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Complaints & Reviews

apartment manager engaging in egregious and intentional efforts to mislead tenants in an effort to evict them.

I am a former resident as of October 31, 2019 of Casa Anita Apartments which is ran by Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC here in Phoenix, AZ. I moved into Casa Anita even when I...

refusal to perform regular "maintenance service" since sept 29, 2019

I wish for immediate action, nothing less.
Photo attached shows the work order since 9/29/2019 without status change.
Email Conversation below shows 3 Managers stalling to perform work.
They are the "Community Manager, Maintenance Manager and Resident Services Manager

From: Chris Darlington
Date: October 24, 2019 at 10:51:22 AM EDT
To: Sherwood Crossing Manager
Cc: Sherwood Crossing Services
Subject: Re: 9/29 Maintenance ticket still unresolved. Please help.

Pictures will take more time, since I work in DC.

There is no reason for us to have any miscommunication. Pictures may not do it justice.

Please simply key into 712 and verify the facts and please plan a solution with deadlines toward remediation.

I have spoken to your headquarters in Charleston and hope there will be actionable tasks disseminated today.

On Oct 24, 2019, at 9:51 AM, Sherwood Crossing Manager wrote:

Good Morning Chris,

I apologize for the delays and frustration you are experiencing. I will say, this is the first time I have been made aware that you have any pending concerns. With that, I am sure this can be addressed relatively quickly.

I will prioritize a visit by Walter, our Service Manager, today.

Additionally, I am happy to report that it is very unlikely that these spots on the tile be mold. It is typical for tiles to change color overtime, especially for ground units due to the moisture that emanates from the ground.

Do you mind sending me photos? I will review and be able to provide quick instruction to Walter.

Thank you,

Jean-Paul Vidal | Community Manager
Sherwood Crossing | 6731 Old Waterloo Rd. | Elkridge, MD 21075
o 410.246.1724 | [protected] |

Professionally managed by Greystar® |

From: Sherwood Crossing Services
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2019 9:04 AM
To: Chris Darlington
Subject: RE: 9/29 Maintenance ticket still unresolved. Please help.

Good morning Chris,

I apologize for how you are feeling. Please know we are working diligently to find a solution to what is going on.

Is there a time you will be home today for our Maintenance Supervisor Walter to explain what is going on to you?

Kelsey Dunbar | Resident Services Manager
Sherwood Crossing | 6731 Old Waterloo Rd. | Elkridge, MD 21075
o 410.799.8142 | [protected]

From: Chris Darlington [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 8:21 PM
To: Sherwood Crossing Services
Subject: Re: 9/29 Maintenance ticket still unresolved. Please help.

Good Evening,

I think this situation is sad.
Sept 9th this was created.

Why are we being punished ?
Seriously...why are we being punished ?

I pay every dime of my rent out of my own pocket.

I "was" giving your crew the opportunity to tell me what is wrong with the tile, hoping that it is not black mold. Hoping that someone would offer a diagnosis and prioritize according to a standard.

It now appears that you see me as a weak person and that I need to be aggressive with my actions.

Please provide me with an escalation path that reaches a regional manager at headquarters. Spot lights need to be on this issue.

On Oct 11, 2019, at 1:23 PM, Sherwood Crossing Services wrote:

Good afternoon Chris,

I forwarded your email directly to Walter our Maintenance Supervisor. He or one of our team member will be there to inspect sometime today.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Kelsey Dunbar | Resident Services Manager
Sherwood Crossing | 6731 Old Waterloo Rd. | Elkridge, MD 21075
o 410.799.8142 | [protected]

From: Chris Darlington [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2019 7:10 PM
To: Sherwood Crossing Services
Subject: 9/29 Maintenance ticket still unresolved. Please help.

Please let us know what we can do to alleviate this issue we are having.
No status, no updates, no communication.

refusal to perform regular "maintenance service" since sept 29, 2019

kapilina management, resident services and maintenance

I have lived at Kapilina Beach Homes for over a year now and I am regretting my decision to renew my lease. Over this past year the sewer lines have backed up 7 times. No one at Kapilina responded in urgently and all that was ever done was snaking the pipes and telling me the pipes are old... after the 4th back up a Kapilina finally paid a contractor to excavate half the pipes and I was hopeful that would be the end. Nope... it continued with the same old non-responses from resident services and maintenance. It wasn't until after the 7th time and a threatening email from me quoting the Hawaii a residential Landlord - Tenant Laws and threatening to go to the Department of health that management here took this problem seriously. It is hopefully fixed but it should not have taken over a year to resolve!

