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I bought a Tread climber from Bowflex that went on fire. I called and wrote letters to Bowflex. Not one person had the decency to call me back; so I stopped payment. Well now ICS is after me. I tried to explain what is going on and decided I would make payments to shut them up. The operator from ICS gave me the website and ref. #. When I proceeded to the page I could not make a payment. I am done...

  • Et
    ethos Aug 05, 2012

    they will hit your credit reports. instead request via mail for the debt note. keep proof of payments for life. remember if it's not in writng it didn't happen

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This company does not stand behind their product

For the worse. I purchased the Bowflex 14 years ago. I have constantly had to replace the wheels on the seat. They are poorly designed. The unit itself has worked well. My complaint is that the company no longer makes this model and the new models are looking flimsy. In other words, in my opinion, they have changed. I would be very wary of doing business with a company that will not stand behind it's product. Oh, by the way, they used to change the wheels for me for free. Now, they say, the wheels, which are poorly designed, are a wear item and they cost $40 every 4 to 5 months to replace. Something is not right about that. Eventually, they will stop providing them altogether and I will have to throw the machine out. The phone rep said I ought to think about upgrading. Hint, hint. In other words, Bowflex, is trying to sell me some new junk. I am very disappointed. Go elsewhere.


When I called and talked to the sales rep, I asked if the Bowflex would come with everything I need to put a training program together. When you get the Bowflex and put it together and then watch the training dvd. You find out you can purchase a training dvd or other training material after dishing out almost $2000.00 You would think after spending that kind of money the reps wouldn't have to be dishonest to people buying equipment. When I got the equipment home also the special financing deal they offer is only good for a year. What they don't tell you is that those $10 -$30 monthly payments jump up to over $150 per month after a year if you don't get your home gym paid off right away. so beware.


I'm;a customer of bowflex i got my bowflex it did not work i called bowflex they sent me and my husband faxes to try to fix my bowflex did not work we got many faxes about 7 we could not fix it i told them to take the bowflex back i never used it this went on for about 5 or 6 months got no answer. then they call me well the bank called i said i'm not paying i never used it. then bowflex said can i sell the bowflex i said it dose not i wont.then they said if i would send it back it would be done. i call fed-x to see how much it would cost it was 450.oo to sent back i said no way.i talked to bowflex again and they said that's all they can im stuck with a 3000.00 dollar bill for something i never used. now i hope no one else gets treated like i did is not a good company. signed, really disappointed.

  • JGraceyStinson Aug 07, 2009

    Wow, that's bad. I bought my bowflex from a local dealer. The instructions for putting it together weren't right, and we called the dealer who came out and figured out the how to finish the construction of it.

    I love my bowflex, but I'm glad I bought it through a store, and not TV or online. It's a good product. If you use it, it does what it says, but I guess the customer service isn't so good from the sound of it.

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  • Sb
    sbyrne May 13, 2010

    I am having the same problem, my treadclimber never worked, and after many parts and a service tech trying to fix it, it still doesn't work. BEWARE they do not stand behind their product, I am now filing complaints with the district attorney and BBB. They won't send a replacement, just part after part.

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  • I feel your pain, I'm sending Bowflex their TreadClimber back to them as we speak. I don't care what it cost. My husband and I had only had it for two weeks and it stopped working. I called and they sent acontrol board out here to replace the old one, well in order to replace the old one you have to break it all the way down to get it to replace it. Not in this life time. Yes it does cost 450.00 to send it back to them;however, to get rid of the headache it's worth it.

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Fraud and cheating

I participated in a 6 wk free trial period advertised by BowFlex. I received my home gym. Despite telling the rep I wasn't ready to place order. Was only calling for the specs of the home gym and find out price if I decided to keep. I said that at least 2 to 3 times. The rep made me feel as if I had to order after my cred was approved.

He told me didn't matter, I could just send back and I wouldn't have to pay. He told me all I had to pay was shipping back.( Not for their cost to ship to me, that was not made clear) I was getting bills before my free 6 wk trial period was up. Was told to disregard since I was returning product.

Got another notice stating it was now up from $20 to $80 because of late fee's. Had to pay to keep off of credit report. I was told upon receiving the gym I would be fully refunded by check. It cost me a total of $80.00 in payments. It cost me $211.76 to ship back. And now their charging me $135.24 for their cost to ship me the gym.

At first they told me it was to cover the missing pieces to the home gym(UPS lost one of the box's. How do you lose a 4ft 75lb box? I dunno), then later I was told it was for their shipping cost. So now if the Better Business Bureau doesn't step in to help me? Or the Attorney Generals Office when I can get my complaint filed I will be out a total of $427.00.

