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Rivoli Group reviews & complaints

Rivoli Group complaints 45

Rivoli Group - Defective Kenneth Cole watch

I purchased a brand new Kenneth Cole watch from Rivoli group showroom named as HOUR CHOICE located in Sahara Mall on the 14th Dec 2021 which was a gift to be delivered in India during my annual vacation. However little did I know that this was a defective watch and would not work. I immediately called the showroom from India on 16th Dec addressing this issue and was asked to bring back the watch. Today the showroom executives very unprofessionally rejected a refund which is against their terms and conditions. I need your help to look into this matter and help in seeking a full refund from this fraud showroom cheating many other customers like me. Thank you in advance!

Desired outcome: FULL REFUND

Rivoli Group - Bracelet sent for adjustment Tommy Hilfiger

I give in Marina mall Rivoli after purchase set watch and bracelet to adjust size of bracelet, they took it saying after maximum 3 days will be ready since i inform them that I'm traveling after 8 days.After 3 days nobody contact me, so I called store which they give me email to track my repair and number to call.Nobody answer my call, so I sent email to follow up.Nobody reply me on my email.Which should be unacceptable!You should reply on your costumers email.after 7 days waiting I called customer service again, in morning, they told me they will call me back, THEY DID NOT, I called back afternoon and then they put me on call with manager who said that they can't adjust size.So bracelet is there 7 days and they didn't do anything.If they inform me that before I would look for other solutions.
So much unprofessional and unorganized I never experienced in my life.
Deeply disappointed for service of Rivoli group.


Rivoli Group - Timberland Sunglasses

I ordered Timberland Sunglasses from Deira City Centre Rivoli showroom on 16th July 2021 for 935AED with a black shaded power glasses. After one week (after EID Holidays) I was told the power glasses can't be made and so I had to change my frame.

Later I was given a assembled sunglasses with power glasses where the right lense was not the same power that I gave order. Then again they said they will rectify and after a week they gave sunglasses with green shaded with improper finishes.

Again I went to the showroom in Deira City Centre Rivoli, I told them the defects and then I told them clearly to give me Black shaded powered Sunglasses to Juhi and Mangesh (Branch Manager) they called as.

Mangesh himself came to my place on 23rd Aug 2021 evening around 8PM to deliver the corrected glasses, but again the sunglasses delivered was green shaded and the fitting is too bad.

I request you to refund the full amount paid or give me good Sunglasses as I wanted.



Rivoli Group - salesperson

I went to the dubai city center branch of rivoli for a mont blanc wallet, the salesperson Lauren was rude and very unhelpful. I requested for an alternative salesperson and she said she is the only one available. She is the worst an organization can ever get. She wouldn't take things out of the shelf and show and whenever i requested she would say its not a wallet, then show me a wallet she wouldn't.


Rivoli Group - Prices increased while I am placing my order

I was selecting some watched online from the 70% promotion Qatar a few days ago. Prices were ok the before I checked out and finalized the payment the prices went up & crazy increased. Then I couldn't buy. The promotion was still ongoing and reached out on FB & Instagram posts with no answer-no responses for days. I Called ur office they said they will not do anything. How can I trust your service like this. Then the promotion continued for 2 extra days (up to 70%) them removed afterward.
This was bad experience with you- spent and wasted time of selecting items them prices changed before finalizing the order. I have images of the same items with different prices. I wanted to escalate this to the governmental control department but I am writing to you 1.


Rivoli Group - Calvin klein- exchange

Dear Team,

It is with huge disappointment that am writing to you regarding the exchange of one CK watch which I purchased from your store in SAHARA CENTRE, SHARJAH. Am attaching the copy of bill as well.

I went to the Rivoli shop in SAHARA mall on the 11/03/2021 around 03.00 pm to exchange a watch which I purchased to gift my friend on 28/02/2021 from the same shop. To my surprise, soon as the package opened by the lady staff there she told its having scratches without much observation, & there is no plastic in the backside. She also told that it passed 11 days however your return policy is 14days.

Being frank, the watch has not been out the box, it's still in perfect condition and I only wished to exchange for one of similar or higher value.
Now after taking it inside the lady told that they would need 2 days time for approval from their service center.

I left it in the shop and they made a note in the bill . 2 days after today 14/03/2021 I called the shop and asked for exchange & her response was quick as " its not approved ". Later I discussed same with the manager there and explained everything. I told him that it was a gift and my friend was infected with COVID 19 & thus I was unable to gift her on-time. However we managed to send her photos from RIVOLI website & unfortunately she didn't like the one we purchased. Hence I came for exchange and all the above happened. I told the guy that I will not be taking the watch back as its like am agreeing to the statement that the scratches were made by me. Still the watch is with RIVOLI SAHARA CENTRE .

I have bought many watches from Rivoli, across the Middle-East and am are shocked that your Policy is so strict that a manager could not help us in this case.

Its a matter of destructing the trust we keep with RIVOLI and losing many customers. We would rather prefer to buy things online as its more flexible than these. I paid money from my pocket and still responsible for the stuffs am not even committed.

I would recommend RIVOLI to have a look and update on the issue.

Desired outcome: Exchange Watch

Rivoli Group - Unauthorized service repair - rudeness of customer service named mr. Ebrahim

Dear Team, I have been a big customer of Rivoli products and I have trusted the company until I sent repair of 3 watches - 1 ferrari 2 anne klein (ref: 05406RF00162 & 05406RF00163). It was sent to...

