Republic Servicesbilling issues



Republic is a monopoly in Las Vegas!

We have never needed trash service on our home in Las Vegas as we are part time residents.

4 years after we bought our new home there, Republic sends us a bill for $429.00! When I called to ask what it was for, they told me Clark County has a mandatory ordinance that any home that has electricity turned on in their home must have trash service. They said they did an audit through Clark County and sent bills out to those who didn't have it.

First of all, it's unlawful to "back bill" for services never rendered. Why didn't Republic simply mail out notices informing those without trash service of the mandatory ordinance in Clark County? Then, start billing? Being out of state, and owning a home in Las Vegas, we had no way of knowing about the ordinance unless someone told us. The homebuilder claims it's not their responsibility.

For other part time residents experiencing this frustration, please contact the Clark County Commissioner for your specific district.

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