G Aug 15, 2018

Good Morning,
I have been a customer of RAC for more than 6 years all products have been paid in full. This week I was four days late and called to make a payment . I was greeted by David who was rude and indicated there would be an additional charge and I needed to pay 200.00 which has never been the case in previous incidents. I have had a great reputation with this company and continue to do business. My call ended with this gentleman threatening me and coming to my home to pick up my product after 4 days. I have never in my life dealt with business conducted in this matter and I am looking at other avenues to bring this to the highest level for review and immediate resolution. This is not helping the customer or great customer service. The best notice to the world is word of mouth and last thing anyone needs is a bad reputation for customer service . My name is Gina Freeman my husband is Kevin Freeman and we are dealing with your Patterson nj store . I am expecting a call or a return email on how this will be handled going forward.

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