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Ordered a long sleeved jacket and after 5 weeks of "tracking" it was still
somewhere in China. Reported to Paypal (who is well aware of the numerous complaints against this company). 10 days later article arrived. Not at all like the advertisement. Poor quality fabric, shape not as shown in the picture on the net, badly sewn. Phone number for complaints doesn't answer and I'm not forking out any more money to send it back, and there's no address to send it back to anyway. Put it in the bin and lesson learnt. Check the reviews carefully before buying, even when its advertised on a supposedly reputable internet site.

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Mar 27, 2017 4:10 pm

I lost £130 as I returned the sub standard clothes to the "return"address on their label. Rotita refuse to reply to my emails and won't give me a refund but I'm surprised PayPal won't issue a refund if they are aware of all these complaints . Aren't they supposed to protect their customers?


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