Red Roostermisleading term used on large coke


I drove through to red rooster and order fish & chips meal with coke, plus a chicken family meal. As I reached the window I decided to upsize the coke to a large one for an extra $3.50, trusting that I was getting a large coke (1.25 l). Anyway the girl at the window gave me 600ml. I was shocked at the size of the large coke. I asked if this was for real, she said yes. I asked if they have a larger size drink than the 600ml, she said yes. So I asked, what would that be classed as?... She had no answer to this but when I say that would it be classed as xl, she said yes (Ridiculously rip off). Since I already paid, I didn't bother asking for my $ back for the coke. I told her that there definition of a large drink is misleading to the customers. It must not be used especially for the size.

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