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Luminess Air reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 3, 2008. The latest review overcharged a scam was posted on Jun 21, 2021. The latest complaint money for product not received, is not returned was resolved on Jan 26, 2019. Luminess Air has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 137 reviews. Luminess Air has resolved 67 complaints.

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1888 793 7474 (Customer Service)
1877 749 5777 (Makeup Club)
1888 262 1825 (Accounting & Credit Card Billing Related)
12802 Capricorn Dr.
Stafford, Texas
United States - 77477
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Luminess Air Complaints & Reviews

Luminess Airovercharged a scam

this company is so fraudulent charges me every 2 weeks since 1st of april i had trial payment and 3 more payments on june 11 and and june 18 i was charged bi weekly payments since march i have requested the installment plan as they say i never heard of such they wont take the junk back colors are disgusting i want to see it but better yet i want this cancelled was informed i couldnt i had my attorneys look at it suggested i start here if this doesnt work we will push to class action suit against the company so much for the reputation of this organization i want them to know it cost me 25 to get new bank card from my bank which thank god recognized as FRAUD the charges

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    Luminess AirApplicator & makeup

    Received product leaking & poorly packaged, make up caked. Replacement product was leaking all over packaging. Told to return with authorization number on box on all size by USPostal Service. They were the product was damaged and leaking, but insisted that it all be returned at my cost. Then they claimed they did not received the product. I shipped by USPS and the product was leaking. This problem seems to be a reoccurring problem with them. Now they want me to pay them $190 for their broken product with damaged packing & never returned my $19.95. So they sent my account to collections. I will never pay them a dime. It a scam!

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      Mar 20, 2021

      Luminess Air — Airbrush sys

      *COMPLETE FRAUDS* 1st off I wasn't pleased that in less than 30 days I was charged over $67!! That...

      Luminess AirMy points i have an 80 dollar credit and cant get help with an order

      they have sent me emails to order your magnetic eyelashes i dont under stand it and cant get it to go thru and no one will help me put it thru and it will expire at the end of the month could some one help me, I have tried many times and cant get it i dont understand why it has to be on a computer and cant get any help with doing this I cant see losing my credits

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        Luminess AirOver charged missing some of my order

        Well I ordered for there trysilk promotion for 19.95 for the 30 day trial before regular payment and well turns out they took two first time payments the same day I ordered it 1 for 28.50 and another for 67.61 both of which came out august 24, 2020, I didn't receive it until today sept. 12, 2020, it did not come properly packaged, had no dvd or instructions and the box of liquid cosmedics was open and scattered when I got it plus missing some items. Not happy at all extremely regretting getting it

        Over charged missing some of my order

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          Aug 06, 2020

          Luminess Air — The spray machine

          My husband bought me Lumineers Air for my birthday and when I finally got it, I was truly disappointed, it...

          Luminess AirPricing

          Ordered Luminess Airbrush kit with understanding 30 day free trial for $19.95, after 30 days 3 "Monthly payments "of $39.99 plus $4.95 shipping. I guess their "Monthly" and my "Monthly" doesn't mean the same!!! They took out 3 payments in 5/25-$42.25+1.00, 5/21-$47.57, $5/27-$43.25 and in July another payment will be taken out! The $43.25 payment was for makeup that I knew nothing about at the time of purchase! The makeup amount is sent every other month and taken out of bank! Sly, shifty, a lot not disclosed at purchase! Buyer beware!!
          They want to give you points in exchange for refunds!!

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            • Ey
              Eyoree Feb 05, 2021

              Luminess Air- Horrible rip off scam I agree they are a ridiculous ripoff and scam. Someone told me to order it because it was such a deal but we didn't realize what a horrible scam Luminess Air is. When I found out it would be any more then the discounted one time payment I cringed and want to throw up but when they now are calling their collections team to collect over the amount that the product is saying it cost plus interest and saying its too late to send it back. I never used this product its crap, The makeup is cheap and I wouldn’t use it one a dogs butt. I am not a movie star why would I need to go broke spray painting my face. Nooo I can not believe how rude they are. This is definitely a ripoff scam. They disgust me Im sick just thinking about it. They should be shut down! Horrible scam! You can't charge over the amount for the product then charge three times more after the first month then take away the discount all together and lie about what the deal was in the first place. Very Disappointing that they have such bratty people ripping people off in such a crappy way. Shame on them! They shouldn’t get away with this!

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            Luminess Airluminess air - auto charging with no option to return product or cancel...

            I purchased the product with the trial bases on July 30th, never opened it, because I was out of town when it arrived. A month later, I noticed a $59/charge on cc, called and was told I could NOT return, since it was past the 30 days. When I ordered the product I was never told I had only 30 days to return, but when I called they referred me the online T&C. Then told I had two more charges coming and additional subscription fees which I was completely unaware off. I was told I could cancel the auto subscription but was STUCK with auto pay and could NOT return the product. NEVER will I ever recommend this product or Co. Complete misrepresentation with no recourse for resolution. Most companies offer up-to 90 return policy, particularly for products which are still unopened. DO NOT TRUST... Complete and total FRAUD. Consumer Beware or Warning of fraudulent practices by BBB at minimum...

