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HH GregTrying to rip off a widow

HH GREGG HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED!! I have been trying for 2 YEARS to get something straightened out!! My husband passed away in Oct of 2008 after a very short battle with cancer(he lived 55 days from the day we found out he was even sick) and I missed my payment in November because I WAS GRIEVING and in SHOCK over the loss of my beautiful sweetheart!

When I got the bill in December and realized that I had missed the payment I went ahead and PAID THE BALANCE IN FULL(the payoff amount not the balance)!! In February I received a bill for a about $500.00 and when I called they explained that since I missed the payment in November it was for the interest since I had 0% interest for a year. I explained the circumstances and that I had already paid this in FULL and the supervisor that I spoke with said that was very understandable and she would have this taken care of immediately and that I would receive confirmation in the mail. Needless to say this never came but a new bill with late charges and more interest did!

Never mind the fact that the interest should have shown on the December statement and that it seems like this was a complete SCAM to try and get more money out of people!! I was not running out on something I owed, I PAID THE BALANCE IN FULL!! It has been two years and they are reporting this on my credit as unpaid debt and every time I called they would say they would have it taken care of and did not!! Month after Month I would go through this, getting someone that spoke English was also very difficult.

I need to refinance my home since I am now a single income household and when I went to do this my mortgage company informed me that HH GREGG had reported me as deceased so I could not refinance!! When I called them about this they said they didn't do it and that I could not speak with a supervisor and that one would call me. She could not give me a time frame and also said that it was impossible to speak with anyone higher and that she didn't know who I could contact to lodge a complaint or who their president and CEO was! She said that if I wanted to find out that I would need to do the research myself!!

Once again another RUDE associate. I am living pay check to pay check and need to REFINANCE MY HOME and have HH GREGG correct THEIR ERROR!! I am beyond frustrated and cannot seem to find anyone that is willing to step up and correct their error.

HH GregNo Service - High End TV

Purchased very high end Sony TV from HH Greg and 3 weeks later the TV quit working. Have been unable to get the service dept to return my call to schedule service. Employee with HH Greg told me that they are in the business of selling the TV and not serviceing them and it really was'nt their problem. Suuggested that I call Sony.

I sent a complaint to HH Greg Corp and have yet to get a responce. I call everyday and still nothing.

I spent $4000 on the this TV as a family gift. This is a lot of money and a big sale for HH Greg. What in the world is the logic of this company, do they honestly think Ill ever purchase from them again. Do they think Ill ever recommend anyone to purchase from them.

HH Greg sucks!! I plan on telling everyone I know!!!

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    Gwen Sep 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I purchased a high end washer and dryer with Hh Gregg in May. About 20 days later it started giving problems. I purchased the extended "lemon" policy at the salesman's encouragement as he indicated after 3 calls for the same thing, I get a new appliance. Almost 5 months and 8 calls for the SAME problem, I still do not have a working dryer. I am sick of this company and WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM THEM. THEY ARE HORRIBLE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. I JUST WISH THERE WAS SOME WAY TO LET EVERYONE KNOW OTHER THAN THIS WEB SITE. I have spoken the the General manger of the store and he refuses to do anything for me other than direct me to continue to call repair companies. No it is not costing me anything other than the 100's I am spending at the laundrymat on drying clothes for a family of five. They could not care less about any of this, however I hope the word gets out. Today's economy is not going well and they should be more appreciative of customers.

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    cwood Oct 28, 2008
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    If I was you I would report them to the better business bureau. It will get checked out then and then make a complainy to the Attorney Generals office for being scammed they had to honor the warranty and since they did not will cost them at the end.

    Good luck

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    Bailey151 Jun 03, 2016
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    My experience seems similar to others here. Delivery of LG refrigerator was bad. Sub-contractor couldn't be bothered to remove the doors = damage to the door of my house. Had to listen to a string of complaints about how hard it was to deliver (like it's my fault your 3rd grade education nets you such a job). Didn't bother setting up the appliance - didn't drop the leveling legs or even remove all the plastic = nice job! Glad I didn't have them hook up the water - that would have gone well

    HH Gregg doesn't care a bit - attitude is "oh well, too bad for you".

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Resolved HH GregScam and cheating

My husband bought me a new washer and dryer from HH Greg. They setup the dryer and it wouldn't work so they had to take it back. They said that we would have the dryer delivered on Sunday. When my husband called and we still had not heard from them, had me call the delivery number. They had us scheduled for Monday. Once he called he got the run around and we were not going to be home to receive the delivery during the week.

He canceled the order on the dryer and went to Best Buy. It wouldn't be so bad except that his mother is very ill and we needed the set to help me keep up with her laundry and ours.

I just hope he doesn't have a problem with getting his refund, as I have read in this column.

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    Afrc Queen Nov 21, 2010

    only refund for 10 days

    called because I bought a frigidaire range. It stinking up the house it smell like paint fumes but they say not possible. It is cramping up my stomache and makeing me a little light headed.
    Its the gas line they say. dont buy frigidaire stoves, ranges ovens what ever you want to call them. dont buy from hhgreg. stove is selfcleaning gas stove with long oval burner in center on top for griddle and four other burners. Has setting for pizza and chicken nuggets. buyer beware. It woudl be a nice stove if u could stand to be in the house with it or u wore a gas mask.

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    Scott Shepard Oct 17, 2012

    HH Greg Workmen installed a new dish washer, and it works every other turn on . I talked to factory rep who suggested that i kill the power at the fuse box each time it doesn't work. Something about resetting the computer. I will not set foot inside this store again on principle.

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