Additionally I have asked for answers in regards to the common water charge that tripled from $7 to $22 without any notice and have not gotten any answers, just like no answers as to the increasing electrical rates that occurred without notice. Christine Carpio is an insult to everyone in this community and should be fired. She is condescending, rude and has called residents uneducated and basically told one resident to move if she didn't like it here. She claims they want happy residents but does NOTHING to make that happen.

The club house is a dump! The pool gets pooped in almost weekly, it is filthy dirty and no one monitors it. The locals know they can get in without having to be a resident and they can just walk right in. The hot tub is just as disgusting and rarely working. We stopped going because we get sick every time we use either. The gym is disgusting as well and never gets cleaned.

Then there is the bugs and the rats and the grass that doesn't get mowed. This place is NOT resort living and has been such a huge disappointment for us. It is really sad because this place could be amazing with the right management. You need to take a serious look at your employees here because they are horrible. Emails go un-answered, maintenance requests get cancelled without being completed, oh and security is a laughing joke! Why even have a gate if security is just going to raise the gate for anyone so they don't have to get up and leave the guard shack! God help you if you actually need security because they don't answer the phone... you are better off just calling 911.

So... there you have it. Kapilina is far from resort living and I for one can not wait to get out of here!!!

kapilina management, resident services and maintenance
kapilina management, resident services and maintenance
kapilina management, resident services and maintenance
kapilina management, resident services and maintenance
kapilina management, resident services and maintenance

regional manager’s actions and words

During a town hall held at Kapilina Beach Homes in Ewa Beach, Hawaii on a Tuesday 10/22/2019 beginning at7pm Hawaiian standard time. With State representative Bob McDermott, Commanding office Cpt. Dabao Naval Facilities Hawai'i, Hawaiian Electric and Senator Kurt Favella. The senior regional manager Christine Carpio made it very apparent she is t in the business of working with families of the community she is assigned too. When a Military spouse spoke up with an issue of valid reasoning about rental increases and extremely high ultility bills, Christine responded with "well Kapilina isn't for everyone" this is after this spouse had just signed a lease renewal and is now outside of the Housing allowance they were given by the military. Throughout this exchange Christine was smiling. This was the tip of the iceberg especially after she has repeated treated residents at town hall meetings as [censored]s stating that all anyone needs is education on the matters being brought up. This woman is extremely unprofessional and should not be representing any company whatsoever

I would like to be contacted about this issue through email at [protected]

  • Su
    Susan Jim Oct 24, 2019

    I attended the same meeting and am appalled by Christine Carlitos behavior and attitude. She has disrespected And degraded the military community as well as the 1400 residents In our community. Every aspect of our community has declined under her leadership in one years time, but her blatant disregard for the tenants of Kapilina during the townhall meeting has iced the cake. Our community needs help! We need answers! We need leadership! We need Honesty and transparency! Please investigate this!

    1 Votes

security is very unfriendly

Security is very unfriendly. The worst service I've ever lived. Everyone says security here is unkind. Of course, some people are friendly, but I want to leave this apartment right away because of two very unfriendly people. Two young men always ignore me and don't working. I'm stressed. A few months ago I was so angry that I complained, but nothing improved.

failure to update renters insurance

I've had proper proof of insurance for the entire lease of my apartment however the leasing office seems to forget to update it. I've sent them numerous emails, called them and even visited their office but I'm still getting emails saying "Im out of compliance"? No you're out of compliance: this is [censored], I keep having to send you paperwork every few months. Do it right the first time and stop charging me for your insurance when I'm paying for my own.

  • Gr
    Greystar tennant Oct 21, 2019

    We experienced the same. Our insurance was prepaid for a year, proof sent Many times, and they wouldn’t stop sending threatening emails.
    We also experienced troubles with disability discrimination, and huge Character Mischaracterizations and Bait and Switch. They are vindictive as well.

