get to you I am sure this is not the only place that does this, you probably only notice it more because the stores are a lot smaller. So it seems more personal that they constantly ask if your finding everything alright. I do not mean to sound like i am trying to be rude but this is what it is, we just do our job if it is such an issue than you should contact their manager.

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  • M9
    M916331 Jul 20, 2010

    LOL-WHAT A JOKE!!! I too, am a sallys employee, and it is our job to watch everyone that walks in that front door regardless of their race, height, weight, hair color or shoe size! DUHHH- if I dont do my job then I get FIRED!!! Then I get to go sit in the unemployment line and collect food stamps.
    I am white and my manager is black. She continually talks to her "girlz" on her cell phone all day long, and uses the word [censor] all the time! She will say to her friends "Whats goin on tonight [censor]?", "Shittttt [censor], who you callin [censor]...[censor]?! Its a common word that comes from her mouth, but GOD forbid if a white person says "The N word", oh dear lord then we are screwed! Game on..."The white man is discriminating against me-Im gonna sue you". THATS A BUNCH OF CRAP! I have worked and dam near ran our store for 2 1/2 years and my manager sits back and kicks her feet up while I do a majority of the work and yet she accepts ALL of the praise-like she did it herself! Who does that? Thats lying! Give credit where credit is due. She tried to hire a girl who worked there for 1 month as a assistant manager-yes she was black- and had no cosmotology skills or training and was nowhere even close to being qualified for such a position! ALL of our customers HATE her and LOVE me and tell me on a daily basis that I should be the manager. She would die before she gave a white woman the opportunity to advance and better herself! THAT IS DISCRIMINATION!!! I am a licensed cosmotologist AND a Certified State Instructor-yet she refuses to recommend me as a assistant manager! Oh BTW- the lil black girl that she tried to make her assistant manager got FIRED for smoking weed while on the job, as well as having sex with her boyfriend in our store bathroom! Maybe I should call "The Cochran Firm"!
    For the record...I cant even tell you how many black people walk into our store and when I do my job and genuinelly ask them if there is any way I can help them, respond to me by making a very rasist comment such as "No, YOU cant help me, you dont know nothing about black hair!". They will walk around the corner and ask a black associate where something is located! THAT is discrimination! 99.9% of the time I can asnswer a black hair care question and show them where it is located. Many times black women will come in our store and treat me like a peice of crap for no reason and display a very nasty attitude, yet play it cool with a black associate. Sounds to me like THEY are the ones who have a problem with white people and are the real racists! Would they still ASSUME that I was a racist if they knew that I was married to a black man, and had black children? STOP BEING HYPOCRITS! Thats trifflin!

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  • My
    MYLM27 Aug 20, 2011

    It's amazing to me how when someone complains about racism, whites are always the 1st to accuse the accused of lying, using the race care or turn it around to make it about them. It still does'nt change the fact that some black folks are profiled in Sally's, like I was yesterday. They never ONCE would admit that some if not most of their people are flat out racist, like the Sally's clerk I dealt with yesterday. I've shopped at Sally's enough times in my lifetime to know that what happened yesterday, made it my last time shopping there ever again. White customers came into the store & declined help, they were not followed & constantly watched like I was. They were free to roam the store. How do I know? Sally's is a small store, anyone & anything can be seen or heard, especially with mirrors in the celing. I watched myself to see if the clerk would move from her spot of watching me, when whites walked around the store. No, she did'nt. I was shopping in the store for almost an hour, with a basket full of items. If I was going to shoplift, I would'nt have stayed that long for someone to catch me. Within in that time, when 2 other black females came into the store, she left from watching me to follow them. I got the rest of my items & proceed to checkout by a different clerk.

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  • Mt
    mtdw Apr 20, 2012

    So I called in the Ahoskie, NC Store today. The person on the other end of the phone sounded like she was straight from ghettoville. I asked her if they sold a certain product and her response with attitude was " Do we sale what?" When I repeated it slowly for her to comprehend she still didn't have a clue what I was talking about, but someone in the back ground heard her try to say the words and they told her they did carry it. So she "yeah" we get it then I asked her it they had any in the store, without even checking to see she says with attitude again "yeah we got some". I wanted to confirm that they did have it in the store so i repeated "you do have it in? This time with more emphasis she repeated "YEAH". I just said wow and hung the phone up. Talk about no phone etiquette. I will definitely not be going to that location to purchase anything.

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  • Lo
    Lola Lowry Sep 11, 2017

    I was targeted at a Sally's in Louisville, Kentucky as soon as I walked into the store. A white lady was at counter waiting to be checked out. The employee asked me did I need help I told her no. The other lady asked can you help me instead she told her someone will be up there shortly. I then went on to find what I had come for which was a flat iron. I then decided to get a comb for my blow dryer. After getting my items I needed to put them down on an empty shelf so I could find my coupon off of my phone. The employee comes around the corner and asks me what you did with the flat iron. I reached down on the shelf and was attempting to hand it to her and she snatched it from my hand. We exchanged words and I walked toward the front of the store I still had the blow dryer comb in my hand. I threw it over my shoulder and she was right behind me and it hit her she then hit me in my arm I let the store and returned with my mother after I called police. I had never acted like I was trying to steal anything and to be targeted by a racist employee is not acceptable. Location 1925 S. Hurstbourne Lane Louisville, KY.

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