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I was rushed into signing all the paperwork (signing my life away) I was promised a job and a career. Well i finished school with honors...Presidents list every month! Well i am done with school and i dont qualify to be a medical assistant...why? Real skills for the real world my ###. Not only that...the career services department wont even give me the time of day. I had to harass the lady to even schedule an appointment with me and she did not even show up. While i was attending none of the required equipment even worked, i didnt learn half the stuff i was supposed to because the equipment did not work! Well for 13, 000 a student you would think that they could afford to provide stuff that worked right? So pretty much i have been taken advantage of and robbed of 13K. And i am now in a worse situation than i was before i ever went to school. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! It is a rip off and they will take your money, time, self esteem and willingness to go back to any school ever!


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    annonymous Apr 22, 2009

    FYI for anyone reading these posts. I taught for Remington College for about 4 years.

    If you are considering ANY career college, please be aware that MOST credits will not transfer to ANY major college or university. If you plan to continue your education beyond this original degree or certificate, these schools are not the place for you. They are meant for individuals wanting career specific learning for entry level positions.

    Also, if you are considering Law School, please do not let recruiters convince you that this is a good place to start!

    Remington and other similar colleges DO serve a purpose, just make sure it fits what you need!

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    AmandaJAZ1979 Aug 20, 2009

    Nik, I do not believe you even have a High School Diploma, nevermind that you were accepted into a Post-Secondary Insititution. Your grammar and spelling are poor. This may be the actual reason four years later, you remain without a job.

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  • Ju
    juz4tee Aug 30, 2009

    I am PISSED about how Remington College done me and all those other people!I went to the school back in Sept of 05 until the summer of July 2006. We had times where there was not a teacher in more then one our two of our classes.I feel that we should not have to pay back this loan I tried to get out of it and they said it was to late.They the recruiters walked you throw the paper work like you had time to get out of it and when i tried they said it was to late.and they told you one thing and it was the other.
    the people that recruiters there would come and go and teachers me at [email protected] So we can get together and get this off our credit, we have to stick together so we can write the I.R.S to get this off our credit.Now this is holding me back from schooling I was just trying to go back to school to further myself in my education.

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    NiqueyC Aug 18, 2018

    @juz4tee I'm completely with you. Are there any other people that you know who would participate?

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    Teresa Carey Nov 03, 2019

    @juz4tee I’m so with you. I went there between 2004 and 2006 and that was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I knew more about Criminal Justice than half of the instructors. They brought in a lawyer to teach one of the courses and that was to make it look good and to hide the fact that this school is a joke. The President walks around with her nose in the air like she’s better than everybody and won’t even speak. That school should be closed.because the only thing you’re going to get is debt up to your eyeballs and a piece of paper you can throw in the trash. Where do I sign up for the lawsuit?

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    Mesha25 Feb 24, 2020

    @Teresa Carey Is there a lawsuit. If so I need info.

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    Concerned for the Masses Sep 15, 2009

    The writing skills of an individual have nothing to do with the unethical goings-on at Remington. I believe they are (and have been in the past) under investigations.

    If you are able to gather a large number of people who can and are willing to testify, give detailed written statements of what they experienced with dates, names, etc; as well as prove the financial end of it (via paperwork, e-mails, any documentation showing you paid monies, the copies of paperwork you signed with Remington showing what they are promising in return) may be able to file a class action lawsuit.

    Do your homework, team together, and fight one of the many machines that need to be brought down. Taking advantage of people is wrong on any level...promising a stellar education and job placement (however carefully worded to slip under the radar of accountability) while leaving people without the proper education/out thousands of dollars, is irreprehensible.

    REPUTABLE COLLEGES that offer 2 year programs (technical and non-technical) that CAN go into a 4 year degree with certain universities (AND OFFER FINANCIAL AID, SCHOLARSHIPS, ETC.) are:

    DCCCD (all of its campuses like El Centro, Mountain View, etc., all in areas of Dallas…I believe they have 9 campuses total!)

    Tarrant County College (has 5 campus now in areas of Fort Worth)…many excellent programs and education!

