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Safety Services CompanyScam

They called to sell me things, and I refused. They called multiple times, each time I told them I did not want to purchase anything. Before I know it I'm getting an invoice sent to me in the mail with samples and they're trying to collect money saying I authorized purchase of a product during a phone conversation.

No such phone conversation occurred and I demanded that they show me proof of the conversation. They said they keep recordings of phone calls - so I demanded to hear the phone call authorization. They said they'd look into it. I'm not paying them, and I told them that. I'm going to report them to my state's attorney general and BBB. We signed for nothing and they even have the wrong billing contact and information.


  • Ri
    risavc Jun 29, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My boss received a phone call asking if we were interested in what they had to offer then demanded credit card information for purchase. He did not make a purchase and told them that he refuses giving money or doing any kind of business with them until after doing reseach (to see if theyre the real deal) the man on the line handed the phone to another gentleman that said they would send information about their company to prove that they are a real &the conversation ended! After the call, I went ahead and did some research and quickly found out that we do not need their products and told him NOT to purchase anything. The next day he received an invoice stating that we owe $374.00 for a product they sent !!! we never ordered anything!! THIS IS HOW I ENDED UP HERE. I really hope that they do not try to scam the company and let us return the product or there WILL BE A LAW SUIT!! After reading these comments, i can only imagine how many this company has against them !!

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  • Di
    Dissappointed2Day Oct 21, 2014

    Unfortunately Safety Service Company is a pretty dishonest company. The local WA state office called up and spoke to my bookkeeper telling her it was time for our "annual renewal." And then a couple weeks later we got sent a bunch of books with invoices totaling $2700. Be careful. When I found out, I immediately told them there must be a mistake I needed to look into it. As I found out, no one in my company authorized these books to be sent or to bill us. And even if so, the only one who has authoritiy to buy anything in my company, is me, the owner. They keep telling me there are recordings, but they have sent nothing providing to me any recording. To the credit of Safety Services Company in AZ, they said we can return some of the books for about $1900. But two books cant be resent, because they have our name on them. When we pointed out that the name is incorrect, they said they can reprint them. But if they can reprint them at no cost, then they can let us return them and they can reprint them with a name of a company that acutally wants them. But then the locat manager here called up saying he was not allowing any items to be returned and we needed to pay. He said even if we return them, we still need to pay. If this was a legitmate company, then wouldnt they would want to sell items that we wanted? Yet they called us and tricked my bookkeeper into thinking we had a contract with them and then wants us to pay $2700, even if we return them. WOW! These guys are worst than used car salesman. Because a truly good sales person cares more about selling you things that will help and benefit you, rather than how much money they can make.

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  • Ro
    Rough Customer Jan 28, 2014

    We were called up and told this was the industry standard for the information, we bought the kits, it equals up to $2, 000 for all the safety kits, when we got them I ran them on my windows computer, it didn't run, then i tried it in different computers, it still didn't run, so i called them up and asked if they could replace the broken disks and they said sure, so i have them and they still don't work either!!!

    let me describe the kit's to you all right now, it comes in a binder with fake printed diplomas and cheap id cards, oh and the best part, there is a loosely printed paper sticker for the dvd label (if that fell off in my computer while it was spinning it would have ruined it) the disks don't run, and the one that did run the graphics and information looks like it was made in power point, with bare minimum effort involved. not quality what so ever, my 5 year old could have made that better.

    and when i called customer service, it was alright but they spoke in a way like how an old woman speaks to a child, all condescending and ###. so i will be looking for a full refund very soon. i have 25 days left for a refund and i will be using it.

    do not buy from this company.

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  • An
    aneal Nov 15, 2013

    Dear consumers,
    We are sorry to hear that you have not received the amazing service we strive to provide to our customers and to every contact. I can assure you that if you contact myself (Abby) I will ensure that your complaint is resolved. I work in our Quality Assurance Department and we are working hard within this department to make sure that we provide amazing service and resolve any customer concerns in a timely manner. Please contact me at [protected] if you have any unresolved questions or concerns. I am more than happy to help you. Thank you all and have a safe day.

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  • Do
    Douglas Sulipa May 24, 2013

    I am so sick of Time-Wasting Telemarketer HARASSMENT Phone-Calls like this one. They make it sound official & that we will be in legal trouble if we do not buy their Unwanted & Unneeded product. One of the negatives of being in business is the constant barrage of Telemarketer calls like this company. NOW i demand the name of the Company & immediately look up the company with the key word "SCAM". Posts like this one invariably always seem to come up. REAL government requirements usually come by mail & leave to opportunity to make phone calls & check out, rather than High Demand HARASSMENT Phone-Calls like this one. BEWARE !!!

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  • Co
    Concerned and Pissed Dec 12, 2012

    Total scammers. Should be put out of business. Some clown named "Matthew Mosely" gets my number from a list and calls "I was asked to call you about your safety meetings..." Starts the high pressure pitch to sell OSHA-required compliance training materials - please accept a sample for our account... Tell them to add your number to their Do Not Call list and inform your state's AG.

