Realtor.commisleading agents and not able to cancel contract

C Aug 01, 2018

I'm an agent in NJ. I received a phone call in January 2017 about becoming exclusive agent. I joined at $200 per month only to realize it was a scam. I finally got a hold of them and they reduced my fee to $100 per month. The leads I'm getting, if any go no where. I'm only in 1 zip code and it's a small town. I've tried for 4 months to contact them but couldn't get a sales person to call me back. Finally, spoke to Alex yesterday and told me I'm in a 1 year contract. I never committed to that at all!!! Can't give me a refund..blah blah. Has SCAM written all over his speech. Anyway, my next step is to cancel my credit card but have hesitations. Anyone else have issues?

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