    Tarleton in FORT WORTH (yes they are a part of Tarleton State University) offers some 2 year medical/tech degrees and works with DCCD, TCC, Weatherford in allowing the pre-requisites to transfer from those colleges to Tarleton…they even give a specific list of the classes from each college that will transfer!

    Weatherford College has wonderful 2 year programs and excellent education!

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    Rick K T Nov 16, 2009

    I completed a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Remington College (Tampa Campus), just I was finishing my first career in the military. When I started my second career, things where difficult, I started when industry where doing a lot of layoffs and reorganization, but I stuck with it. Now I’m moving on the right path and things are going well. What you need to remember is that no matter what college program you have completed public or private, it’s not a guarantee for employment. While participating in any educational program, your success is going to be directly portioned to amount of effort that you invest in learning the material and participating in the class. So if you are looking for someone one to wave a magic wand and make things better for you, that’s not going to happened. You as an individual have to put the work in to make things better. There is no quick fix.

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    cchez Dec 03, 2010

    I'll make it short and simple for everybody. Remington College is awful, one of my biggest regrets.. OH and not to mention the biggest waste of money of a lifetime.

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    DTCguys Apr 28, 2011

    I belive Rick K T has it right, you get out what you put in. Most of the complainers couldn't survive in a traditional school and should be grateful for what they did receive in their education. Remington is not designed to have you transfer credits to another college. Their programs are short, job specific and get you into an entry level position. They are non-profit so money is not their first objective. All businesses have to deal with turnover and it hits schools the hardest because there is not any continuity. I'm sure they don't like it any better than the students do.

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  • Ji
    Jitterbug Jun 07, 2011

    Remington College is a complete rip-off, the lesson I learned is never attend a 'for-profit' school like Remington. Their ultimate goal IS NOT to help you gain employment, their primary goal is to stuff their pockets with YOUR money. The only jobs their Career Services department will find or try and find for you are call-center jobs, this is a type of job that can be obtained without going to Remington and it won't help you very much when the time comes for you to pay the government back over $9000.00 from attending a fake college like Remington.

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  • El
    elysejones1544 Jun 27, 2011

    I agree this school is a complete rip-off I earned my associates degree in business administration from the Dallas Campus (garland) back in January 2009. The career services lady was hardly ever there and if you needed her help she was usually out back smoking NOT doing her job. I found a career in my field but it wasn't by help of the career services lady. However, I do agree that this is meant to start you off in your career you will not automatically jump into an accounting position or HR position as some think. I started off as a receptionist and have moved up to Accounts Receivable and have been offered many accounting positions by my experience not by the "education" they gave me. The credits do not transfer except to online campus' like Phoenix and DeVry but at those schools they actually knew their curriculm so when you transfer you feel like a complete idiot because everyone that didn't come from Remington is so much more advanced than you are. I found out recently that Texas A&M commerce accepts credits from Remington but have not researched thus far. Their Business Administration program has now put me $43, 000 in debt to Sallie Mae and AES company. My monthly payment amount is roughly $600 dollars a month since I was a dependent student whose parents (in which I did not live with) made too much. Please tell me how my associates degree is supposed to help me pay-off the student loan debt I am in working in a baseline accounting position?? Thank you Remington for screwing me for life!!

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    Noneofyours Nov 14, 2011

    Yes. I received a Associates Degree at Remington in Houston. I never received any money back. I am in so much debt with Sallie Mae. I now attend UOP and it's been a blessing. I see where my money is going at this university. Some of my college credit did transfer to University of Phoenix. Unlike Remington I receive money back every 3 months on my Financial Aid that is roughly around 2700. Which I use to pay back Sallie Mae from Remington. I didn't learn a thing at Remington. I regret going to that school, it was a wasted of money. I'm in the process of purchasing me a home. My advisor and my realtor looked and could not believe all the student loans that is on my credit report. I really believe this school has rip a million of us off and I am prepared to do my research.

