Ross Dress for Lessfilthy store, rude employees!

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Ross Dress For Less is the filthiest stores I have ever been in. I have tried 3 of these stores to only find that it seems things are very out of control. Their employees haven't got a clue as to the price of just about anything. And the employee's attitudes leave a frown on your face as you leave and if I could have made my way back into these filthy stores, I would have returned everything I've ever bought there. Something needs to be done. Rudeness is unprofessional and to say the least, these stores are making money off of people and can't even give a thanks in return. Fire all the employees, clean up the stores and then maybe the next people they hire just might give a damn. Ross should be paying us for putting up with their crap instead of making money off the little people.


  • Sd
    sdgee Apr 09, 2012

    Let me just point out one thing, you want Ross to have numerous cashiers open, and for the store to maintain perfect order, its unrealistic of any store. And you try working there dealing with all the complaints, all of the attitudes of customers, them always wanting a discount, letting their children run wild, and crying, chances are after 15 minutes on a Saturday, you'd be rude too. Customers berate and belittle employees daily. Yelling at us for things we have zero control of. I've had clothes thrown at me for asking them to hang the items on a stand for me to count. I've had customers yell at me for their own mistakes, demanding things, and calling it the law. Threatening to file complaints if we don't give in to their demands. I could care less if you ever shop at Ross again. All of you very rude customers can stay away. That's when attitudes will change.

    At my store our manager and assistant manager are very accommodating. Our loss prevention do what they can, even if that's going out around the parking lot to grab a cart to help a customer with merchandise. I end every transaction with a thank you, have a great day or a thank you, I'm sorry about the wait.

    Furthermore, your attitude decides the employees. Have some manners! Don't come up to the counter on the phone, and don't linger around the store when we're closing... goes a long way.

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  • Ro
    Ross Emp Dec 02, 2011

    I work at Ross and I hate it! Employees rude? How about the million of customers that feel they can use us like their personal therapist and vent their personal frustrations out on us on an hourly basis. You have no idea! On top of that the computer system there is jacked up! We are timed how fast we go including you the customer writing checks and counting 45 pennies out- counts against us! Besides that equipment at my store doesn't work and you cannot print out gift receipts after the transaction. You have to press F5 for each item as you ring, God for bid you forget or press F6 which deletes the ENTIRE transaction! All this for minimum wage! Great place to work, you tell me... The price of anything? How about people purposely come in an rip them off hoping to get a lover price on them (stealing) or a parent doesn't control their kids that like to rip tags off or chew them? Do you have a clue? You work there! How dare you! Just by your rude comments I can tell you need therapy! AND you won't return anything, talk is cheap! People come to Ross to get designer good quality items for nothing. What do you expect? I am nice to everyone that comes into my store. I say hi to all my customers and they ignore me as if I am not even there or a bother to them- how would you feel? I get very discouraged after awhile. Whoever wrote this needs to work Ross for a month and you will take all this back! Fire the employees? Please take my minimum wage job! Please do! See how long you last! Please go to the higher end like Macy's if you want someone to spoon feed you! They get paid more and they charge 10X's more for their clothes! How can you say Ross is making out when their prices are cheaper than anywhere and CUSTOMERS are stealing every chance they can get!

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  • Pa
    Paulina B Jul 10, 2011

    I disagree with rude employees. I work at the Ross in Orlando on Sandlake. It is mandatory that we greet and treat each customer with respect. On my first day training, after a few customers I forgot to ask one of the customers about their shopping experience and I was reminded that it is essential.
    At our store, wherever we walk we pick up. On each of my interviews EVERY person I walked behind including managers, picked up an item off of the floor in each area we stepped into.
    Customers DO come out and throw tangled items into your hands which you must decode and match up to a specific color and size plastic ticket and hang it in such a way before it goes back out onto the floor all while helping someone who is in line next waiting on a fitting room. One rude customer can mess up an entire line, because you spend time fixing what ever mess they just made. I love the team that I'm with we are all very friendly at Ross, I'm sorry for those who deal with rude employees at whatever Ross they've encountered but that is definitely not true for all of the stores.

    --Paulina B at Ross in Orlando W Sandlake

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  • Rg
    rgarrett2006 Nov 19, 2010

    I work for Ross and I must say I agree with everything this customer has just said. It is a horrible place to work let alone shop! My first day there I could not believe the way the employees treated the customers. Just trying to get their money and shovel them out of the store. And they never smiled and were constantly rude! I personally got 5 minutes of training and then was thrown on a register and left by myself to cope. To say the least the way they run their business is horrendous! I started looking for new employment my 2nd day there. I've worked in many customer service fields not once have I seen such disrespect and blatant disregard for how the customers viewed the employees and overall store then when I worked at Ross.

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  • In
    inc_mplete Jun 02, 2010

    Are you kidding me? It's either you get your god damn item or not. Go to freaking Kmart.

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  • Em
    EMU23 Dec 28, 2009

    Ross employees are constantly cleaning up the store and I have watched many customers take items off the hanger and throw clothes either on the floor or over the rack. It seems to me that the customers are to blame. They are unjustly assuming that workers have nothing else to do but clean up after you. If customers come in the store they should expect to pick up after themselves or be thrown out in the worst case . If you went into a high end store would you go and do what you do in Ross? I assume you wouldn't.