    0 Votes

milano apartment ~2500 woodland park dr apt m212

I am a former resident of Apartment M212, prior to moving out I wrongly over paid my rent and was told it could not be refunded back to me until I have moved out. Today as I write...


This is the second time I've had to deal with neighbors smoking or either dealing drugs next to me, the first time I had to take care of the issue myself by contacting authoritie...

safety, general unsatisfactory conditions, retention

Nancy Sage Patterson 3033 East Thunderbird Rd. #1034 Phoenix, Az 85032 December 16, 2018 To whomever it may concern, I have been a resident at Crestone and now Greystar for...

neon sign

I reside in 625 at The Berkeley, 500 West Ave., Norwalk Ct. The apt. faces the Waypointe, another Greystar property directly across street. This week a huge neon sign was affixed...

overture fair lakes va

The company's marketing for this property as "62+, active and social" senior apartments is false and misleading. In short, this location is tantamount to assisted living without...

Greystar — prospect place management in hackensack new jersey

430849 The management at this building is horrible. These are just a few pictures of what was wrong in the apartment when I moved in. Mrs. Stephanie Pena assured me that the apartment...

Greystar — pamela w. hanley, community manager of townhouse atlanta is unprofessional, inappropriate and discriminatory

To whomever this may concern, I am submitting this complaint regarding the inappropriateness, unprofessionalism, false accusation upon my character and discrimination against...

Greystar — assistant manager at the lofts at valley forge

I am a 9+ year resident at the lofts at valley forge, pa. I am constantly harassed by the assistant manager (Ashley Drissel) She has called my girlfriend yelling and screaming...

Greystar — greystar property park colony in hollywood, fl

Greystar Property Park Colony Apartments in Hollywood, Fl withdrew $2588.00 twice out of my bank account for a lease termination fee. The second withdrawal which has a date of...

Greystar — washer

I submitted a work order for my washer 3 weeks ago. I called the leasing office, went in there I kept getting the go around that they were short staffed. If they are short staffed...

Greystar — parking and management

I'm writing in regards about the reserve in yakpank New York. My name is Jessica and I spoke and so did my parents and many other around the community about parking issues. I...

Greystar — no follow up to complaints put in

430849 This company is doing the "least" they can to save a buck. There are so many issues within the company that putting in a complaint is not going to go very far. They will do...

Greystar — poorly managed

430849 Poorly managed. Management has poor communication and careless about residential concerns/complaints. I had move-in date of 6/3. My movers & I were packed and less the 5 mile...

Greystar — employees drug abuse/intimate relationships

Idk but im sick and tiered of Gabriel the maintence Guy visiting my brother here in La Vista Apartments Santa Maria Ca. And buy his prescription pills"oxycodone"...My brother i...

not happy with the rising rents as the tenants are being fooled

The company is looking to raise rents from $100 on up and they try to make it seem like the "Market". Truthfully the market is higher but the market is also the...

Riverstone Residential Groupbilling department/park place at fair oaks apartments

I recently moved from a Riverstone property in Fair Oaks, CA (Park Place) to another in the Bay Area with my husband. We have a final bill that my husband and I have been attempting to get corrected, however neither of us can speak to either of the women that we have been dealing with any longer.

The first woman I spoke with in Billing, I had to hang up on after our conversation turned into yelling. I have never in my life been spoken to so rudely. My husband then attempted to take over and had the same issue. He was also yelled at, threatened and told how he should spend his money.

After my husband and I decided we could no longer speak with the first woman, I asked to speak to her manager. She forwarded me her contact info. I expected her manager to reprimand her staff for speaking to current residents so rudely, however to my shock and amazement she was just as rude.

When I expressed to her that her employee told my husband how he should spend his money... she didn't seem phased. I then asked "how would you like if someone said that to your husband?" Her reply was "I'm the one that makes the money so that wouldn't happen." I guess a blow to my ego was what she was going for.

The first woman offered us 20% off our bill and when I brought that up with her manager, her exact words... "you should have taken it when she offered it to you." At this point I feel like I am being bullied by these women.