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  • Me
    Megan Cline Aug 09, 2017

    @Noneofyours Hi! I also went to Remington College (Phoenix, AZ) and received My Associates Degree in Medical Assisting. I graduated in 2005 and have to say that Remington College was a huge waste of time & money! They also feed me tons of lies to get me to sign on the dotted line and well I didn't learn half the stuff I should have to be in my field. I have been trying to find out how I would go about getting in contact with someone that could help me possibly get back some of the money I paid into this school. Is this even possible and would you know of anyone I could reach out to. I know that they had a lawsuit pending at one point. If you happen to have any info that you could provide me with that would be very helpful!!

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  • Li
    LizyETC24 Mar 11, 2012

    Hi everyone, I am going to tell you my experience in Remington College and what is happening now…
    In 2005 I went into Remington College they promised me, that when I decide to continue my education outside of Remington College the University of Phoenix will take all credits earned. I was in the President list had a 4.0 and all A’s, I ended up withdrawing from my last 3 classes before the classes started… In other words I did not attend any of those 3 classes or any days. In 2007 I decided to transfer to the University of Phoenix, my surprise I had to start all over again because they only accepted 4 classes only 12 credits. I did not return the laptop to Remington College and I was informed I had to pay $300.00… That is ok, but at that time I was not working and could not make any payments…
    When I went to the University of Phoenix, I went with an official transcript from Remington College given to me after I completely withdrew from Remington College I paid $10 dollars and did not received any information of money that I had to pay… other than the laptop…
    After 5 years… I needed a copy of an official transcript, when I called Remington College in order to obtain that transcript they informed me that I had a $4, 000.00 bill and I needed to pay in full in order to get another transcript. In five years I have not received another phone call or any documentation of any bill…
    I ask of information regarding this bill and they informed me that it was because of previous classes I attended, but checking my bills and all of the information regarding Remington College all payments were made even those extra payments of $100 per week… I ask them to send me a detailed bill, and they (creditors) told me that I had received one in 2007 (which I never received). I also ask why they have not send me any other bills or phone calls in 5 years and they (creditors) told me that was not their jobs, but my jobs to know what I needed to pay.
    Today I have the need of a transcript, but I believe that it is not correct that they promise that the University of Phoenix would accept all of my credits, but I had to start all over again. That Remington College is charging me for 3 classes I did not start, which I withdrew before they started. That the people of Remington College do not have people skills, that people that have complains are not treated the same as those prospects that are going to bring them money… I want to place a law suit against Remington College and its true if more than one person join and testify against them we can win…

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    Tom Obie Nov 12, 2013

    I have very mixed feeling about some of the comments presented here in this forum. I went to Remington College in San Diego and was the first student that transcended the academic ladder from an Associates Degree Student all the way to Bachelor's of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. The learning experience was very positive and most of the facility members were experienced and knowledgeable within their career fields, often not just the textbook, professorial-write a post-degree paper type, but actual background, field level experience, such as a prison psychologist, and a Border ICE District Manager; and there was an international businessman who frequently traveled to Europe and China with impressive hard, practical boiler room technological and Wall Street information that can be useful and was to me. My regret is that Remington packed up their belongings and slipped out in the cover of night and the post-graduate support literally vanished with their graduation ceremonies.

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  • Ji
    Jitterbug Nov 20, 2013

    Remington College North Houston just has to be the very worst of the lot, they advertise that they are now a non-profit school on their website and after a little research I found that it is possible that they did receive a non-profit status in 2011. However, I attended this miserable school back in 2010 and now owe $9000 to Sally Mae. Remington College in my humble opinion regardless of their new status is still a great big rip-off. They do no train you with the proper curriculum that would assist you in receiving a good paying job as the recruiter would tell you, all they want is your money. I even had an instructor from Remington (who later resigned) tell me that this particular so-called college Remington - North Houston was extremely phony and I should leave immediately, unfortunately I did not take her advice. However, if you still insist in enrolling and completing the supposed training, please run if your CSR at the end of your training is a lady named Avernige, she has been known to belittle certain students behind their backs and all she does throughout the day is look at Craigslist in an attempt to find graduates jobs something you can do yourself. Here is another thing, if you take criminal justice for two long years over there you will end up with a $9.00 phr. job working with Securitas Security a company who is known for hiring even derelicts off the street (not that there's anything wrong with hiring the needy), but it is not worth the $40, 000 you will end up owing Sally Mae.

