Rite AidI am complaining about rite aid associate

H Nov 22, 2017

hi my name is josa.i am reguler customer.every wednesday when i go the rite aid one indian guy and indian men his name habib r her name is showan both are talk each other and laugh so loutly they dont care customer and no attantion to the customer i follow that when customer ask some thing they feel ignore they customer service are so bed they always busy to them own toppic they speak always hindi they dont speak english .to day i went rite aid same thing they this to me today also i show 3 more indian girls they was talking each other so shouting and laughing this this not like store as like indian home.when i went shawon register she keep talking to habib she didnt attantion to me when i am asking her some question she like ignore me and she talking about me with indian guy her own language .and told her pleace can you try to give me all cool item one beg and detergent different beg but she dint care me she just talking and talking with guy and she gave me whatever she want she gave me food and detergent together she get med when i told her your customer service so bed .i will complain about she say didnt do anything wrong.when guy asking what happen she telling him some thing about me her by her more thing one item that she charge extra price but that less price on the floor sing.but she doesnt want to check.i am really feel bed that work place like so distrabing to customer all indian employee like busy to talk each other.all the time when i go like wednesday so disgusting service gave me the indian girl'i was looking for manager one girl say he is not here.

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