Ross Dress for Lessa rude manager

A Sep 15, 2018

I was at the cashier area checking out my purchases and one of my items did not have a price. My cashier asked the manager Melanie who was across from her also on a cash register ringing up customers what would the price be for the item. The item that I was purchasing was some rope and it did not have a price tag on it. She told the cashier to look up the item and to see if she can find it and if not, find a item and pick something that was $10 in that range. The cashier charged us $ 9.99 for the rope. I asked the manager was $ 9.99 the price for the item? Can someone please go and check for the correct price? The manager Melanie loud and rudely stated it's not going $2.99 if that's what your thinking. The store was packed with customers waiting in line. Everyone in line was looking at us. It was very very embarrassing and I can't believe that was a manager talked to us and treat us that way. Because she was so rude and ugly to us we did not purchase the Rope . This happened at the Hiram Georgia store on September 15th at 1:30 p.m. store number 0 5 5 6, cashier # 605-5705 that rung us up. I shop at Ross often and I've never had an employee, especially a manager to treat me so rudely and so tasteless. I call back to ask what was the name of that manager.
A salesperson answer the phone and told me her name is Melanie but told me she did not know her last name and would not give me it and hung up in my face.

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