Our concerns with our bill is strictly due to Park Place and the negligence in the leasing office. We had countless issues with them while living there. My husband and I have been attempting to get in contact with someone at Riverstone for the past year so we can express our concerns in a formal complaint. We have never had any prior issues with Riverstone in general, other than dead air, until these two women in the receivables department.

I want to get our bill squared away so we can end this nightmare. However I cannot deal with either of these women. I am pregnant and in the middle of getting my Masters'... I currently have enough stress without being yelled at by women I do not personally know.

I asked for the name, email and phone number of someone I can speak with about a formal complaint, however the manager will not give me anything. She said she will forward my complaint. At this point our issues are no longer just with Park Place, so I can see why she would avoid sending me to someone else after our "conversation" yesterday. I had to contact the Washington office myself to get your email.

I am in absolute disgust at how my husband and I have been treated by these women. I have now been yelled at, lied to, insulted and threatened with our credit when we aren't even in agreement with what we owe. Rather than being empathetic to our situation since Riverstone Res. manages Park Place, all I have gotten was rude remarks, defensive behavior, and basically treated like I'm a complete idiot because my husband and I believe there are discrepancies in the ledgers from Park Place. The manager has already agreed on one, however we believe there are more.

I sent this email two weeks ago to a manager and have yet to get a reply.

Riverstone Residential Group — scam-violation of nc law 42-51

I am writing to you as I wasn’t sure with whom to do so. As a 70 year old male who has a wife that is disabled, my options are very limited. We moved to Cary, NC to avail...

Riverstone Residential Group — bait and switch

I was made to believe, yes deceived, that I would be getting into an apartment with laminate flooring. Understandably, I made all the necessary arrangements to move and comply. I...

Riverstone Residential Groupunprofessional employees, bullying business practices and scams

I rented an apartment from a complex owned by Riverstone Residential Group my last 2 years of college. It has now been 2 months since I handed in my keys, yet the nightmare that began the day I moved in still continues. Upon my signing the lease 2 years ago, I was instructed that I was to sign a blank move-in checklist in order to receive my keys. I was given an additional checklist to fill out and sign once I took possession of the apartment and could inspect it myself that would replace the form I had just signed. I noted a major damage (a noticeably broken dishwasher) and a few minor issues (cracked blinds, bleach spots on the carpet, etc.), signed the form, and returned it to the property management office within that first week. Looking back, I was stupid and naive to not keep a copy for my own records, which will become obvious later in my explanation.

A few weeks ago I received a call from my property manager stating that there were $125 in damages that I owed on my account. When I mentioned that one of these "damages" had been noted on my move-in checklist, the manager responded with a lot of "Uh, well, uh let me check on that" kind of answers. The other damage I had no knowledge of nor had I been offered the opportunity to accompany any management personnel on a move-out inspection. She said she could not locate my checklist at the time, but would call me back when she found it. I also requested a bill or statement of these supposed damages be mailed to me at that time. I have yet to hear back from her.

Fast forward to this past week - I received a certified letter containing a copy of my move-in documents, which...surprise, were missing my move-in check list documenting the existing damages. Today I received a call from what I assume is the Riverstone headquarters in Washington. The employee I spoke to was incredibly rude, unprofessional, aggressive, and disrespectful. I have NEVER been spoken to or treated that way by anyone in this type of business or encounter. When I could no longer tolerate her constant interruptions, insults, and all around disrespect, I asked to speak to her manager. The employee refused to give me her name and transferred me to the voice mail of someone I can only hope does not conduct business the way this woman does.

So as of now, I am still trying to dispute these damages. It has become painfully obvious that this company has had me sign a blank move-in document that states I observed no damages before I was ever given access to the unit, but has failed to follow through in their claim to replace it with the signed document listing the damages I observed. I have been trying to contact my property manager directly, but as always, I am unable to get any personnel to answer the phone or return a call. Never again will I do business from this company nor forfeit any of my hard earned money.

Riverstone Residential Group — wrongfully charged

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this message. However, it is unfortunate that I am writing this due to such bad circumstances. I have never received the worst...

Riverstone Residential Groupmove out/billing

This company, is charging me after I gave my 2 month notice, they are very rude, I disputed my charge and they are still trying to get the money from me, I called a lawyer I was told I have a case. They are reporting this to my credit, I know I do not owe anything I refuse to pay. Be careful with this managment company read the lease carefully before moving in. They suprise you once you turn your notice to vacate they want to make money from honest people.

