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Vanilla Visa Gift CardI purchased 2 gift cards $500 & $200 neither card worked

I was advised by their corporate office there was nothing they can do and I was hung up on and blocked. After calling the 800 number on back of the card the agents were not able to see any funds deposited to the cards and said it is under investigation should have taken 7 to 10 days it has been 30 days. I received a claim number for both cards that were invalid. At this junction I am no longer able to discuss the card numbers because they have been deactivated. I am at a loss of $700.00 I am going to report this incident to the better business bureau next. I am so disgusted!!

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    Lad Heo Sep 19, 2019

    Vanilla Visa Gift Card / I purchased 2 gift cards $500 & $200 neither card worked

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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardgift card

Absolutely useless, most places don't accept them then you find the balance has disappeared by them taking £2 per month admin charge and considering the only admin is them taking money, surely this should NOT be legal!!!
Has anyone managed to get these outrageous charges refunded?
Also is there any associated gift cards that behave like so so as I can ensure I advise everyone I know to avoid them?

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    Heather Steelman Nov 30, 2018
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    Verified customer

    My card was decline but I should of had $50 left. I looked at the transactions and the money was spent at betamerica. I didnt even know what that was. So i googled it and I called betamerica, they said they get a lot of these calls about Vanilla cards.. SCAM ALERT!

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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardno refund of stolen funds

I was given a $300 VanillaVisa gift card from my boss in October. It was stolen, so I reported it to their customer service department. Was told I would get a replacement card. I received the replacement card and put it away for safe keeping, to use in December for the holidays. When I tried to use the replacement card in December, as planned, I was told that all of the funds, minus $5.95, was already used up. I called their customer service department again and was advised to fill out their dispute forms, but since the funds were used in October (from the original card) and I didn't try using the replacement card until December, I will probably not get much, if any, refunded. Don't use them! They will take your money and leave you with nothing.

Vanilla Visa Gift Cardunusable

I tried using my Vanilla Visa Gift card for a purchase $11.00 less than the value of the gift card and it was refused. When I called Vanilla VISA to ask why I was told it was because of a 15% Hold Back fee. I was told this is written int he Terms and Conditions. I took the time to read my included Terms and Conditions and it was not stated about a 15% hold back fee. What a rip off!!!

  • Do
    dont need it Aug 13, 2015

    I bought a vanilla gift card and put $100 on it fir ny bondsman now it says my card has already been activated..i never put in a pin number how can this be unless i been scamed

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Vanilla Visa Gift Carduseless

I purchased a gift card yesterday to be able to purchase Microsoft word online. Only to find out that you can't use the card for online purchases. No where on the packaging does it state that you cant use the card for such purpose. Since this was my first assignment needless to say I didnt get it done. And failed my first assignment. Doesnt look good on my school record already. Then when I tried to find out the balance on the card it told me the card had never been activated, when it clearly states that the card is activated at the register and immediately available for use. This card is useless do not every buy one for anyone or any purpose..You can guarantee that if i ever get my money back from this that i wont ever be purchasing another one...

  • Tr
    trollinallday Dec 31, 2011

    You're an idiot. You can too, you just have to call and register them. Which it does say on the package.

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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardcard unusable

I purchased a vanilla visa gift card so I could make some online purchases. I put $350.00 on the card. I can't even use it. I've tried to get through on the phone. No such luck. The automated service gives you an option to hold for a representative and then hangs up on you every time. I'm waiting to hear from my family member that I bought two additional "vanilla visa" gift cards for in the amount of $25.00 each. Yes that's $400.00 in total. I'm so pissed.

  • Ao
    Aoak Mar 09, 2011

    I have the same problem. I finally got through to customer support where a representative said that their systems have been down and the card has not been activated. She preceded to activate my card but it's still not working. No luck getting back in touch with them, I've been trying for the past 2 hours.

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  • Us
    USAF22 Mar 09, 2011

    Have the same problem. It worked yesterday, today no luck. They said their system is down. I'm leaving for afghanistan and thought I could use it the last day I was here to buy a gift for my wife, I hope I come back alive so I can use it. At least you might be able to get ahold of some one tomorrow. Good luck.