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  • An
    Ann L.B. Jul 19, 2012

    A rep from Safety Services called our business today; you can tell he's calling from a phone bank with all the noise in the background. He asked to speak to the owner, and said that it was, "...very important to speak to him about his 'account'..."

    I asked, "What account?" He said, "Your Safety Services account. He gets his 'safety meetings' from us.", he doesn't. I have done AP/AR for 3.5 years here, and we've NEVER done business with this company. I said, "Well, maybe the boss knows something I don't." To which the guy replied, "That must be the case, because I show him as the customer contact."

    Riiiiiiiiiight. Whatever.

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  • Fe
    FED UP 2 Oct 13, 2011

    Looks like they are not very imaginative. Seems like they were involved with another DBA prior to this one Look up "Safety Sam". or should I say SAFETY SCAM !?!

    Filling a claim with California Department of Consumer Affairs.

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  • Fe
    FED UP 2 Oct 13, 2011


    This company said they had a RECORDING of the authorization. Who and why would someone do this you ask ? It is my opinion this company pull these SCAMs by speaking with someone at your company TRICKING THEM INTO agreeing to "LOOK" (apparently they have a voice recording they keep for 1 month) at what they have to offer, They they go and send you the actual product, In our case it was safety pamphlets (about 4-6 pages). Not sure how many we received, to be honest they looked like junk mail. No payment plan is ever discussed then an invoice shows up. Then when people refuse to pay they put it to a collection agency. Some larger companies want this to go away and just pay it. I have read some things from ex employees of this company (so take it for what its worth) but they confirmed that that is the sales structure for this company. They then try to shore up their image placing posts in on these complaint forums saying that if you contact them that they will work with you to resolve your problem. Enough people have heard of these guys and are tired of dealing with them. TIME TO MOVE ON GUYS !!! I think there is some money in the medical industry.


    When we started to deal with this I did some research on this company and it was all over the internet. Now I believe that they must have hired a company that cleans up your image on the internet because although they are there, it is becoming harder to find people going ballistic over this company.

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  • Wo
    Workedhere Jul 09, 2011

    I am a former employee as well this company is full of scans from the managers they have to trick employees into thinking there helping when in reality they are only scamming people they make you call and call buisness over and over again. I know one instance where a woman working there got fired for something a manager told her to do and the manager got off scotch free. Please do not buy or "sample" anything from them. The managers hire you for two weeks to make you push out samples and after two weeks they fire you and have no reason for firing you.

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  • Fo
    formeremployees Jul 09, 2011

    This company is best described as organized crime i am a prior employee. the company has unethical sales techniques the irony is that within the company majority of their employees are straight out of prison so there is a reason for their lack of ethics. the individuals who you speak with are calling you from prison as well through a program that enables cheap labor for the company. as an employee you are asked to push unnecessary items down customers throats. THESE THINGS ARE NOT REQUIRED BY LAW and their state and federal labor law posters you can get from jj keller or personal concepts for half the price. a representative will try and advise you tht they pay fines but they have never paid a fine. the company gets their items through other companies and doubles the price to profit. they will call you soliciting and evenif you say no they will send it out if i were you do not answer their phone calls they will threaten you with collection calls they have no real information to even hurt your credit. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THERE IS A REASON THEY HAVE A F+ BBB RATING

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  • Th
    TheAntiScam May 11, 2011

    I have experienced the same issues with this company. A man called with a very high pressure sales pitch. I eventually agreed to let him e-mail me a sample of the product. He called back the next day and I told him I hadn't had a chance to look at it but I would get back to him. The next day I was off when he called. He talked to a co-worker and gave him the impression that I had already decided to order and all he needed was a bit of info to get the order on the way. Disingenuous to say the least, bordering on dishonest. Needless to say, I returned the package when it arrived and will not be paying these sharks a cent.

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  • Sa
    Safety Services Company Apr 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Complainants,
    We are sorry to hear you have had a less than desirable experience dealing with our company. We strive to provide the greatest customer service experience as well as the highest quality products to all of our clients. However, having grown from a startup in 2005 to the largest supplier of safety training products in North America there are unfortunately going to be some growing pains and communication break downs. We are deeply remorseful you were one of the few who had an undesirable experience with our company and we pledge to do everything in our power to resolve this complaint. Please e-mail us at [email protected] so we can address this complaint. We also would like to offer you a gift certificate good for 20 percent off any purchase.
    The Safety Services Team

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  • 91
    911landa Feb 16, 2011

    I've been in a similar situation and am honestly tired of having to explain their error. No one from the company is willing to listen to the truth of the matter, they just have their Tier 5 collections calling all the time. Its annoying and aggravating. I received a call one day explaining about information about their so called "products " and asked if there was information they can email. They said they had something that they can mail to a mailbox, so I'm thinking brochure. Then I receive a big blue envelope in the mail, wrong spelling of name and business, and it has a invoice attached to it. I send it back, and no longer accepted anything that came from there. Then the harassing calls came, almost daily. I never agreed to anything and have told them on several occasions that we do not need their products.
    I have talked to "managers" and representatives many times, each having to explain everything from the beginning, and even emailed and told them I will not pay for something I did not ask for nor need.
    I think I will end up filing a complaint with the BBB as well.

