[Resolved] Rooms to Goterrible customer service, broken items and lies


Dear Jeffrey Seaman:
I am writing to tell you about the horrible experience we had with your company. My goal is to not simply complain in the hopes that something may come out of it for us, because quite frankly, you company has lost our trust. It is my hope that by writing this letter, you will make the necessary changes within your company to prevent someone else from having the same experience we did.
We initially had a good experience with Rooms To Go when we bought a kitchen table, chairs, end tables and a coffee table from your location at 2846 Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro Tennessee. My wife and I recently moved in from out of state and bought our first new home. We were pleased with the service we received so we decided to take our business to your company again when we decided to buy a curio cabinet.
We purchased the cabinet on July 28th, 2017 with an expected delivery date of August 9th, 2017. When our new cabinet arrived it looked terrible. The wood was dirty, the glass was filthy and had dried water droplets inside. The base of the cabinet had a piece missing exposing raw wood, two of the legs looked as though they had been sanded down, the area above the doors had several dents and the doors did not line up when shut. We pointed these issues out to the delivery driver who told us to call the 800 number and request a technician because there was nothing he could do about it. We called the 800 number as instructed and were told that it could not be fixed because of the exposed wood and that a replacement would have to be sent out. We arranged to have the replacement cabinet delivered on August 18th, 2017 between 10am -2pm.

I received a text message from Rooms To Go on August 16th, 2017 stating that our cabinet would be delivered between the hours of 4pm – 8pm. We then had to rearrange our plans in order to accommodate the new time all the while trying to be understanding and as patient as possible. On August 18th, 2017, the day our cabinet was supposed to be delivered, I received a phone call from your dispatch center around 5pm who told me that the delivery driver had hit some traffic and that they had to adjust our delivery time to between 6pm – 10pm. We then had to cancel the plans that we had delayed earlier in the day. As 8:30 pm rolled around, I grew concerned that our delivery may not arrive. I called the store and spoke to the sales associate, Matthew Irons, who sold us the cabinet and he told me that he did not have access to the delivery system. Matthew also told me that he had spoken to the manager, John Evans and asked that I call back the following day after 9am if there were any problems with the delivery. So, we waited another hour and a half, after waiting all day and canceling our plans and NO ONE SHOWED.
The next morning, I called the Rooms To Go location where we purchased the cabinet to speak to Mr. Evans and was told that he did not come into work until 12pm. Shortly after 12pm on August 19th, 2017, I drove to the Rooms To Go location where we bought the cabinet and asked for Mr. Evans. After waiting several minutes, we spoke briefly and he told me that Matthew had brought him up to speed and about the difficulties we had up to that point. Mr. Evans asked me to wait while he got to the bottom of what had happened. I sat in the showroom for an hour and a half (I actually timed it) before Mr. Evans returned and apologized for the wait. He explained to me that he had been in contact with the head of the delivery department and that our replacement cabinet would arrive on August 22nd, 2017 between 10 am – 2pm. Mr. Evans also said that he wanted to hear from me when the cabinet was delivered an offered to refund our delivery charge (he was the first to do this). Mr. Evans also said that I had his word that our replacement cabinet would be delivered this time.
On August 22nd, 2017, we again waited for the replacement cabinet to be delivered and once again our time was wasted. No phone call, no text message, no delivery. I then called the Rooms To Go location and asked to speak to Mr. Evans but was told that he was not working that day, which was to say the least surprising as he wanted me to call him when our replacement cabinet was delivered. This in fact, was the second time I was told to call Mr. Evans during a particular time just to find out that he was not at work.