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  • Ch
    Chris Church May 19, 2016

    I graduated from the Little Rock, Ar. campus in 2004 with an Associate degree in computer networking. I was told by the recruiter that there was thousands of professional positions available with nothing more than this degree and they would assist me in finding employment upon graduating. I graduated with all A's other than 1 B+ in algebra. Once I graduated myself and the other 20 something students graduating were offered employment at one company soldering motherboards in an assembly line for $8 an hour. I worked in a steel mill making $12 an hour 60 hours per week while raising 2 children and attending school full time. Needless to say I was disappointed. After I graduated and realized the only change in my life was the $26000 in new debt they informed me that I would need to take various test to gain certifications and probably need a bachelors degree if I wanted an actual network administrator job. Now that I have decided to continue my education they tell me I owe an additional $800 if I want an official copy of my transcripts. According to them one of the places that gave me a loan took some of their money back. They tell me that 11 years after I graduated and have never made mention of it before not to mention they cannot tell me which loan company took the money back which is odd considering neither company has dropped my owed amount. They are crooks, liars, and thieves and they prey on young adults trying to better themselves.

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  • Tr
    Tree101101 Nov 25, 2016

    My daughter attenrted this School at 19.She has Children with the reassurance from the school.That they could place her with a job to support herself and children.She passed with great grades. But I believe they were very dishonest with her on every issue just to get the money from a young mother with promises they didn't come through with As far as I'm concerned they lie to young people .Then they end up owing thousands of dollars and trying to feed their children on a hourly wage that you can't live on.They deceived her in more ways then one. If there is a Class Action Young Mothers get on it.I'm so sorry for their deception.Sign nothing with these people!!!

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  • Me
    Metairie Dec 17, 2018

    I went to Remington in Baton Rouge. They promised me job assistance (come to find out was just handing you the classified ads) and then had convinced me they had my education as a high priority. I signed paperwork to go into computer networking technology. They told me I would get financial aid and that I would still have to pay $300/mo out of my own pocket when they were already getting $10, 000 from Sallie Mae plus $5, 000 from other private loans. My English teacher wasn't there for half of the semester. For the finals, we were told it would count as 35% of our grade. I had a 100 in that class and was upset the teacher wasn't there most of the time, so I didn't show up for the final. Somehow I still scored a 104 for the class. WTH!!! Basically bought my grades and no education. I dropped out after that and Remington started calling me I still owe almost $7, 000 because I signed paperwork stating that if I dropped out before finishing then I owe it all. Total B.S!!!

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  • Ju
    Julieanna Brown Jan 02, 2019

    My experience at Remington College in Mobile, Alabama was a joke. I attended a 9 month course to learn medical billing and coding only two weeks of a billing course. Once I finished the program every place I applied said you have to be a biller for two years before you can be a coder. The job I finally got paid 9.50 an hour and threw me in the billing department and i had no idea what I was doing. The take away from this lesson is go to a college that isn't career based because they are taking innocent peoples money that just want to make more money in this world. I suggest getting a two year degree and then transfer to a university because every career college is a joke. I have so much debt in student loans and right now my loan is on hold because they are investigating. They told me fraud was involved in the school so I'm praying to God that I can get my money back so I can attend a normal college. I don't deserve to pay this debt back because I didn't get a job. I'm still in the serving industry hardly making ends meet.

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  • Me
    Mesha25 Feb 24, 2020

    @Julieanna Brown I need info on this fraud. I went to this same campus. I need my money back as well.

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  • Am
    ambermartin2004 Jan 15, 2019

    Please please please lets do a lawsuit i wish i could protest to everyone walking into their door...dont do it they dont care about you or your career all they want is money...worst choice ive ever made, i have paperwork i have statements i can turn in on lawsuit lets do kt or contact me

    [email protected]

    Ill start the class action cause for real yall i got screwed to the max and its alot to go into detail about but yes send me a email and ill keep looking into others to do it with us...i know we can win cause we all have too much of the same stories here its crazy how they can get away with this.

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