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              Luminess AirUnauthorized charge on my credit card.

              i stupidily ordered your product back in May or June. I didn't like it, talked to your rep. Seemed like to much trouble to send back. I decided to give to friend and told your rep not to ever send another product.
              My credit card has been charged $93.93 for no reason on Aug 22. I have not ordered or recieved any products from you. Please credit my card with refund.
              Betty Preston 252 Shady Banks Ln, Kenova WV 25530
              [protected] Please call or email

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                Luminess Airreturn policies

                I purchased an airbrush set with a free trial of 30 days. I returned the item but they are disputing it. I realized that there are hundreds of complaints on the BBB for the same thing. I call again in March of 2019, after I got a letter threatening to send my account in collections. This was a year after the initial process and thought I got the problem resolved. Today I was told that account was never closed and since they don't have a tracking number I still owe on my account. I am already in collections. I was told that because the customer service agent no longer works there, they are not honoring it. The reason I'm in collections is because I changed my phone number and no one was able to contact me. I am being told that I should have known that the agent didn't take care it and it wasn't closed. My account is still in collections and the customer service agent lied to me and said they listened to a recording of the phone call. The supervisor admitted the agent lied but they are still refusing to close my account. Another supervisor also admitted that the agent I spoke to in May made a mistake. They are still "working" on it. This is such a scam.

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                  Jul 19, 2019

                  Luminess Air — luminess air foundation

                  This company does not have their act together!!! Buyer beware!!! I placed initial order 6/06/2019 and...

                  Jul 08, 2019

                  luminessAir.com — foundation shade 120, & 130

                  Received starter kit however after application of foundation noticed that the shade is not deep enough for my...

                  Jul 05, 2019

                  Luminess Air — air makeup machine

                  Went to buy online and no mention of 3 monthly payment s after the advertised cost. They said it was in fine...

                  Luminess Air30 day money back guarantee

                  Ha! What a scam. First of all, the customers service person was very difficult to understand because English was not his first language. Second, had I been told that I could not get my money back I certainly would not have purchased this stuff. The makeup did not work for me at all (I think the quality was quite poor) and the machine is very cheaply made. I am willing to return it but their return process is so cumbersome for an unhappy customer. Other retailers will provide shipping but not this SCAM of a company. They expect me to pay for return shipping (and not the slow kind either because they only give you so many days to return it) and there are several "rules" for how your returns must be handled.

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                    Jun 28, 2019

                    Luminess Air — auto order

                    I cancelled this service two months ago. Last month, and this month, there have been charges on my debit...

                    Luminess Airluminess air

                    I was just watching their commercial where they stated hassle free returns I've read hundreds of comments where that is farthest from the truth also if their not charging for shipping and handling then why are the refunds minus shipping and handling when I signed up I had to pay some fee which made it more then 19.95 but it doesn't say what it's for also you basically only have 2 weeks to try if you dont like it you need to send it back before the 30 days are up or they will charge you and I don't think we should pay to mail it back to them if we dont like it also I didn't know they enroll to receive makeup every month for 39.95 and the free gifts I didn't realize the eyeshadow is under the lip gloss isn't this blatant false advertising and why are they allowed to state what isn't true. Their make up made my face feel like I had a pound of it on plus it stains. They need to be shut down why isn't the Texas attorney general involved the product is a total ripoff and I'm sick of the commercials

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                      Luminess Airluminess air makeup sprayer and makeup shipments

                      I attempted to return the machine to no avail. I was told that I could not. I continued to receive makeup shipments even after I had attempted to return the machine. I have at least 6-12 unopened packages of this makeup. I canceled my credit card and had them issue a new card but you were able still to continue charging my card. I have lost TONS of money on this makeup and I do not want any of it. I have made that perfectly clear. I want the charges to stop. I want the shipments to stop and I would like to return ALL of my unopened makeup packages for a full refund...I have attempted to cancel this. I do not want it. I haven't wanted any more product since the first time I used this awful machine.

                      My name is Monica Pendergast
                      My email is [protected]@yahoo.com but I am not even sure that is recognized because I am unable to login. It may be linked to my Facebook account.
                      My phone number is [protected].
                      My address is 1356 Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044

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                        Luminess Airluminess air brush system

                        Alright, so I bought this device for my mother over two years ago on 11/20/17, however, she never ended up using it. I don't intend or care about a refund for the machine, however, my problem has been trying to cancel my subscription service for a machine that's not even being used. The website doe not give an option to cancel, and customer service is extremely difficult. I've spent the last year trying to settle this and I just can take it anymore.

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                          Apr 17, 2019

                          Luminess Direct LLC — their fraud charges

                          This company does not know how to take no for an answer. I had cancelled via email two times then called and...

                          Apr 10, 2019

                          Luminess Air — I ordered the entire system.

                          I have never opened the box and they refuse to take it back. The only refund I'll get is for the make-up they...

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