And my $80.00 that was to be returned? Well I was informed that it was applied to my bill, and left me with the $135.24 total. I have learned a hard, expensive lesson. One I could not afford. Was hoping to get refunded before Christmas. Not going to happen now if at all. Stay away from ordering anything from BowFlex or Nautilus. Their hand in hand.

  • Dj
    DJD May 17, 2009

    I am so mad. Been paying off the darn thing now for 4 years. I bought my bowflex as it was advertized for as low as 19.00 a month. Never did pay only 19.00 I pay every month 35 dollors, eventhough I haven't seen a bill from them in over a year or more. The only time I hear something is when they send collections. They keep changing the due date depending on when they cash my check. I have never used my Bowflex because of this scam. I even told them to take the darn thing back. But they told me I would still own them.

    That was the first and only time, that I have or will ever buy anything over the T.V.
    I bought the darn thing from them for $1969.81 and still own them $1969.81 ! Hell no I would say more like $ 200.00

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  • Ho
    HorribleEquipment Mar 11, 2010

    I agree with you - the whole company is a scam...I bought a treadclimber- you know the treadmill plus stepper machine...well anyways I got about a year and a half from the stepper before some piece on it needed to be replaced. They send you the piece which you have to pay for even though you supposedly have a warranty and then you're supposed to become some kind of tech whiz...We never got the piece to be replaced so I just used it for another year and a half as a treadmill only...then suddenly the thing stops running and I call up and think it's the motor and they try and tell me over the phone that it has to be the lubrication and that the manual clearly states which kind of lube to use and all this crap- like who keeps reading the manual after 3 years...Basically you get no help with maintenance and it's all on you to try and fix the problems with it- I took the thing apart and threw it out for the garbage men...NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BUY A BOWFLEX PRODUCT - THE WOMAN ON THE PHONE WAS ARROGANT AS WELL. Also she tells me my warranty for the motor is void because I used WD-40 and not what they said in the stupid manual - please what a RIP-OFF!!!

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  • Mo
    Monica P. Estrada Nov 21, 2011

    my bill from HC Processig Center was 40.80--- I paid 45.00 That was my final bill///// Now I have a $ 279.20 Balance. Are they on ACID??????
    or can they not count???????? BBB here I come!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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  • Ra
    ramfan Feb 18, 2014

    I ordered a bowflex treadclimber on January 23rd. It took nearly two weeks before it arrived. There was no tracking number on the website - you have to call to get that. I called several times during normal business hours and received a closed message. One time I held for nearly 30 minutes before anyone answered the call. I put the treadclimber together and nothing lined up properly. I worked for two days putting it together. It was supposed to come with a free matt and as of February 18th, I haven't received it. I called and they said it was on backorder. Again, nothing on the website to tell me this. A week later, the website says "shipped" but again, no tracking information. I called and got the tracking information. As of today, February 18th the website still says shipped and the fed ex tracking number indicates that they haven't received it. I called customer service yet again today and the customer service rep was rude - she kept talking over me and not letting me finish my sentences. She said it was still in route and I should continue to wait. I told her that I haven't been able to use it because it sits on a hardwood floor and I don't want to scratch my floors. She proceeds to tell me that I can use it without the matt and it shouldn't scratch the floor. I asked her exactly how long I was supposed to wait before they would do something - she wouldn't answer my question.

    If I had it to do over again, I would not have bought this machine. I can't comment on how it works because I haven't been able to use it. The customer service is horrible - they could cut down on the amount of calls they receive if they would just put more information on their website. They claim that they send it via courier from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL - I don't think it takes 11 days to get from Portland to Chicago - I'm tired of the run around and I am tired of having to make calls and being treated poorly. It is too much to ask that I receive what I have paid for? I will never again make this mistake - I've ordered the last bowflex in my life.

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  • Js
    JSinTexas Apr 11, 2015

    Totally agree with the comments in the above posting. I bought the deluxe total gym and paid cash for it. (Can you say idiot any stronger??) I'm 6'-3", my son 6'-5" and trying to use this piece of junk is more than just frustrating as it is obviously built for people with about a 5'-8" maximum height. Nowhere in their literature, website or product information does it give anyone a hint that this thing is virtually useless for taller persons. I called their wondrous Customer Service folks to ask if there was a height extension available. They were dumbfounded that someone might want such a thing and when I explained the problem their solution was, "Well, just do the exercises seated." Are you kidding me??? I will never buy another product that BowFlex has any connection to.

