Real Canadian Superstorecustomer service

C Nov 12, 2018

I was in the wasaga beach store tonight and was refused service and told by a young woman (named ryleah) that the 12 item or less isle that she just served a customer at was closed and she would help me at the self check out. I will never use a self check out. So I was forced to go stand in long line at the only check out that was open. I can not believe that your store is going to force customers to use the self check out or wait in long lines because you are to cheap to hire humans. Now I must tell you this is not what made me truly angry. That was due to the fact that after standing in line for a few minutes waiting to be served I happened to look over at the express counter where I was refused service to see ryleah serving other customers that had come after me at the counter she had just told me was closed. At this point I went and asked for her name, after reading it on her shirt I went back to my line and continued to wait. At that point a woman named debbie came and opened a second register and offered to serve the next in line. That was me. I explained to debbe who told me she was the floor manager why I was angry and she was very nice and apologetic. However this did not make up for the horrible lack of service I had already received.

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