RentalCars.combusiness model is to hide high fees


I purchased the services of and the precharged my credit card. When i went to pick up the car at the kiosk, the attendant informed me that there would be a mandatory insurance fee of $100 (62% mark up on the original price). The attendant was apologetic and says that this frequently happens with Given the new price, i declined the service and immediately contacted to cancel the service. The company sent me an email one day later saying they allowed me to cancel the service but would issue no refund. I have called several times to the company, but I could not speak with anybody with decision making power. All correspondence was very bureaucratic. There whole business model is to offer something cheap by hiding (high) fees. I would not recommend this service to anybody. It was not that much cheaper to begin with. The offer a product that has a true price very different that advertised. It is almost criminal. In the end, I was out $150 with no car rental.


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    Chester1278 Jul 06, 2017

    Most of the company, car providers wants to sell their insurance and say that we can't have the car if we do not pay extra insurance which is just to sell the own insurance. Other thing is that you have to have credit card which is obliged to pick up the cat. This info states in T&C, if you come to the locations with debit card, you have to take local insurance if not, no car. When I did my first booking I checked T&C 10 times as was scared of extra charges etc and it was writen in not my mative language. I noticed different company have different fuel policy, cancellation fee etc. So i guess you made booking and didnt even check what you taking.

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