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Plus Complaints & Reviews / product returned

michellesmith on Feb 9, 2019

on the 4th January 2018 I returned a dress to Rotita for a refund, as of today I have had no confirmation of receipt of the dress and no refund to the card that I paid with. I would much appreciate this matter being resolved as quickly as possible and your assistance in this matter i... / dress ordered

Lailah on Jan 31, 2019

I purchased a dress from on January 21, 2019 and $33.62 and money was deducted through PayPal through my Chase checking account. I received an email with the PayPal information but I never received and order number. In addition, I have checked the site on my account and no...

Rotita / their shady business practices

[email protected] on Jan 28, 2019

I placed an order in December for jewelry and have not heard anything nor can get any concrete information. finally spoke with a person @ Rotita and he stated the order did not go through, but I explained to him my payment information was submitted and it did go through. either send me the...

Rotita / returning my order w1812310220336203

Jacqueline Richards on Jan 17, 2019

please send me by email the address to send returns back to you, tracking number jjd0002219701621373 im wanting to send the order back to you im wanting to send the back to you email the address to me so that I can send the order back to you then you can refund me the money back to me... / I order a dress that did not come with my last order received on 12/20/18

sky harris on Dec 29, 2018

I ordered and paid for 3 dresses on my last ordered that was received on 12/20/18. I had ordered the dress previously but was too small. I re-ordered the dress and paid for it with my last order. I have sent the small dress back along with another dress that was too small. The dress I am... / didn't get my whole order.

A Denise Hierl on Dec 28, 2018

I sent in for two different orders on December 2. Available customer number on invoice W1812030348493615, This is the number for the transaction 784668758904 and another transaction ID 6HF87360AA806945V. please take this and find my order. I only received four items which included a lite... / not receiving order

Shannon Dawn on Dec 24, 2018

I placed an order an paid for expedited shipping to receive my items before Christmas. Not only have I not received the order but I am struggling to get answers and get compensated for what I have ordered as well as the extra money I spent for expedited shipping. This is just one of 3... / items returned, but no refund has been issued to me. it is very difficult to correspond with anyone at this company. help!

Teresa Miller on Dec 21, 2018

I ordered 2 sweaters in October 2018; received order in November and they did not fit. I followed instructions and requested a "ticket". Finally was able to get that; returned items Dec. 3 and sent Rotita the tracking number. I was told I would receive half of my refund once they received... / quality of the product, customer services, and refund request.

Carolynn Crump on Dec 21, 2018

I ordered a dress from The order arrived late. It was poorly sewn, the materials was cheap, and looked very ugly. I never put it on...and quickly shipped it back. I went back in forth with the unknown -online Rotita customer service representative requesting for a full refund... / two blouses and one sweater = 3 items ordered from rotita

Sallie-Abby on Dec 14, 2018

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is the worst online ordering experience I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED HAD TO DEAL WITH!!! Today, in the USA, it is Friday, 12/14/2018. I ordered these three (3) items from the USA on November 21st, 2018 AND PAID FOR THEM! I have STILL NOT received these items, NOR any... / return problem

Marilyn Casebeer on Nov 30, 2018

I talked with someone on the chat line regarding my return. (The top I bought was too small.) The order number is: WW1811130151433611. The tracking number was: 4231411802467728. I was told to check my email for an email from you containing the return tracking number and photo of the postal... / order cancelled — charge on card statement

Rotitia on Nov 8, 2018

I do not have order # or tracking--- Told I needed to send picture of credit card or they would cancel order--- I responded with--- I WANT all orders cancelled- and I do not deal with company that did not give phone # and you could only ask for tickect certain times of day(which is very... / service

hannahrrr on Oct 29, 2018

Mad how long it takes for something to be delivered?? Most companies take 3 -5 working days if you do not pay for next day delivery. I ordered this on the 11/10/18 and received and email saying expect your parcel between 31/10/18 - 08/11/18?? How is that acceptable? I need this dress for...

Rotita / product not received - money not returned

Tracey Hope on Aug 27, 2018

Hi I was chasing up delivery, when Rotita advised me that they had cancelled my order. Instead of refunding my money into my bank account they advised they have given me a store credit, which I cannot find on my account. Other than email there is no way of contacting them. Why did it take... / scam!!!

Bean215 on Aug 3, 2018

They know the items are trash so when you request a refund they start negotiating with you. I never seen anything like it. First they offer you 20% back to keep the items. if you deny, they will offer you 50%. if you deny that and say you want a full refund and will be returning... they... / bathing suit order ww1806142243371947

beverly grenier on Jul 28, 2018

ordered bathing suit on June 14 2018 lastest to be received July 11. today is July 28 and have not received yet checked tracking number LY310595554cn states in transit. I have a case at ther USPS Hq 138728993 THEY HAVE TOLD ME THE SAME THING IN TRANSIT . THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED BEFORE MY VACATION Vacation is now over. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

Rotita / dresses I ordered and am only getting a partial refund after 30 days of fighting with them.

Teliap on Jul 18, 2018

I ordered 2 dresses for a wedding in May. I paid for extra shipping to get them to me ASAP. I received them 9 days after I ordered them which would be AFTER the wedding I needed them for. I sent them back with the receipt asking for a full refund. After many emails and much negotiation... / refund request

Carol Wells on Jul 2, 2018

I am complaining of the lack of response from Rotita in sending my refund check for order returned by USPS around June 11th on order # W 1805211922066368. Basis for return was not package was not delivered timely for an event. Package was never opened and was taken to USPS per Rotita'... / product never received

Cindy Castaneda on Jun 15, 2018

My name is Cindy Castaneda. I placed an order almost 4 month ago now (order # W1802110623114511 & DHL track # CNMMI1180323358844903 and I have never received this product. I have made several attempts for the last 2 months to contact you regarding this matter and None of the sources on... / my order

karina morales on Jun 11, 2018

Hi, My name is Zenia Morales i made a 2 separate orders and in total my 2 orders were over $400.. as you can see in the attached picture I ordered a lot of items and only received the 2 dresses that say "Delivered" on the attached picture.. however, as you can see on the picture there a...