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M Sep 10, 2018


I am turning to you regarding a car rental I've made reservation for on Friday, Sep 7th, at Madrid Airport, confirmation number 42706035GB1, booking reference [protected]. I've had terrible experience regarding this car rental I want to share it with you, with the intention to avoid these situations from happening again.

At Budget's rental desk we've been greeted by a certain woman employee who wouldn't want to share with us her name, saying that she doesn't need to (a photo of this employee  is in the attachment). 

After some discussion regarding paying card, during which this lady was extremely rude, raising her voice, screaming and pointing finger at me, the employee has told me that since I don't have two cards of my own, she can give me the car of the lower category but by the same price. After trying to change reservation with her, she told us multiple times she cannot do that and that we have to call the customer service from Rental cars (which I did and they told me only at Budget's rental desk the reservation can be changed). 

After agreeing to accept the lower class car by the same price, the employee flipped and said 'I don't want to give you car'. She returned my documents and refused to service us. I have tried explaining that she cannot make decision like that by her own, but she insisted on being rude, yelling and eventually threating to call the police. We have moved from the spot without any information what we can do from here.

We have tried to talk to manager, who has been there when we've arrived, the employee called her and said she cannot come. 

In conclusion, the experience with which my supposed vacation in Madrid has started, was really bad say the least. I couldn't get the car which I paid for, while having a really unpleasant encounter, which made my and my family's plans for getting proper vacation ruined.

On top of that we paid for a service which we didn't receive and they took the deposit from the card without giving the car.

This is unacceptable.

I am waiting for your response. 


Yoav Murlager

car rental; budget madrid airport

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