RMCB Collection Agency For Creative Home Arts ClubCannot reach them by phone

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I just received an invoice in the amount of $286.00 for a life time membership with Creative Home Arts Club, which has a start date of August 9, 2005. I tried to call the RMCB phone number listed, I followed the prompts, and it states your Pin # is not in the system. How convenient! They also stated that they provided a subscription to Today's Creative Home Arts magazine and other Club benefits - sorry, but that is not true!

As stated at the top of the notice is:

PIN NUMBER: 76ssss

01 SY1 LY8 [protected]

Creative Home Arts Club Account #: [protected]

I was contacted by a Sales Rep last year for a lifetime membership. After consideration, two hours later I called and declined the membership, which I was told would be taken care of.

I also received shortly after, a large white envelope from Creative Home Arts Club. I did not open it and sent it back in large black marker - Refused - Return to Sender.

I am livid that after a year I am contacted by a Collection Agency for something I cancelled. They have the audacity to say they will reinstate my Life Membership and ship any gifts that I may be entitled to receive, once they receive payment.

I am now in the process of sending a letter back to RMCB, since I cannot reach them by phone. I will also contact the Better Business Bureau.

2269 South Saw Mill River Road
Building 3
Elmsford, NY 10523

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    put these people in prison where they belong.


  • Cv
    cvm Dec 04, 2006

    I have the exact same problem except they say I owe $308. I will not post my name to this but I do not believe a magazine company would stoop this low. I do not owe the $308 nor will I pay this.
    I am 75 years old and in poor health. I think this bunch is just preying on the elderly. I live off of $514 SSI and $650 pension per month. I do not care about my credit score so they can just sue me.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Harper Jun 26, 2007

    Creative home arts club is nothing but a scam. I have cancelled twice PLUS I finally just paid the bill to keep my good credit and am still receiving collection letters from RMCB and nothing from Creative home arts club.

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  • Ra
    Randy Simmons Sep 13, 2007

    I just received the same kind of attempt claiming I owe $370 for some bogus life membership with PGA Tour Partners Club. I was going to call and tell them where to get off, but after reading this, I guess it's off to the shredder.

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  • Ti
    Tina Sep 14, 2007

    I just received the same RMCB collection notice regarding my cancelled (over a yr ago) Creative Home Arts Club membership. I did not receive any bills or notices from the company after I cancelled my membership until today. Interestingly enough, I received a call from Creative Home Arts Club yesterday (after no contact for over a yr) asking me why I cancelled my membership. The operator made no mention of an outstanding bill he just kept asking why I cancelled.
    I am glad to see I am not alone and there are other websites with similar complaints regarding this company. I will be sending a letter to dispute this debt but would like to know if anyone has been able to get any resolution other than paying it despite the fact that you don't owe it.

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  • Al
    Alexis Sep 24, 2007

    wow i just got one in the mail today and i'm keeping the little things and keeping the rest just to prove i didn't send it i'm 13 i am already probably going to have my mom in debt for the cooking club of America i just joined which is the same thing as this basically so far my mom's credit is safe but the day i read complaints about it it was too late my mom sent in the check. any thing that sends the same stuff as this or cooking club of america DO NOT SEND they have your name on a mailing list then send other stuff like it to you the "sister" companies and so on. at least i can collect these little magnents :) if you haven't put your name on a mailing list DO NOT START and warn your kids too i have my name all over the web no one told me not to so i'll be getting junk mail forever... :(

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  • Br
    Brandin C. Shost Nov 21, 2007

    This agency needs to be reported. I just received a notice that I owe 226 dollars for a Gardening Club Membership. I have EXCELLENT credit. I never have a balance on my credit card and pay all bills. This really makes me ANGRY. I am sending a letter to state that I am reporting them to the better business bureau.

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  • Sa
    Sam Nov 26, 2007

    When I received the "exclusive, limited" offer for a Lifetime Membership from Creative Home Arts, I questioned this as I had just subscribed to the Creative Home Arts magazine. I want to thank all of you who have posted your remarks as you have probably saved me a hough headache. However, I think I located what part of the problem is. After buying a 'membership' to the magazine, I received the Lifetime Offer as many of you had. However, most people noted that they threw away the offer and are now getting billed. DON'T DO THIS!! At the end of the letter the following is printed: "Should you choose not to become a Life Member, please return the Creative Gift Card Kit in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. The address and identification labels are yours to keep." When you don't reply, they start billing you. I am returning the product as instructed as well as writing a letter to the Member Services Supervisor stating that I do not want any part of the offer. The following is the information to send complaints to: North American Membership Group, Inc ATTN: Ms. Mary Sailors, Member Services Supervisor
    12301 Whitewater Dr Minnetonka, MN 55343-4104 per the Better Business Bureau. Again - thank you for your warnings!!

