Rochester Furnitureterrible service from the strubensvalley branch


My husband and I applied for the Contempo bedroom suite. After lots of promises, I was advised that the set will be delivered end of September 2017. We moved into our new home, but the suite was never delivered. I got bronchitus and had to sleep on a matras for a month. My dr. advised that I'm not getting better because of sleeping in these conditions.

After numerous calls, complaints and tears, the bedroom suite was delivered a month later than promised. However, they did not deliver the side-planks that connect the headboard with the footboard. The footboard is standing loose against my bedroom wall and it can hurt someone if it falls over. The manager, Monique, advised that I must not worry, it is not a crises. I am FED UP of the appalling service that I received. I phoned yesterday and was promised that they will contact me today. Once again, they didn't bother to contact me. No respect for customer service.

terrible service from the strubensvalley branch

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