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  • Re
    readplease Aug 22, 2011

    If you people tak the time out to read the terms and conditions that comes w/ the card you would not have a problem using them. Remeber these are anonymous gift cards NO NAME, NO ADDRESS IS ATTATCHED!!! Some merchants do not accept card if address verification is not able to be checked it is up to that merchant!!! This is not your credit card or banking/debit card.

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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardvisa ripoff cards

As it is once more nearing Christmas time and others out there may be considering “gifting” these VISA prepaid cards, please be forewarned. They would be more aptly named as VISA RIPOFF cards. The one overriding common denominator that users are experiencing with these cards is that they are NOT user friendly. “Vanilla Visa” is one of the worst.

I have received several of these in the past, and it was like stumbling through an obstacle course trying to expend them. It took several unsuccessful attempts to use the cards, several phone calls to the card company’s customer service number (when I could ever get through), diligence, and lots of patience before my prepaid VISA “gift” cards were finally expended and even then, I as the customer had to dole out instructions to the store clerks regarding how to process them. If the purchaser is attempting to purchase something that costs more than the value on the gift card, the store clerk must calculate the cost difference in ADVANCE and collect the difference in cost from the customer BEFORE scanning the Visa gift card. If the store tries to scan the card FIRST (applying it against the total purchase price) and collect the cost difference from the customer second, the card will be declined. Despite the fact that store merchants who sell (and are supposed to accept) these cards have a written contract in place with VISA, supposedly instructing them on how to process these stupid things, most store clerks are clueless on how to go through this ridiculous exercise. Climbing Mount Everest is easier than trying to use one of these cards in a restaurant.

The companies who market these cards are counting on the fact that once purchased, most of the people who were “gifted” (more like stuck) with these cards will give up using them out of sheer frustration and that only adds to the profit the company has already made on the sale of the card itself. Additionally, the credit card issuers get to deduct ridiculous monthly fees from the value of the card when not redeemed over a certain length of time. It is better to gift either cash or a specific store gift card that can be applied toward purchases in a NORMAL fashion without having to go through the confusion and absurd nonsense that most of these VISA prepaid cards (as a whole) inflict on unsuspecting customers.

Vanilla Visa Gift Carddeceptive fees

The fine print is so small stating the fees charged 7 months after activation, that I could not read them w/my 20/20 eye sight. I ended up paying $17 in fees on a $25 gift card. The admin fee was $2.50 per month after activation and therefore, the use of Vanilla Visa is a complete ripoff.

  • Fe
    fedup consumer Dec 08, 2010

    Most persons who get "stuck" with trying to expend this card will completely agree. The cards are NOT user friendly and because most store clerks do not have a clue how to process them, users will continually be told that the card is "declined." The companies who market these cards are counting on the fact that once purchased, most of the people who were “gifted” with these cards will give up using them out of sheer frustration and that only adds to the profit the company has already made on the sale of the card itself. Additionally, the card issuers get to deduct ridiculous monthly fees from the value of the card when not redeemed over a certain length of time. Better to stay clear of them; they are nothing but a source of confusion and trouble.

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  • Di
    DIGUSTED IN FLORIDA Dec 08, 2012


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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardnot able to use

Received Vanilla Gift Card for Christmas, declined at store. Tried phone number on back to to check balance and get message unable to complete call at this time. Tried website and it will not display. What a rip off. Someone spent good money on the card to five to me.

  • Do
    don't give name Dec 26, 2009

    same problem today (same day, 12-26-09). Web sites appear shut down (both Vanilla Visa and myfastcard. com). Card declined at two stores and online. Toll free number on card worthless, no way to reach customer svc. Found old number on the Google-cached copy of and spent 18 minutes on hold to be told, basically: "sorry, can't help you, your card has a XX dollar amount balance, there is no problem" etc, same thing I already heard from the automated robot voice. This card appears to be a total scam. Avoid at all costs.

