RMCB - Retrieval Masters Creditors BureauDeceptive business practices!


Re: Today (05/21/2007) we received a letter from a collection agency that responds to the name of "RMCB" (retrieval masters creditors bureau, Inc) on this letter, whoever is in charge of the reviewing of any bill and the veracity of their contents, is not doing a good job at all.

1. According to RMCB, my wife order a membership for 24 months, with a value of $24.00
dollars per months for a total of 2 years.

2. According with RMCB, we have an account # [protected], and the date when we placed
that order, was May 18, 2006.

3. Finally, RMBC states that, they have been trying to reach us several times, without any

Now, all those three points above are absolutely NO TRUE!!

The real facts are:

1. Around May or June of 2006, we received an OFFER from the Cooking Club. in the mail. We saw a card, and more adds about this company, and other offers, and we just ignore it and finally I dump it in the trash can, because we simply were not interested in any offer by mail. If want to have a magazine, I go to store and buy it. That simple.

Comment about point 1:

If your company has the bad habit of send information, adds, promotional materials or whatever you are use to send, and after that you want to be paid for it, I do not think this is the right way to do business, and anyone can agree with me.

2. We do not have any account number with your company. Whatsoever, if by any chance we are registered, or have have any account number with CCA, it is because you gave us one. We did not sign, or send any money or request any type of information were we show interest in any of your products. We did no received anything from you or your company. I will tell you one more time, the only thing we received was a promotional piece, and several other adds showing offers products or similar situations. We did no reply by any means to your company or show that we want to have any or some or your products.

Comment for number 2:

Now, if you (Betsy Wray or CCA Head of the Department in Charge) are really sure about what you told RMCB Collection Company, that we (The Loayzas) have an account with your company (CCA) and that we placed an order of 24 months membership. We want to see my signature or a copy of my check or something like a contract or any type of deal or commitment with my signature on it.

If you can not show any of these, it is because all your statements are just false accusations against me and you are destroying my credit, with this collection agency, that by the way, next time check and choose a better one, because this one has a bad reputation, and a horrible fame and history with the BBB.

3. I am not going to be waisting my time with more explanations.

I am expecting letters from both "companies" showing that what you ask is absolutely wrong, a mistake to collect money for free.

If you do not want to fix what you started, then we need to go to the next level. Small Claims will accept any type of cases, and I hope you have enough evidence to "SHOW".

If you need to contact me this is my e-mail.


  • Da
    Dan Landrum Jun 23, 2007

    Very much my experience. RMCB sent me a $29.85 bill for, which I've never used. I called the 800-365-3638 Customer Service number on the RMCB site. Only got an automated way to say this bill is bogus.

    VERY fishy!

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  • Gr
    Gravely Sep 19, 2007

    I got one from RMCB for $ 285.00 said I owe North American Fishing Club For A life membership bill from 2005 ,I did sub. to them but cancelled in 2005,2006,2007 I've never had a life membership to anything!

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  • Kb
    k. bantz Sep 22, 2007

    I'm convinced this Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau is a scam to squeeze money from unsuspecting consumers by threatening to ruin their credit.

    I believe they got my name and address when I did a survey online where I was presented with many choices to buy books, magazines, etc. in order to get a prize. I chose nothing and exited, yet I am being threatened by this company to pay for something I never ordered or received. I've also been billed for several well-known magazines I never ordered. I'd advise everyone to steer clear of online surveys if the url is not the company's direct website.

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  • Di
    Diane P. Lasslett Dec 11, 2007

    This is fishy what I have read obove, I think this Company RMCB Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureu has targeted and is steeling from innocent people and anyone getting the same type of collections letters like my Mother who I am writing this complaint for is aslo a victim to this scam, she has been recieving the collection letters that are ruining her credit and good name, the highlight to that is my mother does'nt even go on line or use a computer, where and how did this happen??? I think this company should be stopped, fined and put out of buisness, if not jail this is dishonest practice and what I have read about them they don't have a good reputation AT ALL!!,If anyone knows how we can clear this up please e-mail me.