Riverstone Residential Group — illegal collection after emergency

my handicap husband broke his hip, caseworker and doctors said he could not return to home, let Kevin Parker who works for Riverstone Residential is not without receipts wanting...

Riverstone Residential Group — unethical practices

Anyone thought to file a complaint with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development / Multifamily Housing Clearinghouse. With all the complains they will have to...

Riverstone Residential Group — rude behavior

Hello, I talked to some one named Ashley at Riverstone Residential Group Phone number [protected] regarding the Move Out Inspection form for [7421 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX...

Riverstone Residential Group/Grandridge Place Apartments — illegal charges & bad management

After I did all the work of advertising my unit so someone else could take over my lease early, the management staff changed their move in date and delayed them a month or so I...

Greystarrelentless bioterrorism executed in my living quarters

Greystar executives, technicians, and staff have launched the most pernicious assault on my health and life in recent days. Professional assassinators and ruthless bioterrorists affiliated with Greystar management group entered my living quarters on April 27, 2012, while I was at work. They contaminated all the food, coffee, and liquids in my refrigerator. The food supply and liquids were savagely contaminated while officer’s patrolled the property. The refrigerator was well secured with several combination and master locks. Only experts criminals and professional assassins who were authorized to gain access to codes for high security locks, along with assassins who process expertise to pick any master lock, combination lock, etc. within a civilized society could have picked the locks, got the codes, and entered my refrigerator.

In addition to ongoing food contamination in my living quarters under Greystar’s management, hired assassins and bioterrorists affiliated with this property management group have atrociously converted my living quarters into a death zone, using the air condition as a biological weapon of choice to wage bioterrorism to astutely execute my demise. These assassins deliberately sabotaged the air condition unit to make it blow Staphylococcus bacteria inside my living quarters.

Greystar management group is one of the most dangerous multifamily property manager providing living quarters to residents. This property management group has hired their own police offices to monitor the property, as residents are terrorized with malicious bioterrorism in their living quarters. They have also positioned deviant bioterrorists and lethal assassins who disguise themselves as carpenters, technicians, housekeepers, and maintenance workers mainly to execute evils of bioterrorism against residents, specifically minorities. The evil forces of organized crimes against humanity, vicious assassins, along with universal bioterrorists threaten the fabric of society and survival of the human race under this group’s management.

Riverstone Residential Group: Witham Hill Oaks — rude, disrespectful and horrible apartments.

Most disrespectful people I have ever had to talk to. They took our whole 600 dollar deposit and charged us 200 dollars after our moveout. The apartments at Witham Hill Oaks have...

Riverstone Residential Group — unlawful repair charges

We had a problem with our water heater leaking, which we hadn't notice the leak until we were cleaning our closet and discovered the water damage. The damage itsef also...

Greystar / Tiburon — management turning complex into a &polished turd!&

Where to start? Prostitution transactions in cars by the garbage cans, drug deals in cars right in front of the units, woman in broad daylight having guns put to their heads while...

Riverstone Residential Group — parking

manager refuses to deal with a serious parking problem...she has been told several times that a certain car is being stored in our parking lot (not moved in several weeks) yet it...

Greystar Management Services / Beachclub — untenable lease terms/complaints ignored/gross lease violations/undisclosed costs + rent

Right on target. Greystar had just bought the complex when I moved in. Undisclosed at lease signing was that I'd be forced to leave through six months of constant...

Greystar Management Services — completely ignored our complaints

We moved into these apartments over 2 years ago, and they were absolutly wonderful, small complex, mostly older, quiet people with small animals. Then Greystar Property Management...

Riverstone Residential Group / Woodhaven / Steed Properties — illegal business practices / fraud

The owner of Steed Properties brother is the General Manager of Riverstone Residential. Revierstone Residential Management has a hidden agenda. Check the BBB reports for both...

Riverstone Residential Group — unfair bussiness practice

About 4 yrs. ago I moved to University Walk Apt.. At the time of the moving the lady in charge of the rental off. told me that i needed a co-signature, because I was not making...