Rural Kingthey treat customers and employees horrible


I went into Rural King in Farmington MO to buy a few thing's in Pet's and feed. There is a girl there who I always go to bc she is super friendly and knowledgeable. When I asked for her another employee with a gun vest on told me she was fired. I was shocked at how rude this girl was and how she seemed to get joy out of telling me this. Well I went and loaded up my cart bc I didn't have time to go anywhere else. As I was shopping there was a group of employee's standing around talking, I heard them talking about Jen the gal I asked for. They were all bragging about how they got her fired and how they were so proud of getting employee's to file complaints against her and how her daughter came in faking being sick. I called a friend of mine who knows her and she said that Jens daughter had a heart attack AT RURAL KING and they fired her for missing work while her daughter was in ICU!!! I went in line to pay for my items and stood in line for more then 20 minutes. I heard the girls up front call for a mgr and some short girl with purple hair, the girl with gun vest and another girl in plain clothes got on radio and was very rude when replying then started talking about getting one of the girls in service desk fired next. I left my cart sit right where I was and walked out!!! I hope Rural King goes out of business and I will never step foot in there again!!! I thought family center was bad but this place is worse! I forgot to mention they have an infestation of mice and mites in feed. Food for both humans and animals is expired and while walking I saw 3 different mice running around and over an inch of mites on feed bags!!! Disgusting for a newer store but not shocked based on mgmt and employee's behavior. BOYCOTT RURAL KING not union or union built and WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYWHERE!!!

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