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  • Wi
    Wilson Reid Mar 02, 2008

    I got a bill from you saying that i owe North American Hunting Club some money. I have been trying to get out of that club for 5or6 years. I knew it was a mistake when i joined. I have sent every thing that they have sent back to them. I do not feel like that I owe them any thing. I have already sold all of my hunting equipment. I am 75years old not getting around to good any more. You say my account no is 40456828.

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  • Re
    Renee Oct 07, 2008

    I received a letter from RMCB stating that i owed for a magazine which by the way i have never heard of and i owe 99.90. There is no contact number on the letter. Nothing but a PO Box number to send a check. This is a scam!

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  • Ho
    horningn Feb 21, 2009

    I am in the US Navy and I am currently Forward Deployed overseas. I have been since March of 2006 (important date in this complaint. Just yesterday I recieved a letter from RMCB stating that I owe $177.74 to Verizon Wireless that was charged to me on july 20th, 2006. I use to have Verizon before I came overseas, but when I found out that I was being Forward Deployed I signed my contract to my younger brother around mid March 2006, after which all charges to the account were under his name. I find this all very suspicious and will be contacting my Chain of Command and possibly JAG to get to the bottom of this.

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  • Ww
    www May 29, 2009

    Addition to Horningn,
    I also got a letter from RMCB stating that I own verizon wireless that I don't have contract with. It was the 2nd credit collector that making article on my wireless bill. I called my wireless carrier twice to confirm there is no outstanding balance. So how do they get this infomration? telephone no, home address? I hope anyone tell us how to nail this evil act down. If you know any place where we can report RMBC's false action, please tell everyone to act together.

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  • Ka
    Ka-Tay Jun 12, 2009

    Their deception begins with their name: Retrievel- Masters Credit Bureau. They are NOT a credit bureau of which there are three, and this is NOT Experian, TRW or TransUnion. I received a bill from both their client, and RMCB and was surprised no one had referred their threatening letters to the BBB and FTC, etc. due the incinuation that I am a "deadbeat" who intentionally defrauded their client. In fact, I wrote their client several times attempting to cancel the relationship. I am only treating them with the same "respect" I received from their client. I will be forwarding their letters to the appropriate authorities to protect MY good name.

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  • Jo
    JohnDVX Sep 16, 2009

    I received a similar letter yesterday (September 15, 2009).These scam artist are still out there stealing money! Why aren't they in jail ???

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  • Co
    complrmcb Mar 22, 2010

    Also currently getting scammed by them. I will be finding out who owns the company. He better be careful.

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  • Or
    Oreo1125 Jul 08, 2011

    I got a letter from RMCB for Cooking Club of America. I admit I did join and got laid off for two years so it was a bill that I was not able to pay at the time. When I got the letter from RMCB about my bill I (who does work for a collection agency) called the to set up payments. I thought the situation was over. NO I WAS WRONG.

    I recieved a letter that from saying; "How many times do you have to be contacted before you pay the $$$ you oew Cooking Club of America? You placed an order. Our client fulfilled that order and now has the right to be paid for the life membership you ordered. It is simply unbelievable to think that a person like you would not resolve overdue bills. In fact, we do not believe it. Please send your payment, and we will forget about this extremely upleasant matter. This situation is seriou. Your credit rating with our client is in danger. Do not wait any longer."

    When I called RMCB and asked why they told me they set me up on payments which would come out of my checking account every two weeks they told me that they would have to pull the call. When I asked if the collector who did not do his job would be paying the rest of my bill they said no it was my fault I did not notice the payments did not come out of my checking account. I have three problems with the whole situation. One I did not think I had to watch my account to make sure the payment came out. Two I had medical issues that were more important than if they were taking the payments out. And the third is that if one of my collectors made this type of mistake they would be the ones paying for it and if they did not pay for it then they would be fired. The company I work for and I would not allow this type of thing to happen. I have to check every payment that my team gets and if I notice 2 payments on an account and not the full balance I question them why. I guess the company I work for has higher standards than RMCB.

