Red Ribbon Bakeshopstaff/cashier/supervisor

M Dec 30, 2019

I was buying a cake at the Red Ribbon stall inside Puregold Supermarket. I told MANILYN, the cashier in a very courteous manner that I will be writing my dedication on the piece of paper ("Ay wait Ate, sulat ko muna") then she goes in a very condescending manner that I need to make a payment first which upset me so I said that I was gonna write it down first so its faster bec they would have to write the dedication while I wait. She sarcastically said there's another cust waiting which is my husband. I got pissed with the way she delivered her statement so I asked her to step away from the counter bec I dont wanna deal with her. She asked her male supervisor to deal with me after she stared at me challenging me. But what pissed me off the most was that she wasn't apologetic at all. She just stood there. I asked my husband to get her name and she answered, 'its on the receipt'3 times which made me more pissed and I asked why she couldn't give me her name. The male sup intervened and said sorry although it was evident he wasn't sincere. He said we're ok now and I said no. He then sounded pissed and said 'we already gave you the name so it should be ok'.
This happened just today, Dec 31 at abt 11am.
This is not how customer service should be even if that Manilyn is pregnant, she doesn't have the right to be rude. She didn't even apologize. Same goes for that male supervisor who apparently doesn't know how to mediate and pacify customers.

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