Ryobi Toolsryb 1.2 corner cat sander

R Oct 02, 2019

I Purchased this Sander at Home Depot and a extended warranty from Home Depot Purchase date 4/06/2019. Now when I turn it on the Motor start to smoke and vibrates slowly, the sander has only been used about six or seven times. I took the sander back to Home Depot 9/20/2019 to see if I could get it repaired. When dealing with the customer dept. at Home Depot and asked about repair or replace I was given a Printout of there policy concerning the extend warranty and that it only would go into effect after Ryobi Three year warranty ran out, so I needed to send it to a repair center for Ryobi which was my responsibility. After asking another casher I was told the Machine rental dept at Home Depot could help me get my product fixed or sent to be fixed. I want to the rental area and the person behind the counter Yes we do send out Ryobi products to be fixed BUT only after the Roybi warranty had run out and the Home Depot Warranty was in effect, and if I wanted the sander repaired it was AGAIN my Responsibly to send out to a Service Center. I call the provided phone number to your custom3r service from your Web Site and was that a MISTAKE. I talked to a Women named Warna Ext. 1223 and was told by her to take it to Home Depot as I tried to explain what I was going thru, but She would hear none of it and placed me on hold and called Home Depot in Victorville. Of course the Service said all I had to do was bring it to Home Depot. I'VE done this Twice and got the First answer I got from Home Depot again, In other words Home Depot to me IT'S YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS YOU SEND IT. Again talking to Warna EXT. 1223 at Ryobi I get and angry Wanda who will not give me someone I could talk to. No supervisor or manager or anyone else, although she did give me a place to sen this sander off course something I must do if I wanted it fixed. I guess this is how Ryobi does business, and I ask why do I have so many Ryobi tools.

Robert R Chacon

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