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About 4 yrs. ago I moved to University Walk Apt.. At the time of the moving the lady in charge of the rental off. told me that i needed a co-signature, because I was not making enough money to be on my owm. I ask my mother, and she co-signed with me. Recently I was forced to move out of the apt. because I lost my job ( actually I was Evited) About 2 wks. ago, my mother recieves a letter yelling her that se has to pay $1488.50. My mother called Riverstone and spoke with Kevin Parker, very rude and disrespectful. He inform my mother that she was the one that needed to pay, she gave him my address and phone number, but I was never contacted. Now from the previous amt. everything went up to $3128.50, and they don't want to make any payment plan. They only want to agee to $525.00 a mth. which I can't afford. I'm a single mother of 2 girls, I don't receive any child support, and the way it is I don't even make enough to pay for my debts. Now they are telling my mother, that if she dosen't pay they are going to come after her employer to garnish her paycheck, and make imposible for her to rent in the future. What can I do? Can someone help me? These people have no mercy.


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    L.M.Scott Jul 10, 2012

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    L.M.Scott Jul 10, 2012

    RRG also sells your data, real time, to Experian. All RRG communities partner with Experian to capture your monthly payment behavior. Not bad if you are a good resident...or is it? If your data is incorrect due to false charges or other out of the ordinary management by the office staff of Riverstone, it immediately shows up on your credit report. Riverstone Residential Group's screening system uses Experian based credit reports to approve or disapprove your rental at any community. Therefore, if you leave one apartment community under the circumstances described in this complaint, then your credit score already reflects this real time even while you try to go through the legal process of fighting with them. You will most likely be automatically declined to rent at another Riverstone managed property or have a hard time renting elsewhere, due to the real-time updates to your score, via Experian, which Riverstone uses to approve or decline your application.

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    Patricia Ramosco Dec 07, 2011

    Mi nombre es Patricia Ramosco, vivo en el complejo Beach Place apart. 202a, en Sunny Isles Fl, propiedad adquirida no hace mucho por la compania y desafortunadamente mal representada por las personas que tienen al frente de la oficina.
    Voy a referirme al personal latino, especificamente a Luis quien intenta imponer su criterio segun como le caigan el inquilino, quien ademas tiene una constante actitud arrogante y cree ser el dueno de la propiedad y lo que es peor intenta aplicar su voluntad olvidando que estamos en un pais donde existe la ley y el respeto al y por el projimo...afortunadamente esto no es Venezuela ni el es Chavez...
    He vivido en el apartamento durante las tres ultimas administraciones anteriores a Riverstone, al tiempo de renovar el contrato con ustedes, fui aproximadamente 6 veces a la oficina y este senor o no estaba o estaba ocupado...finalmente me dio el nuevo contrato y me dijo que tenia que tomar un seguro para protejer la propiedad y que sin el no podia renovar...le dije que iria a mi casa llamaria a la compania que el me dio la informacion tomaria el seguro despues de informarmarme y pagar ya que yo no lleve a la oficina mi billetera y que regresaria al dia siguiente...contrate el seguro ese mismo dia via telefonica y la compania envio el ok a la oficina, al dia siguiente el sr Luis como de costumbre no estaba y firme el contrato con la resepcionesta pedi mi copia pero ella dijo que faltaba ser firmada por el por lo cual tendria que recoger la copia posteriormente, cuando fui el me dijo que tenia que firmar otro papel el mismo decia que yo habia recibido la alfombra en perfectas condiciones (nueva) le dije que eso no era verdad y que de hecho yo tenia un papel que me dieron donde decia que tenia manchas...que como pretendia que yo firmara eso...como toda respuesta dijo...tiene que firmar, entonces le dije que yo regresaria con alguien que leyera bien todo el contrato por mi y que buscaria el papel, has lo que quieras...
    Este sr que representa su compania a la hora de yo salir del departamento me dejo un papel en la puerta que de forma irrevocable no se me renovaria el contrato y que ademas me tenia que ir 23 despues de decir se confundio de estamos en Venezuela y mucho menos en vi obligada a acudir a mi abogado quien le escribio sus faltas al contrato donde claramente tanto ustedes como yo podemos rescindir del contrato pero de forma legal...con aviso y tiempo...por lo cual respondio que cumpliendo el codigo 3 de mi ultimo contrato tenia hasta el 31 de diciembre 2011 para irme...
    Yo me mudo el 16, pero si me tomo el tiempo de escribir es porque este Senor es muy poco profecional, muy arrogante mal educado y una verdadera VERGUENZA que este dando la cara por Riverstone.
    Mis abogados ofrecieron tomar el caso pero realmente no voy a perder mi tiempo yo solo pretendo vivir tranquila, pago mi renta no debo nada...esperemos se me regrese el deposito...

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    Bill belin Oct 01, 2011

    Riverstone residental group does not want to listen to customer complaints.This is one of the disgusting comapines.

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    monlca87 May 16, 2011

    I also received a move out statement with very vague charges that simply stated "damages- $29" etc. I also spoke to a very rude "supervisor" named Kevin who laughed when I asked to explain this bill to me. He then hung up when I asked him to speak to me.respectfully since I was the customer. Ugh! What a disgusting company! Find a different residential group! Riverstone WILL steal your money and ruin credit

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    mika123 Jan 26, 2011

    I recently had the displeasure of unsuspectingly moving into a gangster-riddled part of town owned by Riverstone Properties. The community was advertised as a gated community, yet had a gate that was not operational so it was left open and unsecured for convenience's sake I suppose. I travel often with my job and over the past 8 years have had NO problems securing short term housing via the internet. Well, never again. Upon my arrival this place was a disaster area. I'll tell ya, I've lived in a lot of places and tolerated a lot of unsavory situations for the sake of making my work assignments successful but this place took the cake. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a heavy cigarette smoke scent throughout as well as pet hair and human hair in the sinks. The carpets were dirty and the washer/dryer were rusty and unacceptable. A strong moldy scent was apparent and a ceiling leak had been discovered in the middle of our living room. Being optimistic, we tried to make the best of a bad situation, cleaned up and settled in. At 11:30pm that night we heard gunshots RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. Not down the street or up the was terrifying. We called 911 and police responded. The next day I went to talk with the management. I expressed that the place was a dump, the neighborhood was horrible and that we feared for our safety. Riverstone exercises policies that are not lenient nor sensitive to anyone's plight. They offered little in the way of remediating our concerns and treated us to the average corporate lingo that's made them so successful yet yielded no results. So potential RENTERS BEWARE!!! We broke our lease later that day, aware of the repercussions, and went onto find a safer, nicer place to live. We are still fighting this one and imagine it will end up in court. Listen, if we, as the small guy renter, is expected to live up to his end after signing a lease then isn't it fair to expect the same of a big time corporation in the delivery of an acceptable product. There are no acceptable excuses tolerated on our end. Why should we allow any leniency on their end. I don't want to hear excuses when I move into a place nor give a group like Riverstone anything like "reasonable time" to fix the problem. It should not have been overlooked in the first place. Period. Live up to your end and I'll live up to mine. Riverstone is all about the bottom dollar...not your comfort. And while this is a general rule of thumb in the corporate world, i highly suggest you take up residence with another group.

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