    The price you pay overall for a discount brings in a lot of customers therefore more people that trash our stores. The higher the price less customers, lower and more customers. So to blame the employees who can't control or ask a customer to pick up after themselves is just a fallacy that comes from you angry in this situation. I do not blame you for being upset but I do think it's not right to be angry at the store. Maybe instead of expecting someone else to clean up your mess clean it up yourself and ask others to do so. So you seen it is like living with a rebellious teen who doesn't do what mother ask especially cleaning their room.

    I think that maybe one day customers will pick up after themselves but until that day expect the store to be in such a messing teens room stage.

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  • Al
    Alvarez13 Jul 17, 2009

    Two of my family members work at the Lincoln and Venice Ross in CA. and I very much disagree. The store is know to be THE best in costumer service, they really are, they even received T-shirts for. It's unfortunate that you have had the terrible luck of having to visit the bad ones but You should not judge all of them by that. I'm hoping to get a job there my self.
    As it was mentioned the employees work very hard to try to please you, and I hate to sound like I'm bragging but it's the honest truth, my mother and sister are their best workers. The store constantly looks super neat, and the DO stay until the late hours to have it clean by the next morning, I would know I pick up my mother and they aren't let out until the store is spit spot clean. They get out even LATER in the Christmas season.
    I highly suggest trying out other places, as the prices are worth it, and as Malia mentioned, try to be a decent costumer your self by doing the things Malia Mentioned .

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  • Fr
    FRM May 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Bless you Malia. And to add to your list:

    When you take something off a a hanger put it back on, don't bring out a pile of clothes tangled in their own hangers and toss them into the arms of the fitting room clerk.

    If you pull a piece of clothing off the rack then put it back on the rack. It's not hard, the racks right in front of you. Why do you insist on tossing the whole garment over the top of the rack so it covers the other clothes, gets tangled and ends up on the floor.

    You want to try on shoes, no problem, but is it too much to ask that you set them back on the shelf, right there in front of you, instead of leaving them on the floor?

    The fitting room is not a baby changing room. That's what the bathrooms are for. And if for some reason you must change your baby there in the fitting room, then at least have the decency to take the soiled diaper out with you. (I've found used menstrual pads left in the fitting rooms as well, considering blood and bodily fluids are involved that's not just disgusting it's potentially dangerous!)

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  • Az
    az Apr 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you there malia, I used to work for ross. And when we closed the store, we would cleaned up the entired store and it is very tiresome.

    Both are to blame employees and customers too.

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  • Ma
    MaLia Feb 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hi! I am an employee at Ross,

    I agree with the fact the store may look gruesome at times (and in some cases all the time), but employees are not all to blame for this problem. Ross Employees have to work gruelling hours, sometimes overnight, just so that the store can look very nice for customers. Try going right when the store opens, to see what I mean. I'm sick and tired of hearing/reading complaints from customers as though Employees are all to blame for the mess aroung the store! Some customers would just come into the stores and trash it like its their own place. Come on people have some respect for everyone else!!

    We are not lazy in cleaning up the store, it's just tiring to constantly clean-up and have customers continually ruin what you just finished organizing. Have you ever experienced that? It's like cleaning after your kids, leaving for a few seconds, and then seeing everything you cleaned up on the floor again. Thats how its like day to day. Its like cleaning after little kids!! I personally adore kids, but adults that act like them are not exactly cute. At least kids can be taught to obey and be disciplined to listen, but adults would just complain, whine, and sue.

    In regards to the complaints about "rude" employees. You cannot actually be a happy camper when you constantly see mess everywhere even after you clean up the areas. WE Employees are NOT robots!!! We're human beings!!! Yes I know it is store policy to greet customers and approach them with a smile, but can you blame us for being tired?? At times we are just so tired on the job that it is hard to smile the whole time, but we will help you to the best of our abilities. I do not speak for the Employees who are just downright cruel and have no people skills, No! I'm speaking for those who are nice and kind; those who just can't help but frown sometimes because of fatigue and overwork.

    This is NOT to serve as a complaint. It is to open the minds of many who shop at Ross and give them a sense of what we Employees have to go through with everyday. This is a plea to RESPECT the HARDWORKING ROSS EMPLOYEES and the job that they work in.

    - putting back the stuff that you dont want to buy instead of leaving them anywhere around the store
    - keeping an eye on your kids and not letting them run around the store
    - leaving sealed packages closed, the way they should be
    - urinating in the restrooms instead of in the fitting room, on the floor, in jars, and/or containers
    - etc.

    In return we will continue to better serve you as our valued customers, with a continual smile on our face and saying "Thank you for shopping at Ross!" before you leave.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Dec 11, 2007
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    If there is not a "Ross" tag (has the big blue Ross logo on the front" we do not know what the price is. We can not "find out" what the price is just by looking at the orginial "department store tag" We must compare it to something that has the same brand. Sorry about the inconvenience but im sure you can go to the local JCpenney and pay the full price instead of just going to get another shirt with a Ross tag.

    5 minutes vs. 20 dollars more.

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  • Pe
    Peggy Pinto Oct 22, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Mr. Smith,

    I would like to suggest that before you write another complaint you go back to school and learn how to write. Your lack of subject-verb agreement, split infinitives, run-on sentences, poor punctuation, just to name a few are simply ghastly! Perhaps you wouldn't be such a "little person" if you could speak correctly. It is frightening to me to think even for a moment that someone like you has a driver's license and is allowed to vote. Please educate yourself as soon as possible.

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