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Revlon complaints 104

Revlon - colorsilk beautiful colour

My mother and I have been using Nice & Easy Hair Die for many years. We switched to Revlon Colorsilk a few months ago as it is more cost effective. Our hair has become extremely thin and started...

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Revlon - revlon flex ultra strong hold non-aerosol hairspray

I have been searching all stores for the above product but cannot find any stock. Even in KZN where we recently were on vacation. Please let me know what the problem is or whether the product ha...

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Revlon - photoready concealer color deep 6

I'd like to know what happened 2 these concealer colors. I've read all over the Internet how not just the Deep 6 but other colors seem to have been changed. Is there a bad batch? Or was this an actual decision to make the shades two to three Hughes lighter than each number used to be? I really want an answer to this because it took a very long time to find a concealer that I could match against my Olive tones. I would buy them up to 8 at a time and then suddenly won't up with my first bad batch . I've traveled a lot this year so I've gone across the country trying to find the original DEEP 6 PHOTOREADY CONCEALER and just kept finding more of that same horrible pink concoction. This is totally annoying and unnecessary. Also are you just making concealers of this type for super fair skin now? Because it doesn't even get close to medium skin tones never mind anybody with dark skin and the other concealers are terrible! I tried your liquid version of this product and it was chalky. If in fact this color was changed on purpose I will never buy another Revlon product again and make sure that I share this information with everybody I know especially anyone with medium to dark skin! Just so you know I've gone to Walmart in Virginia, Washington, Connecticut, Florida Etc and found the original color in one Walmart in Virginia and bought 6 at once. I ordered them from Amazon and received the wrong color again, correct number (Deep 6) and had to send them back. What's going on Revlon? Please answer.

Revlon - revlon colorsilk #10

Yes I had purchased # 10 and had an awfully bad reaction to your haircolor.. I did it on a Friday afternoon for a date I had that night did everything I was supposed to do . I HAVE BEEN USING YOUR COLOR MONTHLY FOR ALMOST 15 YEARS ...Anyway within 3 hours of coloring my head started itching bad I immediately went and shampooed my hair and blowdryed as usual. Didn't think much of it . By morning time I woke up and the swelling set in, I was kinda freaking out it started in my forehead almost Frankenstein looking by 2 that afternoon my Face and eyes were so swollen and disfigured .. I went to the emergency room and there they kept me for observation and then sent me home with some pills Prednisone.. ( It also burned my head and neck and behind my ears. As it still kept oozing yellowish stuff from my scalp and then harden like I have never seen before) They didnt kick in for at least 2 days and not by much. I lost some hair in patches smaller than a dime, it took nearly a week for all the swelling to suffice .. Please can someone contact me about this issue I do have pictures and hospital papers for proof .. my number is [protected]
Thank you, Sabrina Hales

Revlon - nutri color cream

I purchased 812 and 713 color cream from adore beauty website who claim they sell genuine products and I was assured by a sales rep at Adore that it was genuine revlon product. A few months back I...

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Revlon - mitchum - cust. complaint no 003445675a - no response! no customer support in south africa

Revlon has a serious customer service problem in South Africa. Their products are not supported by local SA customer staff. You phone [protected] and the extention are either busy, not working, engaged or no answer. When you do get through you speak to a person in USA whom never returns your call or email you submitted 4 times just to repeat the same process with another person a day or 2 later. Again no feedback, resolution or any customer support. Revlon please take your products from the SA market and sell them only in the USA where you could try to support people. In SA you are a total customer service disaster.

Revlon - hair color (blond)

Hello, Twice now I have purchased your hair color in hopes of going from a very light almost blond to a true blonde. With the first color it turned my hair almost orange. 5 months later I color...

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Revlon - revlon eyeliner

pencil eyeliner that you have to sharpen... the last 8 eyeliners that I have bought have been faulty. I buy them at Target Superstore in Rochester, MN. When I try to sharpen them they get all clogged in the sharpener and break off. Very frustrating as this is the only eyeliner I like to use. I use the very black/black. I have decided to try and different brand.