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  • An
    AN331 Jan 03, 2010

    DO NOT BUY THESE CARDS! This gift card program is unequivocally the most deceitful, greedy, abusive violation of a consumer’s trust in the Visa brand that I have ever seen. I purchased several gift cards for my 13 year old to take on vacation. She was very judicious about how she spent her money so she could use the money for other items when she returned from her vacation. As is typical for a 13 year old, she forgot about the cards and they sat in her wallet for some time. She pulled them out to Christmas shop for some of her friends and to our DISMAY AND ANGER the cards no longer had a balance. The entire balance was credited toward monthly fees. This monthly fee information is on the back of the card, barely legible due to the imprint of the card number. Intentional?? I believe this is a calculated practice on Visa’s part to deceive the consumer and increase profits from the gift card program. Seriously, how many people read the back of the card? This service charge should be clearly printed on the hangtag in large type so the customer understands BEFORE they purchase the card what the fees are. Between the monthly service fee and the fee charged upfront just to get the card, the “gift” card is the most disingenuous program I have ever encountered. It actually cost me for this convenience. I would have been better off taking a chance that my daughter would lose the actual cash while on vacation. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again will I ever purchase one of these cards!

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  • Ja
    JANICE ARNOLD Jan 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a gift care for christmas, got to use part of it, and had a balance, went to the store the following week and their is no balance. I called on the phone and was told their is no balance on my card. It is terrible you can't get your moneys worth on a gift card. Janice Arnold

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  • Jo
    Joshua Vitale Jan 26, 2011

    This card is the most horrible gift card I have ever recieved in my entire life. Never buy this card for someone else. You will be wasting your money and causing them trouble when they go to use it. When I recieved this card I tried to buy some items online that are within the U.S. so it should not have been a problem. Then it said that the card could not be validated. So i went to the website and entered in a zip code to supposedly validate it. Tried again, it still didn't work. So i called the number and then it said my balance was $23.00. The card was worth $25 dollars and they charged me fees to validate it to not get it to work anyway and to call the number on the card. Now i have this card that don't work and it makes me never want to trust visa again.

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Vanilla Visa Gift Cardcan't use the card/declined

On June 11/09 I bought a Vanilla Visa gift card as a present to my sister, she tried to use it on 3 different places and they told her that the card was declined. I called the number on the back of the card and they said that it wasn't activated properly that I needed to go to the store where I got the card (Dollar General/Asheville/Patton Ave.) until 3 attempts to have somebody to help me the Assistant Manager called vanilla visa from there and they gave her some instructions but at the end she told me that I had to come back when the Gral. Mngr. get to the store that he would help me.

I went the following day and he did the same thing, called Vanilla Visa again and told him to read the card number and then the number on the outside of the card cover and they told him that the numbers did'nt match and he resumed that he couldn't do anything because the numbers didn't match, implying that I have changed the original card from the card cover.

How did I know that the numbers matched when I bought the card if I didn't opened it when I bought it, this was a gift card that you give away the way you buy it. Until this day I cannot use the card.

I feel helpless, like if they just STOLE my money and didn't even want to investigate how this mistake was done.

  • Ro
    RobertHarris Dec 31, 2009

    I bought a $25 vanilla gift card to be able to bet it online. It is now being declined so I decided to call the company and speak with a representative about the issue. I have been on hold for 40 minutes waiting on "the next available representative". So my only assumption is that either nobody wants to work for them or there are way too many issues that need to be resolved.. unbelievable
    -Robert Harris Proctorville, OH

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  • Pe
    PeachTea Mar 04, 2010

    I purchased a 35$ vanilla visa and payed the 5$ activation fee, which is a joke. I read the information that came with it and realized I should register it online before trying to make an online purchase. I registered it online, and tried to make a purchase, only to find that it was declined! I tried to purchase again assuming I had typed a number in wrong, and it was declined again! I checked my accound balence to find that I had 7.85 cents left... what?! Turns out that the two transactions were "pending" and the money was in electronic limbo, neither spent, nor available. I contacted the store I was purchasing from, and they only showed one attempt and were not able to collect funds, because they weren't there. He contacted visa and they said there was nothing they could do, I contacted visa CS and got the same response. The merchant I was purchasing from was only able to cancel the order. The visa CS said I would have to wait a week to get my money back and that the entire process was automated by a program and that they could not do anything about it!! Although, my money was refunded, I'm upset that I had to wait a week just to get my money back and for the card to realize it was registered for me to make a purchase.

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Vanilla Visa Gift Card — it won't work

My mother bought my brother and I our own $50 Vanilla Visa gift cards for our birthdays from CVS. We soon...