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Rivoli Group - Eye test and dilated fundus examination

Good morning
I'm really dissapointed of the service from rivoli eye zone.. I choose this brand because I thought it will be good I will not have any issues with the glasses but what happened they did the eye test for me and it was wrong and they make it second time and it's wrong again I went to the ophthalmologist he told me it's totally wrong my eyes it's not something you can play with it was wrong power they give me I need someone to contact me I want a solution my number [protected]

Desired outcome: Solution or I want my money back

Rivoli Group - Unresolved order with indefinite status

I have placed an order of watches online to your store on the first week of this month but I just waited for over 5 days without an update. I have to follow up on my end only to find out that my...

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Jan 29, 2021

Rivoli Group - Salesman

On 29.01.2021 I went to Rivoli shop in Manar Mall Ras Alkhiama. The salesman. Talked to me rudely. And told my special needs child is making a mess in shop. As he threw an empty bottle of his milk on floor.
This behavior made me feel very insulted.
Plus he was not sorry for his rude behavior.
In UAE nobody is allowed to misbehave with special needs children.
I belive his behavior to me was rude because he knew I not emirate national.

Desired outcome: to call me and apologoize


Rivoli Group - Certina watch repair

I gave my watch for repairing on 15-Nov-2020. They told me it's going to take 1 week to estimate the cost and problem of my watch and on the 8th day I called and asked them why they have not called...

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Rivoli Group - Faulty product

I've purchased T035.407.16.051.02 : TISSOT COUTURIER POWERMATIC 80 from Rivoli at Mega Mall Sharjah 2 months ago. After wearing few days, I discovered that it is only active only for 15-18 hrs when in static condition, not 80hrs as guaranteed for this watch. I handed over to service center and after 3 weeks, I got the return ensuring there is no issue at all. Again after the use of 1st week, the same thing repeated. This time it is merely active for 13-14 hrs. So, it is a purely mechanical fault piece. I know that if I approach to them again, they will only test but not replace the full watch. So, what is the way out? Quality of service at Rivoli is degraded nowadays. My contact no is +971-[protected]. Original bill with 2yrs International warranty is available.
My mail Id is sandipan. [protected]@gmail.com

Rivoli Group - Tissot t-race watch

Ibought Tissot T-race watch from Fujairah Rivoli shop on 29.05.2017 and just after 4 months on 19/09/17 (Receipt No. 01142R0628), push button came off. So after service and replacing of push button, same issue happen again on 22/10/17 (Receipt No. 01148R0628).So again your team try to fix it.
Since I'm not wearing this watch very often, only once in the week, on 24/10/2020 again push button came off wile I was swimming in sea and salty water came inside and totally ruin watch.
I submit my watch to the shop on 25/10/2020 ROF No. 01142RF01752 to see what can be done with it. Also I was aware that warranty was expired.
Your team came back to me after 10 days saying that watch can be fixed and it will cost me 1500 dirhams! For that much money I can buy same that watch now online with 2 years warranty. After few days they contact me saying, we can drop down price for repair to 1300 dirhams. To be honest, that watch should be replaced with new one on second fail. Now when 3rd time fail happen its totally ruined. This kind of watches should last at least 10-15 years!
I don't want that watch to be fixed neither to be replaced with same new because I don't believe any more this watch is good.
At the end Rivoli contact me and gave me 10% disc on my next purchase!? That is not acceptable to be honest.

Mar 06, 2020

Rivoli Group - Very unprofessional staff

This incident happens in swatch shop in alghurair march 6, 2020 at around 9:57 pm, when i entered the swatch shop. I saw this filipina lady talking on the phone, i looked at her letting her know that...

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Rivoli Group - panerai pam00616

Good morning, I bought a panerai with serial number 7026PN0003246. Date 15-09-2015, invoice O36771782 bought at rivoli - Dubai mall. I took the watch for a total service, but the panerai dealer...

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Rivoli Group - unprofessional

Hi my name is Abdul and i visited the Eyezone shop in Fujairah mall for the first time and i was not happy about it. I was visiting the shop with my wife and as soon as we entered the shop we noticed...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Rivoli Group - returns policy

Good afternoon. To be frank, I'm absolutely disgusted with the service, language and your staff's will to assist me with a watch exchange request today in Rivoli City Centre Mall Branch, Bahrain. My...

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Oct 30, 2019
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Rivoli Group - about services

I visited Rivoli dcc last week ago the guy who assisted me on firts day it was perfect. All consultations is was good except he forgot to tell me to sign the papers for my insurance approval that...

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Rivoli Group - order not received

To whom it may concern,
I hope I am writing to the right department to help me solve my problem I am experiencing at the moment.

I placed an order on 21st October 2019 with a standard delivery which says online will be delivered within 2-3 working days. My order number is [protected]. Aramex currier service called me on 24th October and scheduled the shipment to be delivered on 27th October. But I didn't receive it that day. So I called Aramex same day and they said that unfortunately it will not be delivered same day. They rescheduled it to be delivered on 28th October. But again I didn't get the shipment in scheduled day (28th) even. I called Aramex Three times and they were always telling shipment is out for delivery but I didn't receive anything till now. Yesterday I called Rivoli customer care regarding this issue Two times and both told me the same story that they will pass this issue to their consultant team will contact you in few minutes. But I didn't get any call from Rivoli till now. Also I called even Today morning and same thing happened again. I don't know why they are really unhelpful. Today is the third day from scheduled first delivery date. This totally unfair and it's really disappointing me. I never expected unfair service from Rivoli.

Therefore, could someone be kind enough please and look at my case and pay close attention to every details I have put on here and take a correct action against this issue and ignorance.

Hope I will be justified soon. And be notified as well.

Oct 28, 2019

Rivoli Group - cat watch, damage by rivoli technician

Dear Rivoli team, I am not satisfied with your repairing center service. There was no mechanical issue with watch before when I given it's was only index fallen complain and it was double check by...

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