Riverstone Residential Groupillegal collection after emergency


my handicap husband broke his hip, caseworker and doctors said he could not return to home, let Kevin Parker who works for Riverstone Residential is not without receipts wanting to collect 10, 000, in damages i feel it is strange that the company has never spoke or contacted me just Kevin Parker he threatened to garnish my wages if I did not put 300 a month in a bank acct, this was done with not paperwork, he said he did 10, 000 dollars in repairs in 2 weeks i find it weird, I had 5month in my lease, he changed locks before I could finish i feel something very weird, he was disappointed I didn't have 10 grand sitting in bank to give him, my son in law did a lot of stupid damage but was unable to get away to fix, paid a relative help but to many road blocks, i had inspections and passed every 6 months all of a sudden he says nothing was done


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    Mayda M May 30, 2013

    I am having a big issue with them also. I gave my 2 months notice and when I went back they leasing agent stated that I never given a notice I was being charge for a penalty. I gave copy of my notice the assistant manager asked to signed that I was given notice that same day ... I recieve a letter from them that I owe 3000 for liquidated damages . This is a scam I do not know what to do the recievables manager is very rude she even call me yelling on the phone. I got prove I gave my notice . I do not know what to do anymore.

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    RiverstoneHater Dec 19, 2014

    You are totally true with KevinParker. I recently moved out of Hamphton Green apartments in Bellevue. He totally refuses to provide any invoices of damages occurred. This riverstone community is cheating to collect what ever they can or else to report to credit bureau. I wonder what happened finally in your case ? Did you get the invoices from him ? Please reply since I am in same boat as you.

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    Lola4566 Dec 11, 2015

    Kevin Parker is a vile human being. I had nothing but trouble living at one of their properties in WA. He called me EIGHT MONTHS after I moved out, threatening me with lawsuits and garnishments if I didn't pay over $1, 000 I didn't even owe. I sued them in small claims court and won $1, 000 which THEY had to pay ME. Bite me, Kevin Parker.

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