    I called Cooking Club of America and told them about the whole thing. They cleared my bill. I also informed them that if they stick with that company they will lose potential clients and ones that paid their bill and were thinking of coming back. The person I talked to at CCA told me he will let his supervisor know about RMCB's nasty letters.

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  • Jo
    joplin_tornado_victim Feb 06, 2012

    I received a letter of collection just the other day for $24 for RMCB for some fishing club. I have attempted to call them for 3o minutes this morning and it hangs up on me every time. I never subscribed to this and my proof is that the letter states a sign up date of June 16, 2011. The only thing that I was living in a hotel not my home during that time frame due to and EF5 tornado that ripped through my city. So, how can I sign up for something that I never received? I as a debt collector will not have any problem taking care of this issue. I know the rules and believe, e if they mess up I will have them by the you know what.

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  • Ja
    james of berkeley Apr 04, 2012

    This is BS!!! i have ezpass in all my vehicles, i expalained to all that i filled out form that my transponder didnt pick up signal, they said they never recieved it. so they sent me to this collection agency that can not budge.think about it they can have a guy in mail room just throwing letter in trash.first their equipment doesnet work, they neither do thier employees, & i got to pay 50 fine? how is that fair? its wrong & you can not treat your customers that way.

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  • An
    Anu BC May 27, 2012

    This company RMCB is not a real collection agency, they are fraudulent and the authorities need to shut them down. Somehow they get lists of different agencys where people have had to pay a bill before and then they try to collect as if our first payment wasn't received. I paid a traffic citation from budget rental in Jan 2012 with a money order which was processed already, and I got a letter from this company in May saying they were collecting for a rental car citation on 5/14 and this is how I knew it was a scam cause I didn't rent a car since January.

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  • Ch
    Christina00 May 16, 2013

    I received 4 different bills with 4 diff account numbers through hertz for violating their policy and got parking citations. Each bill was for $90. I paid all of them like an idiot.. Confirmation number and all.. But the confirmation number had the exact same account number per bill.. MINUS one number. Wtf. Then a month later I received a bill for a bill I had already paid.. For double that amount.. I called them up.. Got THE RUDEST individuals.. Got transferred 4 times by them saying sure ill be right w u... And they said I now owe a balance of triple that amount... I said how's that' possible when I logged in and paid.. And my balance due was $90.. Not $270... The final woman christina.. I'd number C36 supposedly.. Was yelling and wouldn't let me speak.. And when I corrected her that "ask" is pronounced like so.. And not "axe".. She said "well you know what I can tell you ma'am?... Remain in collections and have a good day" and that was the end of that. I can't believe I ###en fell for their ###. How can we stop these people? I confronted them about the po box address.. And they'd stutter and transfer me... I'm so stupid.

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  • Th
    th!sman May 23, 2013

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  • Ja
    Jay Sho Nov 17, 2014

    RMCB is a bad scam company which tries to steal money from innocent people! It should be stopped and legally punished.

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  • Mi
    mike2234 Apr 13, 2015

    This company is fraudulent

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  • Ti
    Timothy Paul Perry Apr 28, 2016

    They are a scam. I received a NJ ez -pass violation for a time when I was out of the country. They had my address but my name wrong. I do not respond to these types of people at all. I would advise to anyone checking to see who they are to do the same. Don't call them as they are trained to dig for your personal info. EX; they say a date of birth that is obviously not yours, then you blurt out that that is not me!! then you give them your real date of birth as "proof", thinking that the letters will now stop, sorry, you just gave them your real date of birth. Get it? do not give them anything. do not call them as then they have your phone number.

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