Safelink wireless / phone

When I called the representative I spoke with initially was acting like a bully, a prison guard that was just being angry and abusive.
I can barely see the messages so I was asking him who he was because I get a number of solicitation calls to the phone. He said either you verify the information or we turn of your service. I have brain inflammation and lesions that attributes to memory loss and he asked me for my number and when I was looking he said come on you don't know your number??? He continued to threaten to disconnect my service if I didn't answer his questions and I asked to speak to a supervisor and he then hung up on me. I called back again and a second person left me on hold indefinitely. Last person I spoke with Maynor assisted me and said he just needed to verify my information. I called initially between 5pm and 5:15pm. Yes this is a free service but many people having this service have permanent disabilities like myself and your representatives should have a level of patience and refrain from speaking to customers in such an abusive manner. (See ADA guidelines). I hope this matter can be addressed here so it won't have to be escalated further.

Thank you

Aug 13, 2019

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