Revlon - 206 jade eyeliner colorstay crayon contour

I have purchased 3 of these eyeliners in the past 2 weeks.. Everytime i use these it breaks off
I can't afford to buy eyeliner there something wrong with the product lately? I have used this eyeliner for over a year now and have not had this problem before. I would barely touch it to my eye area n it would break off making it impossible to put the eyeliner on

Revlon - revlon color stay

I bought two Revlon color stay eyeliners at the same time. One black and one black Violette. I use them both together always every day. I use 2-3 more black and use the Violette as a little...

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Revlon - revlon curling iron model rv052 type rc52m

My wife was curling her hair with this curling iron before work all of sudden I saw a flash an she screamed. The wire going into the curling iron sparked by the base were it goes into the iron. She...

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Revlon - mitchum deodorant

My recent purchase of Mitchum Deodorant is the worse stuff I have ever used. I miss the old kind that is unscented. This has a powder fresh scent that stinks worse than a out house. It is all you can smell. i have stop using it. Why do you people always feel a need to fix what isn't broken. I have used the product for as long as I can remember. At least 30 years. I paid nearly five dollars for this stinky mess due to health reasons they will not take it back. Sell this crap to someone who wants to bath in this stinky stuff.
Very bad scent Powder Fresh.

Revlon - colorstay lip liner (nude)

I recently went to our local Walgreens and purchased my usual lip liner which is Revlon Color Stay in Nude. This was a new shade for me. I normally use raisin but thought to go lighter for the...

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Revlon - eye lash curler

5/4/2018 To Whom It May Concern: I am pretty upset, as you can see in the photos that my eyelashes were partially ripped off by one of your eyelash curlers. I am not sure how this is even...

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Revlon - mitchum

I recently boughy my husband the new mitchum triple odor defense. The product works awesome but there is a problem with the twist roll up thing as it does not want to roll the invisible solid antiperspirant up or down.
This seems to be a defect on the packing. Please advice on what to do as it has only been used a few times.

Shaaiesta James

Revlon - revlon colorsilk packaging

I bought Revlon color silk hair dye like I usually do, but this time the bottle that holds the color looked like it had been tampered with because it looked stained. I did not use it and plan to return it to the store but then I thought it's not really their fault. The package did not seem to be tampered with. Just the bottle inside. I have been happy with this product because it is a good value and it works just as well as the other brands. I love that it is ammonia free. I still plan to continue to buy this product, but hope I don't see this issue happened again or I may have to switch brands. I appreciate that your company makes affordable products. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Diane Seulean

Revlon - colorsilk 48 burgundy 130 ml

I am disgusted with this product I had natural blonde hair in great condition I used the Colorsilk 48 Burgundy 130 mL and it's damaged my hair terribly and it's a totally different colour it's dark brown damaged and dry it's terrible. I would like to know what you are going to do to rectify this problem.
It looks terrible and feels awful I followed all instructions correctly and I'm so upset with the outcome. I would like to know what you are going to do about it

Revlon - colorstay eyeliner... brown/black

Have been using this eyeliner for a few years and the last 6 or 7 liners have some kind of defect. The liner will not go on without going back and forth several times. Also the tips break easily with just gentle pressure being applied.
Very disappointing since I always liked this brand.
The last 6 or 7 liners I've had to throw away since they do NOT apply $6-$7 for each, I'm going to have to try a different brand, since the problem has not been fixed.

Revlon - revlon blush

Pics attached. Revlon changed it's blush case to a larger size with a mirror which was a nice change. I have a favorite shade, 018 - Orchid Charm. I bought the new designed case and the blush broke...

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Revlon - 1875 hair dryer model # rv544

I don't recall how long ago I purchased the revlon 1875w hair dryer, model #rv544, but I do remember that it was purchased as a replacement. The one replaced was another, similar revlon 1875 hair...

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