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  • Le
    LevelHeaded Jan 20, 2011

    This is crazy. People are making it look like this company got a hold of your number, sent you things and then attached a bill along with it. This company is a company that provides small businesses with products to keep them in compliance with OSHA. Look Safety Services up on the BBB and you'll see the rating. As the saying goes, buyers are liars. The only reason they have recordings is because people authorize purchases and then back out of them. In reality, this company doesn't just offer posters and kits, they offer you awesome customer service, necessary and reasonably priced safety products and the comfort and ease of knowing that you'll be covered as a business without the hassle of having to worry about doing it yourself. Just because one company and business owner had a problem, doesn't mean the company is a scam. Give it a rest, just like your business this business started out small too and is expanding and learning . No one working here is perfect so sure, there might be a few mistakes but all in all, Safety Services is rated high on the BBB for a reason.

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  • Ke
    keithsafety Jan 13, 2011

    Absolute Scam company. They are like the toner companies in the copier business. Get your name and number and address. Then send you stuff along with a bill.

    Stay away from them !!!

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  • J1
    J1d10 Jan 03, 2011

    Tried that, nothing has worked up to this point with them.
    As far as being an honest company, I don't beleive so, an honest company would'nt sell someone something they did'nt want after being told just that.
    Excellent products, who's to say.
    Great customer service, don't think so. Would A great customer service represenative threaten to damage your business credit rating over A bill(less than $170) they say you owe for something that was never ordered or authorized in the first place? Would A great rep. refuse to solve the matter in any way whatsoever, won't provide you with information they say they have in regards to the matter, and then, and thenn, hang up on you! I don't think so.
    I have owned my business for over 15 years & have never delt with anything like this before. We have actually used their product in the past but went to A different program since then. I beleive they had our old contact info which is how all of this started. Situations, back then, seem to have been better handled than now. It seems to me that they're "reverse bill collectors". It's like they make cold call's, force place A problem on you, this being an un-authorized sale of product, & then try to capitalize on it. You have got to be kidding me!

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  • Ni
    Nikki2011 Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked for this company for 2 years. This company is an honest company. They provide excellent products and great customer service. If you would give them a chance and listen to them and explain to them the situation, they will understand.

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  • J1
    J1d10 Jan 03, 2011

    Be very wary of these people!! They will do anything, at YOUR expense, to make A sale!
    They called-multiple times- earlier this year trying to sell us A safety package. I told them to send some information out about the package so we could look it over & see what it was about. At that point we would then make A decision as to wether or not to purchase. We decided NOT to purchase & let them know this.
    The next thing you know, they start firing off tons of phone call's trying to get us to purchase A package & would'nt stop(this in in September of 2010). Around this point in time, we also start receiving an un-wanted safety package from them. We received NO invoices whatsoever until December 8th 2010. They faxed out what is basically A collection's letter telling us to pay up for something we did'nt want in the first place.
    Upon receival of the invoice, I immediately called them to get this issue resolved. The person I had talked to told me he was going to go back & listen to the recorded phone conversation's, yes "RECORDED PHONE CONVERSATIONS", (as if that does'nt say something right there) & get back to me the next day. Never heard from them until this morning, January, 3rd 2011. This guy basically tells me he is going to damage our business credit rating over this ridiculious issue they are refusing to resolve.
    The bottom line is STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!
    I will be filing A complaint with the states Better Business Bureau and also A complaint with the local Sheriff's Department in regards to the harrasment with the phone calls.
    What way to start off the new year.

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  • Gr
    graveyardmotorsports Nov 01, 2010

    Email is
    [email protected]

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  • Gr
    graveyardmotorsports Nov 01, 2010

    Yes, same issue happened to us. They talked to one employee on the phone, gather information, then send you a poster and a bill. Good news is, they have no real official information (to my knowledge) to send you to collections. Nor do they have any billing info. We ended up sending the poster back, but still get bills.

    The bill doesn't really look that official. And when they do call and try to act professional, just don't say anything, most likely they will try to use it against you. Most real companies will not send you merchandise without proper billing info or credit info.

    Good luck everyone, be careful with these people!


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  • Th
    thequestionguy Jun 14, 2010

    if they had the wrong billing information, how did they ship you a package?

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  • Ci
    cirotgenesis Feb 16, 2010

    Here is their address:
    Safety Services Company
    2995 South Pacific Avenue
    Yuma, AZ [protected]

    It took me loops to find them but here it is!

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