Roman's Pizzatasteless pizza

A Oct 10, 2019

I just bought your special one toppings pizza. My mum went to get a menu and came.out with a laminated menu of 1 topping g special. Tgats the menu they gave her. Looks like they pushing for the special to sell.

I never had my shoes on so I couldn't go in. My mum said thats the only menu they had and gave her.

Your tomato base is sour. Do you realise that as Indians we eat tasty food... we dont eat bland food.

Its second time I am disappointed with Roman lenasia south. I think its Roman's fault. Your menu sucks big time. Not sure how yourl stay open...

We usually buy Pizza Hut. Their pizza's are delicious...has flavour.

My complaint with Roman is they did not give my mum full menu wer we could order from.

Scrap your 1 topping pizza. Waste of money.

Nothing you do or say would make me buy Roman's again. Not even if I was starving!

We bought the pepperoni slices and peri peri chicken...peri peri sauce is like nandos sauces. Spoils the pizza. I dont know wat more to say.

I am not going to drive back to Roman's now and complain. I dont have energy after a tiring day.

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