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Over the last 2-3 months, I have been trying to resolve a breach of Health and Safety regulations that has been present in our office for over 15-months.

After several broken promises from my local Regus team and Area Directors, I finally got a call regarding the matter.

During this call, my issue and the proposed solution had not be resolved and I had no promises as to when it would. To help progress my complaint and concerns for my colleague's welfare, I asked that someone of authority call me back to discuss the matter further. I was promised that the UK Directory of Customer Services, Suzanne Jackson, would be calling me before the end of the day.

Instead of calling like promised, Suzanne Jackson, emailed me stating the issue was resolved from her perspective and that she refused to call me back.

She stated in her email 'I do not see the value in discussing this further given you have spoken extensively with the Area Director previously'.

Considering I have never spoken to the lady and that she is supposed to have the customers concerns and welfare as her primary focus, this behaviour
and attitude towards a paying customer is absolutely disgraceful.

I replied to her emails quickly, requesting a call to discuss the matter which she once again refused. Considering Suzanne's position, I expected more respect and professionalism.

To help resolve this particular issue (not the Health & Safety violation) I expect a call from Suzanne with a full apology for her behaviour. I would expect her to escalate my complaint to her boss or to someone of authority that can action my proposed solution to the Health & Safety violations Regus have ignored for the past 15-months. For the stress and time that we have wasted on this matter, I would expect some form of compensation for the total disregard and demining attitude Suzanne has shown me.


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      Nov 27, 2017

    Regus complainants joint action. I believe Regus are company which operate using immoral, unethical, unreasonable, bullying, black mailing fraudulent practises! I commented a few days ago on trust pilot and here is my initial review;

    "DO NOT USE REGUS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They are lying thieving bullies, they con people in to signing contractual agreements under false statement of facts using misrepresentation and false promises. They blackmail people in to signing unconscionable contractual agreement's under duress.

    They then gang up on you when you try to defend your position and blackmail you even more with threats to get debt agencies to collect money you do not owe them they have already been paid. I am boycotting Regus."

    I have since read a lot of other peoples comments, some reviewers are basically experiencing the exact same treatment as me. I have told them I am brining a legal case against them and have been calling round solicitors myself to try get my case to court.

    One person mentioned on their review putting together a joint legal case and I think this is a great idea. I have therefore set up an email address for anyone else interested in pursuing their claims in a joint claim with me and others. The email address is;


    North West UK Spaces.

    Please contact me if you are interested in this I will be seeking advice this week and will help anyone else too. Any help will be really appreciated

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