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Ego-manic actors in commercials

Those BowFlex commercials make you want to punch those actors in the face...not go buy a bowflex!!!

Mainly Brian something-or-other, the one that 'gave his fat clothes to his fat friends'...I seriously doubt he has ANY friends now! I bet they hunted him down and farted in his Cheerios after that comment. And how he 'gets that wink from his wife now and then'??? I bet that wink is for some other guy standing behind him! What an egotistical jerk!

Is that what Bowflex is selling? Huge annoying egos? How about including a big boxfull of ###-for-brains, too?

Oh and that Michael Pilenko guy? Living his dream? Playing in a rock band at age 49...If he was no good 20 years ago, he's no good now. (and he's been 49 for almost what...4 years now?) (Notice how you can't even hear actual music he's playing, it's dubbed over with the bowflex ad).

Well, obviously the line "I'm not ashamed to take my shirt off" was written for them both, but we all think they need to keep those shirts on, practice some manners, and gain a bit of modesty.

It would be so nice to see someone that has a nice body from using their product, that encourages others to get fit without the huge ego. How about a nice polite, 'look what I did for myself, and you can, too' commercial, without that cocky "I'm better than you" attitude. So degrading of Bowflex to allow these commercials, they should know better. I bet sales have dropped since airing those 2 machoists.

Grrrr...get them off the air! Clean up some space to sell me something useful! I sure could use an armchair beverage holder, or something to prop my feet on while I gripe at my tv when these commercials come on...

  • Gotcha Feb 07, 2009

    Ahahaha! So true.

    The guy in the 'size matters' commercial with the creepy eyes scares me more than Freddy Krueger.

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  • Gd
    gdb Feb 24, 2009

    Get a life, get a bowflex, stop complaining, and change your life!
    Whinning about others success is a good way to waste time, unfortunatly it will not get you in shape.
    Buck up and do the things that will get you to your goals, if you dont have goals set some, work on them every day and soon you will have a bowflex body, and the self esteem and confidence you will gain will set you free to set and complete many other goals, like playing in a rock band.
    Good Luck, Just do it.

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  • Re
    Redbull Mar 04, 2009

    The Bowflex company are a fine example of what is wrong in America today. They spin a distant truth and make folks belive you can look like a god or Godess in only three 20 min workouts. You know it's not true, they know it's not true, but no body oversees the practice and takes them to court. The TV is full of this "rip the viewer of" crap, like "cash for gold" etc. Who is over seeing the validity of what they cliam - no one. You could sell a flying pig on American TV and someone somewhere would buy it, why because the law allows them to. Speak to your local senetor and start to clean the nation up from the ground up. If you wait for someone else to do it, it is already too late

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  • Em
    ember Mar 22, 2009

    As a woman, I can tell you that Mr. 'gave my fat clothes to my fat friends' has an ego even larger than his pecs, and I would bet his winking "wife" is inflatable.

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  • Ju
    Justin Apr 03, 2009

    That guy still has a bit of a paunch on his gut... do some sit ups mister "fat friends his fat clothes" and his wife is his sister.. JERRY JERRY JERRY!

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Does anyone know if what they are doing is legal? How can they close our accts and then keep billing us the interest. Payments don't post on time, and then we get billed the delinquency charges. We recvd a phone call today saying our acct # didn't match. Our statement said payment was recvd on time, but they are now saying it was returned do to wrong acct # and now have to pay a delinqueny charge and a return charge. What a crock!!!

  • Me
    meme Feb 02, 2009

    i'm going through the same thing.. i've been paying my bowflex treadclimber for years, and each and every time i get the next bill, it has an extra charge for being late.. getting this dam bowflex was the worst thing ever! who knows when i'll finish paying it off when they keep adding fake charges!!

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  • Nu
    [email protected] Jul 29, 2009

    I am also having same problem, being single parent, I do not like having to keep up with payment due dates, so I have been scheduleing 6 months worth of payments at a time using there bill schedule system, I then receive a phone call at work in July stating my scheduled payment was late by one day in May so I have now accumulated 2 months worh of late payments, when I tried to explain that I scheduled the payments at least 2 days in advance they told me that was not good enough it needed to be at least 5, and for I was supposed to look at my statements so I could shedule them accordingly, I asked f they would send my statements 6 months in advance so I would know when to schedule them he stated no, needless to say I got no where but still stuck paying 60.00 extra in late fees...HSBC SUCKS!!!, I also called Bow Flex thinking maybe they would help but stated they do not do their own billing, and HSBC was chosen to finance my account, I asked her to take back the Bow Flex so I could close my account she said no, but I could sell it or give it as a gift????

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