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  • Ke
    kenneth p wilson Nov 27, 2007

    These guys are complete fakes they have be trying
    To get me too buy a handyman magazine for mouths
    It is not much money only 24.doallors yet
    I just did not feel comfortable with it at the time
    So I never purchased it they now have sent me a bill
    Witch is funny because I never purchased anything
    I called them entered the pin number on the bill
    To inquire about it soon after, it just says thank you and hangs up…
    Now get this” two minuets latter some lady calls asked if I am home
    I say yes” this is I…I knew It was them! they hung up…
    So I get on the internet and behold” sure enough” here they are..
    Under swindles so. The only thing I think of…
    Is that these people have 900 numbers and are making, money from it
    What eels could it be” so this is what I am going to do’
    Call the phone company
    To report the number as fraud
    By the way do yourself a favor don’t call this number
    #1-914-345-7136 Rmcb. Report as fraud…
    To your local phone company

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  • Ro
    Ron Cleave Feb 27, 2008

    My wife got caught by these scums. We've sent a letter and support docs. to the NY BBB as well as sent the official letter to RMCB requiring them to send us proof of the elegized debt. If they give us any flack, then it's the state's attorney general's office. It really is irritating to have to deal with these slime pits!

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  • Ka
    kari Feb 28, 2008

    there is a number to get ahold of a human at rmcb i just got off the phone with them. they sent a collection notice to my address with my fathers name the wait til was quit long but the number is 18006668097 and i chose option 1 i hope it helps

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  • Ja
    jacketwatch Mar 01, 2008

    I think we have a pattern here folks. I too received a letter from RCMB about owing some $371.00 for past dues to PGA Tour Partners. All I ever got from them was a few issues of their magazine, some notepads and a green repair tool. Well I shot off an email to them daily for 4 days and fnally got a reply, actually 2 replies. Each reply was the exact same wording but had a different sender. In other words it was a form letter already prepared, like they need this for the volume of complaints they probably get. They apologized and said this would not be on my credit report and I did check it and it is clean. I suppose mentioning that I would call the states atty. and report them for fraud didn't hurt. It seems like they use this collection agency to "troll" for unwary customers and basically try to scam them for money. Call the bluff is my advice. I hate folks like this.

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  • Ja
    jacketwatch Mar 23, 2008

    BTW I did f/u with the low life scums PGA Tour partners of America and was told that this outfit, RMCB hasn't the capability of reporting you to the credit bureau. So therefore is there more scam than what it appears? That is it seems the are operating AS a collection agency to try to intimidate you but really are not.

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  • Cr
    crowfolk Feb 18, 2009

    I just recieved an invitation yesterday to join and thought I would do this but after reading all of these complaints I decided not to join. Thank you all for making the scam known!

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  • Je
    jessica Mar 05, 2009

    I haven't even signed up for the creative home arts club and I have gotten notices saying I need to pay my dues. I just got one a week ago stating "Our repeated request for your membership dues payment of $24 have gone unanswered (duh, I don't want it). All of your membership benefits and privileges have been suspended for non-payment*. (Underlined) The time has come for us to secure the services of a collections agency." Hold up- I never signed up for this. I got something in the mail in August and didn't reply. I lost my job in September so I really wasn't going to sign up and now they are sending me to a collection agency. Where do they get off? Times are so hard right now for a good chunk of people, I can't even imagine wasting $24 on this crap. I will spend that $24 on my children. *It's not like they have sent anything to me to suspend. How do people get away with stuff like this?? I'm really glad I decided to Google them and found all of these complaints. If there was even a slight chance I was going to join (which there wasn't) I most definately wouldn't now. I'm hoping that I don't get a $300+ bill in the future.

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  • Jo
    joe Mar 30, 2009

    check out

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  • J5
    j5angel Jun 16, 2009

    they sent me a bill stating that I could pay $28 installment fees, which I've been doing for several months, and I've noticed that my starting balance hasn't gone down. This month, they sent me a letter stating that it was going to collections. I haven't even gotten any product to test and keep, like the brochure said. I'm extremely ticked at this company!

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  • No
    Not Easy to Fool Jun 12, 2010

    My 84 yr old father just received the same letter. He supposedly owes $19.95 for a magazine he never signed up for (National Review). Even he spotted it as not legit... if he sends the money, then he will get the magazine. How interesting. Doesn't sound like they are collecting for debt owed, but for a new subscription to the magazine. Glad I did some research on RMCB... will report to the state attorney general and BBB. Emailed the magazine and asked them to show proof he signed up for it. Wonder if they will bother to email back.

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  • 1t
    1tinybubbles Jul 13, 2010

    I just received one for my uncle. stating that it is collecting for the National Review. Only $19.95, but still never received this magazine or whatever.
    cancelled payment after reading this forum.
    Thanks for the input!

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  • Qu
    Quinones B Juan Aug 20, 2018

    these butt rumpers keep harrassing my 80 year senile, defenseless uncle. My uncle has no debts, pays his bills. WIsh the feds will get involved in arresting these scumbag motherfuckers. It's been since 2015 they been hounding him. He had no debts at all.

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  • La
    Lane Kent Aug 21, 2018

    I do not owe anybody jack sh. these criminals sent me two harassing letters. I am very depressed because of them. I will see to it that they will end up in prison for harassing people who cant defend themselves. People do not pay these scumbags anything. they are scammers and involved in criminal activites from what I have read and heard.

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