Roman's Pizzapizza with fly

J Sep 27, 2019

Good day Mandy

I am a absolute lover of Romans Pizza and a big client!

I am living in Kuruman and bought 2 large pizzas yesterday 26.09.2019 for Supper.

After eating last night there were some pizza left for lunch at work today! I heated up my pizza and started to eat when I came across some wings sticking out from under the cheese!!!

I begged for it not toe be what I think it was!
Surprise surprise!!! IT WAS A FLY!!!
do you have any idea what diseases flies carry around????

I work at a hygiene and pest control company and I am highly aware of what diseases it carries!!!

I am so discussed and will never in my life buy from Romans again!!! How cam one miss a black fly lying on top of a pizza base before putting on the cheese! It definitely could not look like mushrooms as there were no mushrooms on this pizza

I definitely want to go to social media with this to inform all loyal customers of this!!!

I am awaiting your URGENT response on what we are going to do about this matter!!!

Please find photo attached!

Roman's Pizza

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