RIU Hotels & Resortsbad customer service and unwillingness to help the guests

E Nov 14, 2017

Hello Me and my partner stayed at two of your hotels in Puerto Vallarta from Nov 9th thru Nov 13th. I'm writing to you guys because I want to let you guys know about the horrible experience and the lack of customer service skills your employees have and the unwillingness to help your guests at these locations.
Everything started when we first arrive at the Riu Palace Pacifico that was the resort I had originally booked and we were very excited because we always heard my sister talking about how good that company is. When we checked in we got assigned to a room that had no view at all, it was far from everything. We spoke to the person at the front desk and they said they could not help us with anything because the hotel was all booked, however the hotel wasn't that full and we are sure that they had rooms available but since they are not willing to help the guests they didn't do anything. I told them that basically the only thing that we could see from our room was the roof of the lower level and they said that it was unfortunate. They also said that they would put us on a waiting list to see if something came up. So at the end nothing happened and on Saturday afternoon when we got back from a tour we found a note on the door for me to go and speak with Paola Garcia Director or Manager. I really don't remember what she does there. So I went and she said that it was unfortunate that we didn't like our room and that she was going to have a room available for us on Monday (Monday is my check-out day).
Me and my partner travel to different resorts all the time and they always try to make the guests happy, however this is not the case at this location.
At that time my partner was really upset because there is absolutely nothing to do at the hotel after 10pm, we could sit outside in the balcony but there was nothing to see other than a roof, so he went to talk to Paola and he explained everything and also told her that we would take a downgrade if we could not get a different room at the Palace. We even asked them that we would pay extra if they gave us a different room. After 30 mins of trying to make her understand she said that it was fine, and that she would call Riu Jalisco and see if they could give us a room.
At that time everything worked out just fine and we moved to the other hotel. At the Jalisco most of the things were ok, however a lot of the bartenders are rude and they look at the guests like they (the guests) are begging for free stuff and the waiters in a lot of the restaurants don't even greet the guests nor offer drinks not even when they see your meal already in front of you.
The biggest problem that I found with this place is that they don't really care about the guests and what happened on my last night there really showed that they don't care about anything. On the last day we spent the whole day at the pool, had a few drinks but nothing big. At night when we got back to the room, my partner was vomiting, I thought he was just drunk but that was not the case. All of the sudden he became unconscious, pupils non-reactive and his respiration rate was high, and he was also having shortness of breath.
I called the front desk and told them that I needed help and told them what was going on. They said that they would have the doctor call me. When he called me he said "he is just drunk", at that moment I got really mad because I'm a registered nurse and I know that there was more than just being drunk. So I told him that I am a nurse and that there was something not right about this and what he said was "you might be a nurse but I'm a doctor" and he just hung up. I then called the front desk again and asked to call an ambulance that I was going to take him to the hospital. Right after the doctor called me back and told me that taking him to the hospital would be expensive and that just the ambulance would be like $500. I told him that it was not about the money and that I knew that there was something going on and I was not going to leave him there.
When the EMS arrived the doctor had told them that he had seen the patient but that was not true, otherwise I would of had never called the ambulance. The same thing when we got to the hospital, the doctor called to give them report about a patient that he had never seen. If he would of came to the room, I could had probably saved the $1000+ USD that I had to pay for the hospital and the ambulance.
The doctor at the hospital said that it looked like he consumed some kind of altered alcohol and that this happens a lot in Mexico now.
One of the things that also got me upset was the fact that they didn't even call to see how he was doing or if he had made back to the hotel, I understand that by having a lot of guests it could be impossible to just focus on a couple, but I'm sure not everyday you see people being taken to the hospital in an ambulance with the person connected to oxygen and completely lethargic.
I don't know if all the Riu Hotels are like this but I have to be honest and tell you that by far this has been the worst vacation I have had, the locations are very nice, but the care for the guests is just not there. And I can say this about 2 of your hotels because I stayed in two of them in this short vacation and with that customer service I think I would never try to book another vacation in your hotels.

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