American Disposal Services Complaints & Reviews

American Disposal Services / garbage

Jun 04, 2019

0 out of 10. I have had services with these guys for a little over a year and I have always been disappointed. They have missed my trash can more times than I can count. Now not only have they missed my can, but they have not been to my entire neighborhood in the last three weeks. THREE...

American Disposal Services / residential

Apr 22, 2019

I live at 15883 beaver dam road in montclair va. The recycle guys took my cardboard but the styrofoam I had for the trash, they threw it to the side and it blew all over my yard and they just left them there!!! It was their fault that this blew away since they threw it. I am sick of almost...

American Disposal Services / refusal to pick up trash and recycling

Mar 14, 2019

American Disposal has missed the last three trash and recycling pick up days. Every time I call and every time they say they will send someone out to collect. No one ever comes. When I asked for a refund for services not performed, they told me I had the choice of receiving a refund of...

American Disposal Services / multiple failures to pick up trash, nasty &customer service& reps


Repeatly failed to pick up trash and recycling over the course of 8 months. You have to call their office to have them come and pick up trash, and then they will only do it on their weekly schedule. Phone "customer service" reps are downright nasty and rude, when you can finally get them...

American Disposal Services / got the run around and never received refund


I paid for service a year a time to save money. When I was selling my house so I gave them notice, when house sold I cancelled service. The unused months of service was to be refunded to me. First they said it takes 3 months to do a refund, when if I was starting up service they would...