After speaking to an employee at the store about the difficulties we were having, I was transferred to another manager John Ware. I expressed my extreme dissatisfaction with the broken cabinet we had received as well as terrible customer service experience we had received. I also explained to Mr. Ware that Mr. Evans had assured me that our replacement cabinet would be delivered. Mr. Ware apologized for the terrible experience we had had and recognized that Rooms To Go had violated the trust. Mr. Ware offered to credit our credit card for a portion of what we had spent on the previous furniture items that we had bought. I explained to Mr. Ware that while I appreciated that, we were not looking for a discount, what we wanted was the cabinet that we paid for in good condition. Mr. Ware told me that he would contact the delivery department and get to the bottom of the issue and that he would call me back. A short time later, Mr. Ware did call and said that he thought the cabinet might be delivered on August 28th, 2017 but did not have a timeframe. Mr. Ware said he would call me the following day after 12pm to confirm.
On August 23rd, 2017 after waiting for four hours to hear from Mr. Ware, I called the Rooms To Go location and asked to speak to him. I was told that Mr. Ware was not working that day but that I could speak to Mr. Evans. Once again, I was told to call and ask for someone who wasn’t working that day.
Mr. Evans explained to me that when I visited the store on August 19th, 2017, he had an email exchange with someone in delivery and that he thought that his email had been sent to other staff members but apparently it had not. Mr. Evans told me that he had “dropped the ball” and that he was very sorry. I asked Mr. Evans about the delivery date for our replacement cabinet and he told me that it should be delivered on August 28th, 2017 but that he did not have a timeframe. Once again it looked like we would spend the day waiting for Rooms To Go to fulfill their promise.
On August 25th, 2017, I received a text message from Rooms To Go confirming our delivery for August 28th, 2017 but no timeframe was provided. On August 27th, 2017, I called the automated delivery line and found out that our delivery was scheduled between the hours of 10am – 2pm.
On August 28th, 2017 at 1:45pm, the delivery truck arrived and two men promptly removed the broken, filthy cabinet that had been sitting in our home unusable for the last 20 days. As they unboxed our replacement cabinet, they noticed that the wood on the bottom was split. Obviously, we refused the new broken cabinet as an exchange for our existing broken cabinet and told the driver to take both back. The driver REFUSED stating that he had orders to pick only one cabinet. While the driver and I debated back and forth, the other delivery employee used a pen to color the exposed chunk of wood. He then told me that the cabinet looked fine and that we should just keep that one. No attempt was made to address the dents in the wood, the sanded down legs or the doors. I then explained to both of the delivery employees that we would not accept another piece of broken furniture and the driver responded by saying that his truck was full and that he would not have room to take both cabinets with him. I told the driver that I had been told by both Mr. Evans as well as Mr. Ware that if the replacement cabinet was not to our liking, to refuse the delivery. He responded by saying, “I don’t know what to tell you, but we’re not taking both with us”. I told him, “Fine but if you leave it here, I’m going to load it in my truck, drive this thing to the store and tell them to unload it and give me my money back”. After some apparent pondering, the driver said that they would load both cabinets and return them (I guess he had room after all).
After this terrible experience, I called the Rooms To Go location and again spoke to Mr. Ware who apologized for our experience and added that he would make sure that our credit card was credited for the return. I explained to Mr. Ware that my wife and I are both active on various forms of social media and that we would be warning everyone we could about the way that your company does business.
In conclusion, we moved from out of state and found a company we thought we could trust and we were wrong. We trusted that you would deliver furniture that was “showroom quality” per the purchase agreement and you failed. We fought through the quagmire of a so called customer service system where no one is accountable and you let us down. We were told to call during certain times just to find that the person we were supposed to talk to was not there or that a delivery truck was full when it wasn’t but found that you lied. As I wrote in the beginning of this letter, I don’t want anything from you, you have lost our business for life. It is my hope that you address these issues so other customers don’t have to endure the terrible products, lack of customer service and lies that we did.

  • Rooms To Go's response · Nov 02, 2017

    We would love to get more information. Please email us the details of your order to [email protected] We hope to hear from you soon!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ve
    Verla Sep 23, 2017

    On September 1, 2017 I purchased a living room reclining sofa, stationary love seat, glider recliner chair and 2 mattress box spring sets. I had bought a new home and signed the papers on September 15th. My delivery was scheduled for September 16. As promised I received my products BUT they delivered a sofa that was as far from what I ordered as you can get. The driver had me sign a paper that the wrong piece had been delivered and told me the exchange would take place on the 23rd. By the 21st I was getting worried that I had not heard a word from anyone regarding the I placed a call to customer service. I was promptly told that I should have called to let them know the situation because they had no record that I had received the wrong piece. The driver had said the paperwork would take care of it and I did not need to do anything. Also I never received a copy of the delivery ticket. I had also told him that the exchange would need to be before the 26th as I needed to go back to my previous address for three weeks for doctor appointments, etc. and no one would be available to accept delivery.
    Well the first lady I talked with in customer service was nice and gave me an exchange date of September 28th but could not give me a time frame. I told her I need the exchange to take place after 3:00 in the afternoon and no one would be available to accept the delivery before that time. By this time I was totally frustrated and asked to speak with her supervisor "PAT". I tell you this woman was the worse customer service person I have ever encountered in my 70 years of age. I HAVE NEVER TALKED TO A MORE RUDE PERSON IN MY LIFE. She would not work with me on the time factor at all and changed the exchange to October 4th. She said the first lady was wrong on giving me the 28th or 29th as exchange dates. I totally lost my control with her attitude, and I apologize for that, but she would not even give me a morning or afternoon time frame. My daughter said she could take off half a day work to be here but it would need to be in the afternoon after 3:00. I will be 4 hours away and cannot drop everything (doctor appointments I have had for 6 or more months, etc.) for an exchange that may or may not take place as promised. What am I to do? All I am asking for is a delivery after 3:00PM !!!
    I also promised "PAT" that I have all intentions of notifying The Better Business Bureau of the series of events leading up to and including my conversation with her.
    Your customer service department badly needs a refresher course on how to deal with people and how to make a comprise that is workable between your company and the customer. I was taught that the customer is always right so I guess that is no longer true.
    A Very Disappointed Customer,
    Beverly Glenn

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  • TellUsRTG Nov 02, 2017

    @Verla Beverly; I am disappointed that you haven’t received the service you deserve! We’d love to help out in any way that we can, just shoot us an email with the details and order info to [email protected]

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  • Do
    DollarStretcher Dec 08, 2017

    Rooms to Go customer service replying two months later isn't good customer service.

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  • TellUsRTG Dec 21, 2017

    @DollarStretcher While we certainly understand your hesitation in regards to the reviews that you have seen online, we can assure you that our offices are aware of these concerns and are trying to address them appropriately. However, with that being said, the number of complaints seen online should be taken into comparison with the thousands of deliveries that are completed in showroom condition on a daily basis as well. While the number of complaints may be a small representation, it is still too many. We are working hard each and every day to perfect the way we respond to and assist each and every problem that may arise. Should you have any further questions or concerns, you may reach us at [email protected]

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