Red Roof Innspublic nudity and blood and feces spread all over the walls


The Red Roof Inn at 2672 Avalon Blvd Milton Florida 32583 management well not listing to us. I learn that the hotel rent the second and third floors to a BDSM group called P.A.L.S. Panhandle Alternative Life Styles. We stay there in February 4, 2017 with my teenage kids to visit the College up the road from the hotel. My kids happen to get on the elevator and I chased them. They hit the buttons to the two upper floors. When the door open there were nude women and men running around in the hallway. Some were tie up in rope and some were swing floggers, the door closed and went to the next floor and the same thing was going there to. I returned back to the first floor and spoke to the desk person about what was going on. I was advise they would notify the manager. The next day the manager spoke to me about what happen and stated that they were not allow to comeback. The house keeper was complaining about how one the rooms was cover with blood and feces and that it was a major health hazard. We checkout and went to the college, and told them about what happen. They advise us they knew about the hotel and the students call it the RedLight inn. and advise us to use another hotel. Well me and my family took the management at there word that they wouldn't be back. We stay there a few time visiting our son. We stay October 7 2017 on the first floor the day hurricane came through the area that night. Well guest who was the P.A.L.S. Panhandle Alternative Life Styles group again. The way I found out someone upstairs pulled the fire alarm around 2AM in the morning. When I walked out to the lobby there was a couple of people naked and tie up in rope and was trying to cover up. I recognize some of them include they called Clifford Cox who was the leader of the group. After I spoke to the desk person after the fire dept. cleared the build and she said that it would be handle. Red Roof Inn claims to run a good clean safe hotel. A different manager told they were a franchise and they rent to ever they want to. I well never go back to that red roof inn and. I have told my family, friends, and my church members back in Ohio not use the red roof inn in Florida.

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